Hoyt Carbon Spyder 30 Review

Hoyt Carbon Spyder 30

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  • Short, compact, strong, and lightweight
  • Incorporates all technologies Hoyt has into one package
  • Smooth drawing and vibration free shot


  • Price is expensive (MSRP $1399)

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Hoyt has offered an all carbon riser bow for several years, but for 2014 the riser has been completely redesigned. The carbon is stronger, more shock free than ever, and still warm to the touch. The new Z-5 cams offer an improved draw force curve as compared to the beloved RKT cams from the previous model giving higher performance with an easier draw cycle. Although specs look similar, this bow has a new look, new feel, and arguably better all-around performance. The price is going to be way over budget for many shooters with an MSRP of $1399, but those not worried about dollar amount, the Hoyt Carbon Spyder 30 will be hard to resist.


Hoyt bows always have a rough feeling finish that looks great. In the past, some carbon riser bows have had a tough time getting finish to stay on sections that have a lot of contact. The finish for 2014 looks and feels durable, but only time will tell how well it lasts. The color options are impressive this year allowing shooters to choose from a huge variety of styles, camo patterns, and unique designs. For shooters interested in a hunting bow look, Realtree Xtra and Realtree Max-1 are going to be fantastic options. Complete black out is another option many hunters seem to prefer as well. These three traditional camo patterns are also available with custom camo patterns, which include: the Bone Collector Edition pattern with a Realtree Xtra riser with custom Bone Collector limb graphics; half and half models with a black riser and the shooters choice of the camo limbs; the American Heritage finish option also offers a choice between a Realtree Xtra, Max-1, or a black out riser, with black or camo custom graphic limb decals; Realtree AP Snow, and Realtree AP Pink. One thing is for sure, shooters who want customized styling options, they are available with Carbon Spyder 30.


The Carbon Spyder 30 offers a complete carbon riser. The helical flex tune carbon is redesigned to be stiffer and stronger than previous carbon riser models offered by Hoyt in the past. This leads to a more repeatable shot and deadens vibration and noise more than aluminum riser bows. The ultra lightweight feel from the hollow carbon tubes give the bow a unique look that seem to have a love/hate relationship. However, there is not another bow design like it. The technology does not stop there though. Hoyt has included the silent shelf technology for several years now. This design incorporates a padded rubber shelf around where an arrow could potentially contact if it fell off the rest. The design is used to keep from ruining a hunt if an arrow contacts the riser, but also helps keep the noise down from a fall away rest slapping the shelf as well. This seems like a little thing to include, but it really shows the thinking that took place to include tons of useful designs on the bow.The Inline Roller Cable Guard is another design Hoyt has utilized on the Carbon Spyder 30. This Inline Roller Guard is designed to cut down on friction and torque caused from the cables that is transferred to the riser. Theoretically, this increases speed, silence, and ultimately accuracy. Sealed bearings located within the rollers and a high-strength machined frame is reliable and weather resistant making sure it will last for a very long time.The Hoyt Stealth Shot string suppression unit works to stop the string from moving forward after the shot deadening vibration and noise. The string stop system also keeps the string off shooters arms and bulky clothing in hunting conditions as well. This technology is combined with Perfect Balance Stabilization System. This front mounting stabilization bushing is set 3/4 of an inch off the centerline of the bow, which helps not only add weight and dampeners out front, but also offsets the weight of a mounted sight and quiver as well. Although many shooters may choose to use an offset stabilizer, this mounting hole location may work perfectly with a traditional front mounting stabilizer. There is also a new dampening system located in the riser by the limb pockets to help dampen vibration, called the Shock-Rod Technology. These rubber dampeners are available in different color options for a more customized look as well.


Hoyt has arguably one of the best grips on the market today. The Pro fit custom grip has a fantastic feel in the shooters hand and makes proper hand placement easy to repeat and maintain. The grip is slightly contoured to fit well in the shooters hand and is a perfect size for many shooters. The fully wooden grip comes standard on the Carbon Spyder models, but there is an option from the factory for shooters to use side plates or the rubber 180 grip, which also acts as an insulator in cold weather conditions. All of the grips fit very well in the shooters hand, look great, and perform better than expected. It is nice for Hoyt to offer a variety of options from the factory as well. There is also an option to remove the grip completely and shoot off the riser instead. With all these options available, there is a good feeling grip for all shooters.


Hoyt bows are equipped with split limb technology available in draw weight adjustments of 10-pound increments. Maximum weights are offered in 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, and 80-pounds, which means the draw weight range for the Hoyt Carbon Spyder 30 is a 50 pound range. This is going to give every shooter interested in a top of the line bow the correct draw weight.Hoyt refers to the five-layered laminated limbs as virtually bullet proof. Hoyt claims their limbs can withstand 1,000 dry fires, and the engineering behind it is quite interesting. Limbs have stress spots where they need to be tougher and stronger to prevent cracking. The limbs are contoured and pre-stressed to add strength and all but eliminate the high stress areas so the entire limb is tough. As the limbs bend, stress is distributed evenly. Split limb bows cut down on the weakening of the v where the limbs connect to the limb pocket. It also cuts down on stress where the limb bolt enters to hold the limb in place. All these things add to a more solid performance.The Pro-Lock Pocket is a zero tolerance system for joining the limbs to the riser and features 6 points of contact for locking the limb firmly in place. The limbs are going to remain in the same place during all types of shooting situations and potential abuse of being bumped out of the case. Finally, Hoyt took a long look at controlling vibration caused from the limbs. The Hoyt Air Shox system is placed between the limbs of the bow to help dampen vibration and noise. The limbs move away from the dampeners when drawn, and come back to them after the arrow is shot. This contact helps bring the limbs to rest quickly and eliminates extra noise and vibration. These are also available in different colors.

Eccentric System

Hoyt cams have always been designed with performance and efficiency in mind. Engineers want shooters to put the least amount of effort in to the draw cycle while still getting a solid performance out of the system. The Z5 cam and a half system is fully redesigned for 2014. With achievable ATA advertised speeds straight out of the box, the Z5 cams for the Carbon Spyder 30 can reach speed up to 332 feet per second without the need to super tune. The cams are a mix between module adjustment and being cam specific. There are three separate base cams available with the ability for the draw length to be changed within each range using modules for each half-inch adjustment. The number 1 cam features draw length ranges from 24-25.5, the number 2 cam is adjustable between 26-28, and the number 3 cam is 28-30-inches.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

This bow is pretty impressive. The Z5 cams draw smooth, the arrow release is crisp and shock free, and the speed is acceptable as well. When holding the Carbon Spyder, shooters will first notice the overall mass of the bow. Weighing in at 3.6-pounds, the Carbon Spyder 30 is one of the lightest offerings available on the market today. The Hoyt grip is truly fantastic, and has a lot of different feels from the factory giving shooters plenty of options. With several factory options for feel and material, the ProFit grip has one of the most repeatable and best feels offered from a stock bow grip. The draw cycle is smooth from start to finish. The RKT cams are well loved by Hoyt fan boys, and the Z5 cams seem to be an improvement on them in every way. They are smoother, feature a larger valley, and have a more solid back wall. The back wall is not overly solid, but it is not mushy either. The shot produces one of the most dead in the hand feels ever offered on a compound bow. It does not seem to rock, noise is minimal, and the bow remains on target for the follow through. The carbon riser is very durable and should help improve accuracy by having less flex overall. The shorter axel-to-axel measurement does have a bit of a steep string angle, but many shooters prefer shorter rigs for hunting. All in all, the Carbon Spyder 30 is a shooter friendly bow.

Carbon Spyder 30 vs. Faktor 30

Bow Hoyt Carbon Spyder 30 Hoyt Faktor 30
Version 2014 2014
Picture Hoyt Carbon Spyder 30 Hoyt Faktor 30
Brace Height 6.125 " 6.75 "
AtA Length 30 " 30 "
Draw Length 24 " - 30 " 24 " - 30 "
Draw Weight 30 lbs - 80 lbs 30 lbs - 80 lbs
IBO Speed 332 fps 332 fps
Weight 3.6 lbs 3.9 lbs
Let-Off 75% 75%
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Shooters interested in a top of the line, short axel-to-axel hunting bow have two great offerings from the 2014 Hoyt lineup. The Hoyt Faktor 30 and the Hoyt Carbon Spyder 30 are virtually identical except for the carbon riser and roughly $400 difference in price for the carbon riser. Both bow are shooters, and it is really hard to find something wrong with either bow. The Faktor has a bit more hand shock than the Carbon Spyder 30, but it is not a $400 difference. If money is a concern, the Carbon Spyder may be out. However, for many shooters, able to spend the extra money, the Carbon Spyder 30 will last a very long time as a great performance bow. The carbon risers have a unique feel, and for some price is not an issue in the final decision.

Usage Scenarios

The Carbon Spyder 30 is a hunting bow hands down. Shooters can shoot well on weekend 3D shoots, but serious shooters may have better options available to them for a strict competition rig. Hoyt offering a 30-inch axel-to-axel carbon rig has been long awaited for many shooters, and when combined with all the technology offered on the bow, many people are going to be very happy. Hoyt has listened to the demands many have for a hunting bow making it shorter, lighter, easier to draw and hold, and faster. For those interested in a short axel to axel hunting bow without a budget, the Carbon Spyder 30 is hard to beat.


It is really hard to find anything wrong with the Carbon Spyder 30. When holding the bow, shooters will immediately notice how well engineered it is. After shooting the bow, they will be amazed at how dead and quite it is while still having some really great performance. However, price is going to be a huge deterrent for shooters not leaving the store with the new Hoyt carbon bow. Even those that can afford the bow are going to have a hard time paying an additional $400 on top of an already expensive flagship offering in the Faktor series. Is the extra money worth it? Only the shooter can decide. Those purchasing the Carbon Spyder 30 will be very pleased at how well it performs, but the market for those who can afford it has been significantly reduced with the $1399 price tag.

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