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  • Great value for $499 bare bow or Hoyt package for $649
  • Dead in hand
  • Great draw cycle with a solid back wall
  • Compact design offers what many archers want out of a hunting rig


  • This bow is not the best in any category, but performs well overall


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Editors' review

Hoyt is offering the Charger at an extremely reasonable price of $499. Although the Charger does not lead in any specification area, it performs well overall. The draw cycle feels great, offers a solid back wall and has decent speeds of 325 feet per second (ATA). The compact design is available for almost every shooter's specifications and can be accessorized directly from the factory for the suggested retail price of $649. Although many feel the Charger is a price point bow not offering the bells and whistles of Hoyt's flagship models, the Charger performs competitively with the rest of the Hoyt lineup. Archers should welcome the Charger as a reasonably priced bow with high-end technologies.

Factory Package Option

The cool thing about the Charger is that is available ready to shoot straight from the factory. Shooters interested in having a fully setup bow upon arrival have the option to add them when buying the bow. The FUSE high performance accessory kit includes: FUSE Profire 3 Pin Sight, Fuse Banshee 4 Arrow Quiver, Whisker Biscuit rest, Fuse FlexBlade Stabilizer, Hoyt bow sling, and a self aligning peep sight. For $150, shooters can have a fully setup bow for the a cheaper cost than what most high end bows are without any added accessories. For shooters on a budget, this is a good thing to keep in mind.


The Hoyt Charger is made for a variety of shooters, and the finish options are a great example of this. Shooters have tons of finish options to choose from for the Charger's look and they are all done extremely well. For shooters interested in more traditional finish options, the Charger can be finished in Realtree Xtra or Realtree Max-1. These can also be mixed with black to give shooters a half and half look as well. Other camo patterns for the Charger include Realtree Snow and Realtree Pink. Along with these finish options, shooters can also choose to have the Bone Collector or Vixcen Edition models, which feature a camo riser, black limbs, and custom graphics. Shooters will also have the option to have the Charger finished with target shooting in mind. Custom paint and powdercoat options are available in custom red, black, or blue, pearl white, and pink. Again, all of these colors are done well and look great on the Charger. Each cutout is completely covered, and the finish feels like it will last forever.


Hoyt's TEC LITE riser is specifically designed for strength while being lightweight. Weighting in under the 4-pound mark, the Charger meets many shooters demands for a lightweight bow that can be used in any hunting situation. The riser goes through a test of a 1,500 dry fire minimum during factory testing to ensure the riser is as strong as it can be made. The added support around the grip area stiffens up the riser and helps eliminate tension-causing torque, which could lead to decreased accuracy. The highly reflexed riser places the shooters hand behind the limb pockets, which helps add extra speed, while allowing the bow to be as forgiving as possible with a brace height around the 7-inch mark.Mounting to the back of the riser is the Hoyt StealthShot string Suppression System. Excess noise and recoil is tamed by the string making contact with this string stop system. Hoyt studies show a 70% reduction in sting oscillation and movement after the shot, which leads to a cleaner arrow release and increased accuracy. To further assist with vibration dampening, there is a front mounting stabilizer hole for shooters who need some counterweight or want the vibration further transferred from the shooters hand.


Hoyt grips are known for being some of the most comfortable grips in the market. The Pro Form grip places the shooters hand in a repeatable spot time after time in the proper position. Although some shooters may not like the thickness of the grip, it can be removed for shooters to use the riser instead. The Pro Form grip comes in a variety of options to better suit what shooters are interested in as well coming in four different styles. The rubber 180 grip, target side plates, and wooden high wrist grip may appeal to different archers, but there is an option for all shooters.


The Charger limbs are one of the best features on the bow because there is something available for all shooters. With the industry standard of 10-pound maximum increments for adjustment, the Charger has a draw weight range between 30 and 80 pounds. Not many bows are offered in a draw weight range of 50 pounds, which should accommodate virtually everyone in the market for a new rig. Not only are the limbs highly customizable, the Parallel Splitlimbs are sure to last a very long time. The laminated ARC limbs are designed to withstand the added pressure of being highly stressed upon full draw while being able to absorb recoil and vibration after the arrow has been released. The limbs are held in place by the ProLock limb pockets are incredibly lightweight and durable. The pockets hold the limbs extremely tight to the riser, which makes the shot much more repeatable time after time. These pockets help increase accuracy by being so repeatable. The split limbs also feature the AlphaShox dampeners, to help eliminate any residual vibration caused after the arrow has been released as well. Any vibration is absorbs by the rubber dampeners helping to make the Charger extremely shock free and quiet.

Eccentric System

The Charger cam and a half system power the bow to achievable 325 feet per second speeds. Although the cam system is module specific, shooters may have an issue judging which cam to start with. The first cam offers module adjustment between 24-26.5 inches, in half-inch increments. The second cam is available for shooters who need 27-30-inches. Hoyt also offers the Charger long draw (a bow that has slightly different specifications) with draw length options of 30.5-31-inches as well.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

For those thinking the Hoyt Charger is an inferior bow, they are going to be shocked at how great this bow feels in hand. The Charger cam is a perfect balance for speed and smoothness. Although the Charger is not going to break any speed records, 325 is plenty fast. The let off is in the perfect spot and feels perfect when drawn. The back wall is solid, and the valley is generous as well. After the shot, there is a little left over vibration, but it is hardly noticeable after accessories are strapped on and a little more weight is added to the 3.8-pound bare bow frame. The 31-inch axel-to-axel measurement is an inch shorter than the 32-inch offering Hoyt has made available for several years, and the compact design is greatly appreciated for many archery hunters. The Charger performs like a much more expensive bow, and shooters will find themselves smiling after shooting this for the first time.

Usage Scenarios

The Charger is a hunting bow, but the color options available make it a target option for some as well. With a large range of potential shooters, the Charger should match the needs of anyone on the market for a bow. Although many serious target shooters prefer a longer axel to axel bow for increased stability while holding on the target, the Charger will be accurate in the hands of anyone willing to shoot it.


BowHoyt Charger
Version 2014
PictureHoyt Charger
Brace Height6.75 "
AtA Length31 "
Draw Length24 " - 30 "
Draw Weight30 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed325 fps
Weight3.8 lbs
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The Charger and the Hoyt Spyder share many of the same specifications. The Charger is an inch longer in axel to axel measurement, both featuring the same brace height and bare bow mass. The Spyder 30 will shoot about five feet per second faster, but the draw is a bit stiffer as well. With the Chargers smaller price tag, many shooters will be forced to decide how much the minimal difference in speed and technology is worth in terms of their wallet. The Charger will have a little more vibration after the shot, but again, the cost may help offset this for some shooters. Like most archery decisions, the final decision will come down to what the shooters personal preference really is, but the Charger is sure to win over many.


The Charger is a wonderful performing bow, and for the price it is hard to beat. This bow performs like a much higher end model and those thinking it is an introductory level bow are mistaken. Please do not let the price of the Charger fool you into thinking it is not a worthy option. With tons of customization, the Charger matches what many shooters are looking for in a compact, forgiving, lightweight hunting bow. Shooters interested in what Hoyt has to offer for 2013 should give the Charger a test shot. Although it may not be the bow for everyone, shooters wallets will thank them if it happens to be. The ready to shoot package is also a great option for shooters who just want to get out and start shooting.

User Reviews

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Awesome Budget bow!

Version: 2013 Hoyt Charger


Pros: Not a killer to the wallet, Quiet, Fast, All around a good bow!

Cons: Not as fast of some of Hoyts more expensive bows

Full review:

Its an awesome bow for the average hunter! A friend shoots the new $1200 Mathews normally and he loved my setup after shooting it... This bow cost me half of that by the way, a mere $600 for a fully loaded brand new bow. I love it! I recommend it to anyone looking for a new bow

First bow , great bow very smooth and hits hard an accurate.

Version: 2013 Hoyt Charger


Pros: I really enjoyed the price, the bang for your buck.. It's very light weight and quiet. Seems very sturdy and reliable so far. It's a tremendous bow and now I'm stuck on Hoyt. They seem to have great craftsmanship. If you can afford the 499$ bow

Cons: I did not like the fact that I found out about the packaged deal online after I purchased the bow locally. That deal would have saved me about 100$.

Full review:

Without a doubt seems to be the best compound bow you can buy a 2014for the low price of 499$ And starter kit for 650$ the bow fits solid in your hands and is light enough not to drop wit relaxing your hand holding the bow. It seems to me that 60# Hoyt charger has the speculations of most 70# and some 80#. It seems very reliable and hopefully can take a beating in the wild. The bow is compact and ha a great look to it. Without all the extra looks. I enjoy the quick made adjuncts you can just by a twist of an Allen wrench. After getting the sights adjusted at a basic level it is very easy to have a 1inch grouping 20yards away. I haven't gotten to shoot it much further yet or hunt with it but. I've heard great things about this bow and was recommended by the local h&w archery in Lancaster CA. Smooth release very comfortable and 80% release at 60# is about what 17lbs you have to hold after the cams are fully extended. So far can't complain. I just purchased 2014 Hoyt charger 60# for hunting. This is my first bow and does everything I need it to do so far without overkill.. The specifications of the bow at 60# exceeds many 70# and some 80# reaching up to 325 fps ata. Great deal for 499$ and 650$ for starter kit. Compact short an ready to hunt with. This isn't first bow and I feel that Hoyt ha a technological advance the most in bow craftsmanship and engineering. You won't regret this purchase

The best bow I have taste it that is not too expensive.

Version: 2014 Hoyt Charger


Pros: The construction of this bow is very solid. It is to last many year of rough using. It is very reliable for hunting and shooting. The nearly 50 arrows I shot to the target was quite a pleasure.

Cons: To tell you the thrush, I could not find any problems with this bow.

Full review:

I just did tested few bows today at Hall's Arrows in Manchester Connecticut. They bow was quite smooth, fast (probably 275fps at 27" and 65lbs). It was consistent and quite with out any gadgets. I did shoot it for an hours. It is one of the best bows I tested and ordered one. This is my third bow and the best one. I agree with the reviews above. For the price, you cannot beat it. Good for those whose budget is limited but want an excellent performance and accuracy. I hope to get a nice buck since I missed 6 last three years.

Love at first draw.

Version: 2014 Hoyt Charger


Pros: Light weight, smooth draw cycle, feels good in hand, looks good, and is the perfect axle to axle height for me.

Cons: Not as fast as the others, but you're also saving a few hundred bucks.

Full review:

I bought this bow earlier this year after using an old Jennings for a while. I added some custom accessories to make the bow my own and I've loved it ever since. The bow is awesome for beginners and for more experienced shooters/hunters. I'm sure people see the $500-$650 price tag and think its not a good bow, but they're wrong. From the way it feels in my hand to the smooth draw cycle and the quiet release, I'm more than happy with the charger.

Luv it. I have taken two nice bucks with it this year. Shoots as well my Mathews for half the money

Version: 2014 Hoyt Charger


Pros: Feels great looks great. Fast enough. Great price

Cons: Wish it came standard with hardwood grip

Full review:

Cant say enough good things about this bow. I was skeptical when i saw how cheap this bow was but aftet shooting it i was sold. Very high quality bow. Have taken several deer including 2 nice bucks with it. They never knew what hit em. I have a Mathews that cost twice as much but since buying the Charger it just hangs on the wall and looks pretty


Version: 2013 Hoyt Charger


Pros: light, easy to learn on

Cons: none

Full review:

just got the 2013 model. first bow so not much to compare it to but love it. no problems. pleasure to shoot. im sure it would be a great bow for anyone to learn on. I turned mine down to 60lbs just till I get the hang of things. shot great. turned it up to 65 shoots just as great just faster. havnt turned it to 70 yet not sure I even need to. but for a first bow and the little information I know about bows soo far I have had a great experience.

Loved it so much I "downgraded" to it.

Version: 2013 Hoyt Charger


Pros: Great weight and balance. Very accurate. Smooth draw back. Nice valley. Love it!

Cons: I usually shoot Mathews and enjoy a wood grip. Mine does not have that.

Full review:

I had a more expensive Mathews bow that I loved. A friend of mine had just bought this bow so we went shooting together. I ended up liking the Charger more. I robinhooded my first arrow through it. It took me a few months but I swallowed my pride, sold my more expensive bow, picked up the charger and used the extra money to buy a new range finder. YOU CAN'T GO WRONG with this bow.

It is a great compound bow. Excellent relation quality/price.

Version: 2013 Hoyt Charger


Pros: Lightwheight, Accurate, easy to tune, easy to draw.

Cons: Maybe quality of the limbs. Charger LD have better quality.

Full review:

Revise from time to time tolerances of washers on both sides of the cams. Check any gap moving the cam left and right. Add or replace if it is necessary. I have changed the grip. I have removed the original grip and I have a wood grip in two parts (left and right). The frontal side (hand pressure) is free (Riser). Better accurace for my. I am very impressed shooting 60 meters in the field. Greats and Best Regards

Great bow for the money, light, fast enough and very smooth drawing.

Version: 2013 Hoyt Charger


Pros: Short, fast and very easy to maneuver. Smooth drawing and very nice graphics. It is a perfect mid priced bow that will not break the bank.

Cons: None

Full review:

Everything about this bow is perfect. Has a great grip, smooth draw and is fast enough and accurate enough for every type of shooter. Maneuvers extremely well up in a tree due to its short overall length. Is very quiet due to the rubber dampeners between the split limbs. Dollar for dollar, this bow will match up to any bow in its class.

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