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Hoyt Defiant
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The Defiant is taking some criticism for not being much different than the previous Nitrum 30 to warrant an upgrade. However, Hoyt has redesigned most major components on the Defiant to make it a new bow, with a better shooting experience. The Defiant has an option for cable stops of string stops, is offered in 50-pounds of draw weight adjustment, and features more highly stressed preloaded limbs for a better feel at full draw. The speed will more than likely not be a deciding factor one way of the other coming in at 331 feet per second, but it would be hard to say no to the Defiant if it added an additional 10 feet per second. The platform is great, the shooting experience is improved, but if shooters only look at the paper performance rating, it would be tough to justify $999 on a new Defiant. With that being said, those that feel the difference in how the Defiant shoots, will more than likely be impressed. Archery is all about personal preference, and the Defiant is no different. To know for sure, shooters should test shoot one for themselves... read full review

Hoyt Defiant Specifications

12 versions

Manufactured: 2000 - 2017 (12 versions, specs changed)

Latest version: 2017 Hoyt Defiant

Brace Height 7 "
Axle to Axle Length 30.5 "
Draw Length 24 " - 30 "
Draw Weight 30 lbs - 80 lbs
IBO Speed 331 fps
Weight 4.0 lbs
Let-Off 80%
+ 11 more versions
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