Hoyt Faktor 30 Review

Hoyt Faktor 30

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Hoyt Faktor 30 Review5.055 out of 5 user reviews


  • Short, compact hunting bow design
  • Tons of useful Hoyt technologies
  • Bare bow mass weight under 4-pounds


  • Priced around $950, the Faktor 30 may be a bit more than some want to spend
  • Bare bow has a bit of hand shock

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Editors' review

The Faktor 30 is going to be a great seller for Hoyt in 2014. Engineers have decided to stay with the short axel to axel measurements for the Spyder 30 of 2013. Despite having similar specifications, the Faktor 30 is a decent upgrade from the previous model year. With fully redesigned Z5 cams that draw smoother, shoot faster, those not able to get the Spyder 30 last year may have just what they need with the Faktor 30. For those purchasing the Spyder 30 last year, the Faktor may not have enough of an upgrade to justify almost $1000 on a new rig. Those interested in what many are demanding from a hunting bow manufactured from one of the industries giants may have just what they are looking for in the Faktor 30. With every technology aside from the carbon riser, shooters are sure to get a top of the line bow.


The aluminum riser Faktor 30 is available in every option Hoyt offers. The traditional dipping process finishes the bow in camo, target colors, and custom patterns; while the power coat options put a rugged target finish on the bow as well. The corners and cut outs are completely covered and there are no thinning issues, runs, or blemishes in the camo. Although there are tons on options available, each option is going to look great. The Faktor 30 is a hunting bow, so the camo and custom camo options are more than likely going to dominate the choices available from Hoyt. Realtree Xtra and Realtree Max 1 are the two traditional patterns available, and they also come in half and half with a black out riser and camo limbs. For more non-traditional options, Hoyt is offering the Faktor 30 in Realtree AP Pink and Realtree AP Snow. For custom patterns, The Bone Collector model has been a popular option in the past. This features a Realtree Xtra riser with Bone Collector graphics and color scheme. The Vixcen offers a choice between Realtree Max-1 or a blackout riser with custom Vixcen graphics. The American Heritage option decks out the rig in red, white, and blue for a custom look as well.Those interested in a colored bow can choose between Red, Pearl White, and Pink. However, powder coat options are also available in blue fusion or red fusion, green, orange, purple, cobalt blue, or black. All these options lead to shooters having tons of control over what they want their bow to look like.


The Faktor 30 platform is a Tec Lite aluminum riser designed for strength and stability. Hoyt risers are very noticeable with the swoop by the grip of the bow. This is designed to eliminate torque and add more strength, while minimizing the effect of hand torque and allowing for a better center shot. Hoyt actually compares this characteristic design to a bridge in terms of distributing weight and eliminating torque. All these things help with elimination of vibration and hand shock as well.The machined aluminum riser also goes to great lengths to be perfectly balanced. The balance is a focus not only axel to axel, but left to right as well. The off set front mounting stabilizer bushing helps counter balance the weight of added accessories such as the sight and rest. The rear mounting Stealth shot is also a great string stop system as well. Hoyt has really centered decisions around being silent and shock free. The riser has several of these designs. Aside from the Stealth Shot, the riser also comes with the silent shelf. This pads the riser shelf with rubber to make any contact the riser makes with the arrow or arrow rest completely silent. The riser also integrates Shock Rod Technology near the limb pocket connection to the riser. This takes any vibration and transfers it to the rubber dampeners instead of the shooters hand.


The wooden Pro Fit grip is going to be the factory standard for 2014. This grip has a fantastic feel that repeats hand placement, looks nice, and is extremely comfortable. However, Hoyt understands not every shooter has the same taste when it comes to the feel of the grip. Shooters have the option to change out the grip from the factory for any of the other Pro Fit offerings. As a last resort, shooters can completely remove the grip and shoot directly off the riser as well. All options offer something just a little different, but they are each relatively comfortable.


Hoyt uses split parallel limb technology, which are created using multilayer lamination techniques. This provides strength in all the right places without adding additional bulk and overall weight to the bow. The split limb technology also helps spread out the stress of being drawn so the limbs will last longer. The limbs are also offered in a huge range of adjustability as well. With the ability to be adjusted in ten-pound increments, maximum weights are available in 40. 50, 60, 65, 70, and 80 pounds. Not many manufacturers offer their top of the line bows with as many draw weight options, and this is well appreciated.The limbs are held to the riser with the Pro Lock Pockets. These limb pockets have 6 connecting points with close to 0 tolerance making sure the limbs are in the proper placement through all stages of the draw cycle. The pockets are also very useful, but are hardly noticeable as part of the overall rig. They do not stand out, and simply work, which is a nice characteristic of limb pockets.Hoyt has taken great measures to make the Faktor 30 a shock-free noiseless bow. The Air Shox system is a great testament to the engineering going in to making this a reality. The Air Shox system is unlike anything else offered as a dampener in the industry. They actually work independently of the limbs. As the limbs are drawn, the dampeners remain stationary. After the arrow is fired, the limbs return to their resting position and contact the Air Shox system. They work pretty well, but can also be removed if shooters would like to use a more traditional dampening device instead.

Eccentric System

The Z5 cam system is a fully redesigned cam, but keeps many of the well-loved features of the RKT cam. The cam is available in module adjustments within three separate configurations. The one cam offers adjustments between 24-25.5-inches, the two cam between 26-28, and the three cam between 28-30 all in half inch increments. The speed difference from the RKT cams to the Z5 cams is minimal at best, but many like the feel of the draw cycle a bit better. The Faktor 30 performs at speeds reaching 332 feet per second. The speed Hoyt advertises has been easily achievable in the past, and even goes above and beyond in some situations.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Faktor 30 is a shooter and very user friendly. The Z5 cams require very little effort in and produce a lot of energy and speed. The Z5 cam is a bit of a stiff draw, but very smooth from start to finish. The valley is generous compared to the RKT cams, and the back wall has a nice feel. When letting the bow down from full draw, it feels like shooters need to push the string forward, because it is so easy to hold at full draw. The 6.75-inch brace height offers some great forgiveness with the speed produced as well. After the shot, the bow has a bit of hand shock without accessories added. However, after the accessories and stabilizers are placed on the bow, the hand shock is not felt. Those interested in a shorter axel-to-axel hunting bow will appreciate the specifications and feel of the Faktor 30. Those at the upper end of the draw length may not like the steep string angle the compact bow has to offer though. The short axel-to-axel bow does hold well on target with plenty of stabilization.

Usage Scenarios

The Hoyt Faktor 30 is designed for hunting. Although it will be accurate for any type of shooting, the short axel-to-axel measurement of the Faktor 30 is going to be a great bow for ground blinds and in the tree. The perfect balance, smooth draw, and decent speeds all lead to what archery hunters need when the moment counts. For those interested in a short bow that is a designed killer, the Faktor 30 is a fantastic option.


Bow Hoyt Faktor 30 Hoyt Spyder 30
Version 2014 2014
Picture Hoyt Faktor 30 Hoyt Spyder 30
Brace Height 6.75 " 6.75 "
AtA Length 30 " 30 "
Draw Length 24 " - 30 " 24.5 " - 30 "
Draw Weight 30 lbs - 80 lbs 30 lbs - 80 lbs
IBO Speed 332 fps 330 fps
Weight 3.9 lbs 3.8 lbs
Let-Off 75% 75%
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Last year, Hoyt offered the very popular Hoyt Spyder 30, which took their traditional 32-inch axel to axel bow and shortened it up a bit to meet the needs of what many shooters demand from a hunting bow. Continuing with this trend, the Hoyt Faktor 30 is almost identical in specifications. However, they do offer slightly different feel. The Z5 cam draws differently than RKT cam, and many will love the difference. The transitions on the Z5 are smoother, the valley is more generous, and the speed is slightly faster than the RKT. For many shooters the minimal difference will not be worth the extra money, but for shooters not already owing a RKT cam bow or not able to find a left over Spyder 30, the Faktor 30 is going to be a great new bow.


Hoyt has established themselves as being one of the elite bow companies because of integrating useful technology that simply works. The new Faktor 30 is yet another addition that is going to be a top seller for 2014. The bow uses every technology Hoyt has except for the carbon riser technology, including the redesigned Z5 cam system. For a short axel to axel hunting bow, it is hard to find something better than the Faktor 30. The price may be a bit expensive for some shooters on a budget, but with all the engineering that went in to making this bow, combined with the backing of a huge company like Hoyt, it may be worth saving a while longer to upgrade to this bow.
Hoyt Faktor 30 Review5.055

User Reviews

  • 5 reviews
  • ( out of 5 reviews for all versions)
  1. You won’t leave the store without it if you get a chance to shoot it.

    Version: 2014 Hoyt Faktor 30


    Pros: I’m new to this sport and after a few hours shooting (and a good tuning on my fuse site from the store) I’m shooting 1 inch bulls-eye groups consistently @ 20 meters.

    Cons: Not too many places in Canada have a good selection of Hoyt or Fuse accessories in stock; everything is always special order.

    Full review:
    ( I haven’t been to a store where I can compare 20 bows against each other ) but the finishing, engineering, component quality, attention to detail, and especially the hand-grip on this would be impossible to do better. I don’t know why people complain about the Hoyt grip; maybe they changed it on the Faktor? I don’t know what the old one was like, but in any event this one is excellent and couldn’t be better. Someone complained about shock on some other site as well; the shock on this is almost non-existent and the backwall feels very solid. Maybe they don’t have the strength to fire this bow;
    not every bow is for everyone. We all have to find that sweet spot of perfect balance, form and relaxed manner. I found mine in this. This is truly top-flight gear.

  2. Confidence enhancing bow

    Version: 2014 Hoyt Faktor 30


    Pros: Smooth even draw. Solid back wall. Best valley

    Cons: Very slight vibration on bare bow

    Full review:
    Been shooting bows for about 7 years and it was time for a new bow. Went to the bow shop (Hoyt, Mathews, and Bowtech dealer) but had no brand bias. I was looking for a top end bow and honestly I was leaning towards a PSE before coming to the shop. I shot the Creed and Chill first and second and liked the Chill more. I shot the Faktor 30 third and it was an instant fit. The Chill is a great bow but IMO the Faktor felt perfect. I also shot the Carbon Spyder which shot great but I didn’t feel a noticeable difference other than the price tag and ultimately went with the Faktor. My set-up is 29" draw, 70 lbs draw weight, QAD HDX rest, TR REACT 5-pin sight, Spot Hogg Wiseguy release, FUSE vector xt quiver, and I shoot Easton AXIS 340 arrows. The confidence I have with this set-up has abled me to feel comfortable moving out to 80-90 yds (target). It’s a little tricky with shooting the 5-pin so I plan on getting a 1-pin down the road. Regardless, I have never felt as confident as I do with this bow. The combination of speed, accuracy, forgiveness and shootability is outstanding. The even draw and limited vibration make shooting this bow 50-60 times each session easy. I do plan on getting an 8-9" stabilizer soon to help hold this bow on target for my longer range shots. Small and compact enough to easily maneuver in and around my climbing stand.

  3. Smooth draw , great feel

    Version: 2014 Hoyt Faktor 30


    Pros: Love the draw and smoothness of this bow,. Same specs as the carbon spyder and way cheaper

    Cons: Still on the higher price side. You get what you pay for

    Full review:
    Went to my local pro shop to check out the hoyt carbon spyder and liked it a lot but I had to try the faktor too. I liked the feel a little more and it shot a little better for me. (A little heavier). I would recommend anyone to try the hoyt faktor 30 befor buying their new bow.

  4. Overall amazing bow

    Version: 2014 Hoyt Faktor 30


    Pros: Lightweight (bare bow), Fast, Smooth Draw, Very Little Vibration

    Cons: None

    Full review:
    I’ve shot ‘em all. Mathews, Hoyt, PSE and Bowtech. This is by far my favorite so far. When I picked up the bow I noticed how light it was BUT after adding my accessories it did weigh it down a bit more than I was hoping. But that’s no big deal. Now I’m not one of them people that talk about valley and backwall because honestly I have no idea what that stuff is. I just know that the draw is nice and smooth with that little "hump" people talk about. I can hold back at full draw really well and for long periods without wearing out my body. The shot is nice and quiet. A small amount of vibration at the shot but it’s gone as soon as you notice it. The only thing I would change to make it perfect (for me) is a 7" brace height with the same IBO speed. Other than that it’s an outstanding bow. I don’t see myself getting another one anytime soon. I’d recommend to anybody.

  5. Great hunting bow, smooth, light and quiet.

    Version: 2014 Hoyt Faktor 30


    Pros: Light, fast, smooth, quiet, very customizable, very forgiving

    Cons: None yet

    Full review:
    Overall I feel that purchasing this bow was the best move I have made in years. Very comfortable to handle with the nice grip and lightweight frame. Out of box shoots very consistent and accurate. Love the size of it especially while in the stand. This bow is great and is a solid piece of mind when it’s time to place an arrow where it counts.

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