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Hoyt Ignite

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Hoyt Ignite Review4.7512 out of 12 user reviews


  • Affordable
  • Accurate and forgiving
  • Very wide range of adjustments


  • Decent draw, but not great
  • "Bouncy" back wall

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Editors' review

The Hoyt Ignite is new to the 2014 lineup. This rig is built on an aluminum riser with parallel split limbs, and the new Ignite Cam System that provides a ton of adjustability. With 28" ATA, 8" brace height, up to 30" draw length, and up to 70# draw weight, this bow will be with the shooter for as long as they wish. This bow was designed to grow with the archer, and will definitely fit the bill.


This rig comes in three standard hunting colors: Realtree Xtra, Realtree Max-1, and Blackout. For those looking for a little more variety, the bow can be ordered with a black riser and Realtree limbs, or a special Michael Waddell Bone Collector color pattern.


The foundation of this rig is the machined aluminum Tec riser. The Tec riser has a truss that runs down the riser behind the bow hand. This in turn makes the riser a little wider at its widest point than most other bows and helps reduce torque and enhances center shot. This also allows the aluminum to be machined thinner without losing any strength while absorbing more vibration and shock than the standard style riser. The Ignite comes with a pair of parallel ZR125 split-limbs that allow the bow to be very adjustable; 15# - 70# draw weight, without having to change limbs. The max draw weight is dependent on the draw length and the limb bolt adjustments. These limbs do provide a stable shot, although they are a little stiff. The draw weight is determined by a combination of the limb bolt adjustment and the draw length. The draw weight can be adjusted in a range of approximately 15# at each draw length, with the max weight of 70# only achievable at 30." The limb bolt can be turned out a maximum of eight turns allowing for the 15# adjustability.

Other Components

The bare bow package is exactly that...bare. It comes with the riser, limbs, low-torque grip, and the standard cable guide. The bow can be purchased with an Ignite Package that includes FUSE ProFire 3-pin site, FUSE Vector 4-arrow Quiver, and a Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest. It can also be ordered with a Ready to Hunt Package for an additional $150 - $200.

Eccentric System

Hoyt uses the new Ignite Cam System, which gives this bow the vast range of adjustability. The rotating modules are used to adjust the draw length in one inch increments from 19" - 30" to fit almost every shooter. This is done simply by removing the screws that secure the rotating module, sliding the module into place, and tightening the screws back in place. The owner of this rig must realize that the maximum draw weight will be directly affected by the draw length. For instance, the max draw weight at 19" is 35# while the minimum draw weight at 30" is 48#.This cam system is said to give the shooter a respectable 300 fps, but don't be surprised if it doesn't produce quite that much. It will, however, come close at max draw weight and length. The speed of this bow will be based on the relation of the adjustments.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

This bow has a decent draw cycle but not the best. It has a stiff draw cycle (relative to the draw weight) with a little bounce at the back wall since it does not have a draw stop, and will be felt regardless of the draw weight. The experienced archer will initially find this bow is not very good for hunting because of the perceived awkwardness of the draw cycle, but can be easily persuaded otherwise after a few shots. It is a good training bow for the beginner, because it forces the shooter to use proper back tension techniques.The bow is surprising to shoot, especially to those experienced shooters, because it is quiet and accurate. It has a decent draw cycle, and once they overcome the "bounce" at the back wall, it does have respectable speed when adjustments are maxed out, but it is still slower than average by modern bow speeds. The bow is quiet, and has minimum vibration. It is also accurate. These traits make it a good bow for the young shooter to grow with.

Silencing Package

The Ignite is quiet out of the box and comes with no additional silencing features. Because this rig is designed as a beginners bow, it does not need any real silencing beyond those inherent in the design of the bow. For those shooters with a little more experience, and are a little older, adding some additional components would be a good idea, to include a stabilizer to eliminate any residual vibration and noise.


The grip on this rig is a one-piece composite bow grip. It is a little smaller to fit smaller hands, and has a low-torque quality that enhances the constancy and accuracy of the shot. Comparisons[VS]hoyt-ignite,diamond-infinite-edgeThe Hoyt Ignite is a beginner's bow designed to grow with the shooter. This design is a lot like the Diamond Infinite Edge. Both bows are very adjustable, and both are touted as "the last bow you will have to buy." The Diamond offers an additional 10# draw weight adjustment, and six more inches of draw length than the Hoyt, along with an extra 10 fps. Both are adjustable using rotating modules, making them easily adjusted.The Diamond has a more solid back wall and can be fine-tuned by using the draw stop. Both of these bows provide good speed respective of the draw length, and are pretty smooth for the shooter. As advertised, they are both versatile and will grow with the shooter and last a long time. The Hoyt retails for $299 bare bow, while the Diamond retails for $349 in the same package.

Usage Scenarios

This rig was designed for the young archer, and to grow with them. It is designed to start as a target bow as the young archer learns about technique and shooting in general. It can grow with the shooter and move from basic target shooting to the 3D course and even to a hunting blind or stand. This bow will definitely grow, and move, with the shooter.


This bow is new to the Hoyt lineup for 2014 and is very adjustable and will grow with the shooter. It also has an affordable price tag of $299 for the bare bow package. It can also be purchased in a Ready to Hunt package for an additional $100 - $150, but it is not necessary as an entry level bow.


The Hoyt Ignite is a new bow in the 2014 lineup. It was introduced to provide a more economical avenue for young shooters to get involved in archery and grow with them so they don't have to buy new bows every couple of years. This rig will be with the shooter for years. Although this bow is an entry-level rig, it offers the shooter decent speed, and excellent accuracy at any draw weight and length. It is easy to shoot from the lowest draw weight and the shortest draw length, all the way up to the maxed out specs.This rig is very economical and is a good beginner bow. With a 28" ATA, an 8" brace height, and only 3.6 pounds of mass, it will fit almost any shooter looking to break into archery. With the ease of adjustability, this is a good vow to start on.
Hoyt Ignite Review4.7512

User Reviews

  • 12 reviews
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  1. Great introductory bow. For all ages. A keeper.

    Version: 2014 Hoyt Ignite


    Pros: Compact, solid build, extreme adjustability. Light weight make it easy to keep on shooting. The bow looks good, not like a childs bow despite short ata.

    Cons: Not a lot to not like. Wall is a bit soft but I did not find that a significant problem. At lower poundage shooting target, longer distances can have fletching clearance issues with a target sight.

    Full review:
    Pretty much said it above…I am very happy with the ignite after about 7 months use as a beginner. Most or all issues were the operator. I robin hooded from short range on the day I bought it and recently did it again at 20 mtrs. Learning to tune everything and get great groups shooting on the target range…cant tell you ibo, but what really counts is results….also found hoyt support good even though we’re in australia….

  2. Bow is very accurate and forgiving for size. Pleasure to still hunt with.

    Version: 2014 Hoyt Ignite


    Pros: Light, accurate, adjustable, affordable, and has very good arrow speed for the size. An excellent bow for a smaller or older shooter also.

    Cons: The package would have been better with a fall away rest.

    Full review:
    The bow was quite easy to set up and begin shooting. The let off is much appreciated by an older shooter like myself. I liked it so much I purchased one for my 11 year old grandson also. The accuracy for a short bow is very good. I was shooting X from 20 yards in no time. I’ll be using it for white tail next week.

  3. The Bow for ‘never used a bow before’ archer

    Version: 2014 Hoyt Ignite


    Pros: very easy to handling

    Cons: hmm… doesnt know yet

    Full review:
    Ive a hoyt ignite setup form me from my shop (dl 27 inch, dw arround 50 lbs),
    very accurate ..first time i am shooting an apple from 30 m aways..and suprisingly hit.
    Over all it is very accurate , very low noise and very easy to shoot..
    i am no expert of bow before and feel this shoot is more easy than shooting my springer airgun….

  4. don’t overlook the valve of this Hoyt

    Version: 2014 Hoyt Ignite


    Pros: Lite weight, comfortable feel, easy to shoot.

    Cons: haven’t had it long enough yet to see any Cons.

    Full review:
    I bought the Hoyt Ignite for my 8 year old son, a step up from the BowTech Atomic. I bought the $299.00 base and built a shooters platform with the Spot Hogg 3 pin sight and a Q A D drop away arrow rest.
    My son pulls 28 lbs. and he shooting in the 10 ring on 3D targets, the first night owning the bow and with only 10 minutes of practice. The first shot before sighting in the pins was just under bulls-eye, the smile was bigger then the bow. I own two Hoyt’s now and I think a third is in my future.

  5. Love it

    Version: 2014 Hoyt Ignite


    Pros: It’s draw is vary smooth and pretty forgiving.it’s a huge upgrade from my old vortex because I’m a young shooter but with this one I can shoot X all day.

    Cons: No to many things wrong with it besides the bad sight that comes with it. I need up putting a new one along with a fall away rest And stabilizer.

    Full review:
    A amazing bow for any new and/or young shooter. it’s absolutely the best bow for the price. I’m 13 and I have it set at 28 draw leanth and 60 lbs. I use it for hunting and leagues. Your better off buying it just bear bow with nothing on it and buy the other stuff separate.

  6. what a amazing bow

    Version: 2014 Hoyt Ignite


    Pros: accurate easy to set up light forgiving well made

    Cons: back wall isn’t very firm

    Full review:
    i started using the ignite when my multiple sclerosis started messing with my hands stoping me shooting my recurve properly
    i instantly took to this bow and once i got a decent sight (i do target archery im from the uk and hunting with a bow is illegal plus i shoot from a wheelchair) i started getting great scores at 90 meters (as good as 100yards)4-5 gold ends.
    this bow has out performed even my archery coaches expectations and mine included
    the bow is perfect for beginners and people just coming over to compound archery and juniors because of the massive amount of adjustability it offers
    dont be put off by the price of this bow its well worth trying and for beginner/junior its perfect

  7. Unble to hunt due to arm injury and this was the cure.

    Version: 2014 Hoyt Ignite


    Pros: Let off
    Easy to adjust

    Cons: Noisy
    Spongy Backwall

    Full review:
    I love this bow. Once I’m back in full swing, this baby is getting passed down. My draw length has changed due to a CVA. This bow allows easy adjustment of my DL. This bow is light as well. I lost all strength in my left arm and this was a Godsend.
    Thank You Hoyt

  8. Fantastic but not for big game

    Version: 2014 Hoyt Ignite


    Pros: Light,draw weight range,tough, easy ajastable

    Cons: Not fantasticly fast. At #70 the draw is super hard for the first 4-5 inches then its easy.

    Full review:
    Great first bow perfect for birds and rabbits. But but not a forgiving bow. If you miss the vitals it wont kill it. But other than that everything about this bow has been perfect. There is so little tourqe you can barely feel it.

  9. Great Bow even for experienced hunters

    Version: 2014 Hoyt Ignite


    Pros: Lightweight, compact, smooth easy draw, consistent

    Cons: Didn’t buy it sooner

    Full review:
    I’ve bow hunted ever since I was able to draw one back. This is best bow I’ve owned to date. Previously had Bear and PSE bows. I was looking for something with high left off %, light weight, and compact enough to be able to shoot from a sitting position. This bow has all of that. I maxed the draw weight just to see what it would reach, it peaked at 78#. I backed it off to 70. This bow at 70# is easier and more smooth to draw than my PSE at 65. The let off is amazing, can hold it on a target for several minutes. Bow is also very quiet. Also shoots very straight. 1 pin is used all the way up to 25 yards. At 30 and 40 it still doesn’t drop much. Would recommend to the versatile hunter.

  10. Great Bow

    Version: 2014 Hoyt Ignite


    Pros: -Short ATA
    -Forgiving 8" Brace Height
    -Consistent with Hoyt quality

    Cons: Slight vibration, wish AlphaShox or similar were included

    Didn’t like the accessories with the package, so built my own setup

    Full review:
    Overall I am very pleased with the Ignite. This is my second Hoyt and I wanted to build a solid bowhunting rig that wouldn’t break the bank.

    I wasn’t overly fond of the items that came in the package so I put my own together. I’m shooting a QAD Ultra-Rest with a Hoyt Pro Series Dual Rod sight and put a set of LimbSavers on it to help the Fuse stabilizer.

    The back wall did feel slightly soft but that went away within about 4 shots. I am shooting a 373 grain arrow since I only have a 27" draw and have no problems out to 60 yards, which is more than adequate for a Midwestern deer rig. The stock grip is comfortable and the bow has been a surprise, given the entry model/economy tag placed on it.

    I honestly have no complaints so far, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another!

  11. Quite light and comfortable bow.
    Easy to set up.

    Version: 2014 Hoyt Ignite


    Pros: Light, great axle.
    Easy to adjust.

    Cons: Little nois or vibration, needs string stop

    Full review:
    overall 9 points from 10
    like the badass look. it seems big, but is only 3,6 pounds.
    very easy to shoot, good sight.
    form shop it comes average quality features, usual whisker and stabilizer. if you are old hunter or shooter you could buy drop down arrow holder.
    Great bow its my second, first was barnett vortex 45lbs.

    With a 28" ATA, an 8" brace height, and only 3.6 pounds of mass, it will fit almost any shooter looking to break into archery. With the ease of adjustability, this is a good vow to start on.

  12. price performance very good do not need an admiral ship a seal platoon enough

    Version: 2015 Hoyt Ignite


    Pros: After the very light pse nova, the compact structure and the silent tree stand did not take up space 28 inches axe to axe

    Cons: I took my naked bow, sight and peep sight.
    this is not a problem.

    Full review:
    I liked the lightness very much. The compact size is very good for me. The turkey is the best I can find those figures to 400 USD.
    instead of taking a bow made of china copy, I will beat wild pigs with our hoyt ignite.
    I am a treestand wild boar hunter.
    I do not need to worry about the back wall
    I wish you all the lucky hunts. love and respect

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