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Hoyt Invicta 40 SVX

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  • Longest riser designed on a Hoyt target bow
  • Most shock and vibration free target bow
  • Modular Grip System is legit
  • Color options look fantastic


  • $1899 is getting ridiculous


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Editors' review

Hoyt target bows are legit every single year. The Invicta 40 has a new riser design, new limbs, new pockets, and potentially one of the best modular grip designs to ever come to market from an adjustability standpoint. The Invicta platform is quite possibly the best target bow Hoyt has ever created, especially when considering how vibration and noise free this model is compared to the outgoing target bows. This specific 40 1/4 -inch model powered by the SVX cam system will be a popular sight for indoor spot leagues, and will sure to be an option some choose to use on the competitive 3D circuit as well. The price for this bare bow is borderline offensive with a sticker of $1899. Prices for Hoyt have been at the high end of the hunting and target lineups for years, and the 2020 Invicta 40 is no exception. There is a ton of new technology, and a pretty awesome platform, but the price is getting dangerously close to the point where shooters are going to seriously consider whether or not an upgraded is truly needed. As a bow, the Invicta 40 SVX is pretty special, but the price is going to be really hard to justify, even for shooters who can afford the best of the best.


The Hoyt Invicta 40 is offered in ten color options, each with a satin finish for even better aesthetics. The ten colors offered include: Championship Red, Perfect Pink, Cobalt Blue, Jet Black, Orange Torch, Slate, Gold Medal, Electric Teal, Rally Green, and Silver Ice. Every single color looks amazing to be honest. The final decision will come down to which color shooters like the most, but all of them look really slick! Regardless of the color shooters choose, the limbs will also be black.


The Invicta riser gets an added 2.5-inches, making it the longest riser ratio on any Hoyt target bow ever produced. Engineers also spent a great deal of research and development to put the weight as low as possible on the riser in order to not only lighten the overall bow, but also make it feel really awesome in the hand. The advertised bare bow weight is 4.9-pounds, which is pretty great considering the axle-to-axle measurement of over 40-inches, in addition to the shoot through riser adding a little more material also. This long riser, and long frame, combined with a 7 1/4 - inch brace height is going to make this bow feel effortless to aim and execute a great shot. For those interested in a straight up spot league bow, the Invicta 40 SVX is going to need a really serious consideration.The cable guard system allows shooters to make slight adjustments in the pitch as the bow is drawn to give the best tune and vane clearance possible. The bar can be adjusted to 0, 3, 6, or 9 degree angles, very easily, to perfectly tune the torque placed on the riser as the bow is drawn back without impacting arrow flight or vane clearance issues. The StealthShot string stop system is also integrated into the overall design helping to make the Invicta the quietest, most vibration-free target bow Hoyt has ever made. Hoyt shooters can also choose from a high or low rear mounting stabilizer position, or use the Hoyt integrated mount for a variety of options to place the bars and weight exactly where shooters want it. The Invicta is a great looking bow, and the riser screams premium with every single aspect. It also looks similar to previous Hoyt bows, although there is some added function with the Invicta risers, so those shooting Hoyt a long time will feel familiar with the looks of the riser.


A lot of times, bow manufacturers integrate new technology into their rigs, but most do not have the immediate impact on the overall feel of the bow like a new grip design. The new Hoyt grip starts with a flatter position. This allows for shooters to have more uniform pressure from the top of the grip all the way down to the heel. This equal pressure is more repeatable and keeps the shooter's hand in a better position shot after shot. However, the highlight of the new grip is the modular system. The modular grip allows shooters to fine tune the angle that feels the most comfortable along with choosing different thicknesses, which can tweak the draw lengths by ⅛ of an inch. The grip angles available are 0 degrees, 4 degrees, and 8 degrees. The best part about the modular grip is that they are easy to change out and all six options come with every Invicta sold. This is an awesome idea, and it will be interesting to see how this may carry over to other Hoyt models, or potentially into more offerings.


The Invicta zero tolerance pockets firmly lock down the premier parallel limbs with an entirely new design. The new split limbs store more energy than other limbs, while functioning quieter and with less vibration than ever before. The factory installed limb dampeners help with this a bit too, but even without them installed the bow shoots great and vibration free. When paired with a longer shoot through riser than previous models, the Invicta 40 gives shooters an amazing platform from top to bottom. The limb configurations are available in draw weights of 30-40, 40-50- 45-55, 50-60, and 60-70. Despite all the Hoyt efforts in creating better limbs than previous target rigs, they do look almost identical to models that came before the Invicta.

Eccentric System

The SVX cam system is the more popular choice with the professional staff shooters out of the two Invicta offerings. Hoyt uses a modular system, but has four base cams to make sure there is some adjustability within the system, without sacrificing efficiency at the lower draw lengths. The number two cam gives shooters a draw length range of 27-28-inches, the number three cam goes from 28.5-29.5, the number four cam is 30-31-inches, and the number five cam is 31.5-32-inches. Shooters can also use the different grip thicknesses to further fine tune the draw length in ⅛-inch increments. These base cams are great for getting the most performance possible from each draw length setting, and are ATA rated for 325 feet per second with the 65% let-off setting.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The SVX cam system along with the Invicta 40 platform, gives folks what may be the most popular indoor target bow from Hoyt in 2020. The SVX cams are a little more familiar feeling for the industry giants, and therefore may be more selected than the DCX version of the Invicta. The SVX is a little quicker with the ATA speed rating, than the 40 DCX; however, the brace height and axle-to-axle measurement is a bit shorter as well. The SVX cam only comes with 65% let-off, which is a bit unpopular when compared to some models with the higher let-off options reaching up to 90% in the world or archery in general. However, the higher holding weight is a preference for many target archers. The draw cycle is pretty smooth although a bit stiff. The back wall is perfect for shooters who like to continue pulling into their shot. It allows a little give, while not feeling too soft, and it is great for those that prefer a less solid feel. After the arrow is released, shooters will be able to notice how much effort Hoyt dedicated to making things as quiet and vibration free as possible. The 2.5-inch longer riser design really allows the pin to settle on target too. The Invicta 40 SVX is pretty effortless to keep the pin in the middle, and that will make a lot of archers really happy.

Usage Scenarios

The Hoyt Invicta series is undeniably a target lineup. Shooters wanting a hunting bow, or even a multi-purpose bow will have better options within the Hoyt lineup to choose from. The 40-inch model will more than likely be the bow of choice if shooters are only shooting spot leagues. For many shooters, the 40 1/4-inch axle-to-axle platform is a bit too long for many preferences on the 3D circuit. Ultimately, like everything in the archery industry, the end decision will be based on personal preference, and will come down to what each shooter feels best with. One thing is for certain, the Invicta 40 SVX is designed to win tournaments. The SVX cam also seems to be a bit more popular amongst the pro staffers with Hoyt, so the Invicta 40 SVX will be a popular option on the tournament trails.


The Invicta platform is an awesome target bow specifically designed for the most serious archers on the planet. Everything about the bow and the re-engineering was done to provide target shooters the most stable and forgiving platform possible. The SVX cam is a tournament favorite for Hoyt pro staffers and it is no secret why it is such a trusted cam system. The 40-inch model will more than likely be the option for those interested in a spot shooting bow, but some 3D guys like a longer model also, and the Invicta 40 may find itself as a summer 3D bow too. The modular grip is one of the best ideas in target archery, and the ability to adjust the angle and draw length is a genius move. Many companies have alternative grip options for purchase, but to have all the options included with the bow for no additional charge is a great move by Hoyt. The Invicta 40 SVX is a really great design for shooters wanting a longer bow for their target setups. The largest downside of any Hoyt target bow, the Invicta 40SVX included, is the $1899 price tag. It has been mentioned a few times during the course of this review, but that amount of money is way too much for a compound bow. Will shooters pay for the Invicta 40 SVX? Of course, but that dollar amount is getting too steep and will most certainly push shooters to another model, which will be cheaper and arguably as feature packed.

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