Hoyt Katera XL Review

Hoyt Katera XL

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  • smooth draw cycle and comfortable valley
  • adjustable eccentric system (Cam & 1/2 Plus)
  • impressive draw length range


  • could be a bit faster
  • non-adjustable eccentric system (Z3 Cam)


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The Katera XL is equipped with a machined aluminum riser that is lighter compared to previous Hoyt models. The new TEC riser is similar to the one installed on the standard Katera but is a bit longer. While the riser looks similar to previous Hoyt models, it is definitely lighter thus contributing to a lower overall mass weight of the bow. According to Hoyt tests, this riser can survive 1,500 dry-fires.


The Katera XL comes with Hoyt's XT 500 limbs based on the 3/4" Split Limb Technology. At 2.25" wide, the new limbs are designed to create more lateral and torsional stability. The limbs are reported to be durable - according to Hoyt tests they can survive 1,000 dry-fires at 80 lbs.

Eccentric system

The Hoyt Katera XL comes with the option of 2 different cam systems that are both smooth to draw: Cam & 1/2 Plus and Z3 Cam.Compared to its predecessor, the new Cam & 1/2 Plus system has been enhanced to deliver optimized performance including better force draw curves and faster speeds (up to 305 fps). The draw length can be adjusted in 1/2 inch increments over a range of 23.5 - 32 inches. The let off is 65% or 75%.The Z3 Cam system is smooth and fast (up to 320 fps) but not adjustable. This means different cams are required for individual draw lengths. The let off is either 65% or 75%.

Draw cycle / Shootability

Overall, both Cam & 1/2 Plus and Z3 Cam are reported to have comfortable valley, smooth draw cycle, and solid back wall. While both eccentric systems are smooth to draw and efficient, many archers believe the Z3 Cam system is one of the best eccentric systems ever engineered by Hoyt.


To summarize, the Hoyt Katera XL is a well balanced bow that covers an impressive range of draw lengths. While it's not the fastest bow out there, the Katera XL is a great shooting bow as noted by many archers. Shooters agree that the draw cycle is smooth on both Z3 and Cam & 1/2 Plus systems. Measuring 36 inches from axle to axle, this rig holds very well. Many Hoyt shooters say the Hoyt Katera XL is one of the best Hoyt bows ever. Overall, this good quality bow will be a very good choice for many shooters, especially those with longer draw lengths.

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Solid hunting or 3D bow. Balances well and is dependible shooter.

Version: 2009 Hoyt Katera XL (Z3 Cam)


Pros: Solid shot to shot. Balances well. No cam lean. Quiet Minimal vibration at the shot. Smooth steady draw no valley drop off.

Cons: Speed is good, but could be better for specs.

Full review:

Bow setup was easy and bare shaft and paper tuned easily. Speeds were good after adding some speed nocks to the 452X aftermarket strings. Bow shoots well if your familiar with tuning hybrid cam bows, if not take it to your pro shop to make sure your cams are in sync to get the quietest shot and most performance.

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