Hoyt Katera Review

Hoyt Katera

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Hoyt Katera Review5.052 out of 2 user reviews


  • one of the fastests bows
  • lighweight
  • has a smooth draw


  • not the most forgiving bow

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Editors' review

The Hoyt Katera started to hit the market in 2007 and at that time became one of the best Hoyt bows ever. It gained a lot of popularity due to the increased speed and reduced mass weight compared to its predecessor - Hoyt Vectrix.

Eccentric system

One of the major innovations introduced by the Hoyt design team is the Z3 cam system. Many archers agree in that the eccentric system behind this bow is impressive. They say that this bow produces great speeds and has a very smooth draw cycle at the same time. With this system, it is possible to visually inspect the limbs, cam, and cables to ensure they are adjusted properly. In addition, this bow offers 75% let-off which makes it easy to hold the weight at full draw.

Hoyt Katera vs Katera XL

Compared to the XL version the standard Katera is a bit smaller and features a shorter brace height which increases the IBO speed to 330 fps. As a result the standard Katera is more aggressive that the XL version.

If you have a long draw length or you simply prefer more forgiving bows, you may want to consider getting the 36" Hoyt Katera XL or the revamped 7" brace height Hoyt Vectrix Plus with the new Z3 Cam system.
Bow Hoyt Katera Hoyt Katera XL
Version 2009 2009 (Z3 Cam)
Picture Hoyt Katera Hoyt Katera XL
Brace Height 6 " 7.5 "
AtA Length 33 " 36 "
Draw Length 24 " - 30 " 25.5 " - 31.5 "
Draw Weight 40 lbs - 80 lbs 40 lbs - 80 lbs
IBO Speed 330 fps 320 fps
Weight 4.5 lbs 4.6 lbs
Let-Off 65% or 75% 65% or 75%
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To summarize, the Hoyt Katera is a fast bow that delivers outstanding shooting experience. Being smooth, quiet, and fast, this bow is a great choice for average shooters.
Hoyt Katera Review5.052

User Reviews

  • 2 reviews
  • ( out of 2 reviews for all versions)
  1. Great bow. Have been through 26 bows through 4 years and finally settled on the hoyt katera.

    Version: 2008 Hoyt Katera


    Pros: Durable finish and tough as nails. You can see the quality they put into this bow. Smooth shooter, very little vibration. Holds very well on the shot and is very fast and very accurate.

    Cons: The string suppressor. The rubber is not as soft as some after market ones.

    Full review:
    The best all around bow out there in my opinion. Wish they would have continued with it but they are not known to keep a bow out for long before going to another model. Before, the mathews switchback was my favorite and thought nothing could replace it. But the katera has. It is just as smooth. Made more durable. Smoother draw cycle and much faster. I have had two shoulder operations in the past so I have been very picky as to what I will shoot. The hoyt katera does it all!

  2. I have the Dealer Demo model of this bow… all I can say is wow!

    Version: 2009 Hoyt Katera


    Pros: The wood grain grip and smooth draw make this bow fun to shoot.

    Cons: Heavier at 4.5 lbs, the Katera makes up for it with balance.

    Full review:
    It truly has a great feel. I can hold a shot at full draw for quite a while before letting the arrow fly. The riser has really cool features and the black version of this bow looks awesome. For a 2009 model, it still has that feel of some of the newer agressive bows.

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