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Hoyt Nitrum 34

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  • 4.2-pounds is still pretty light for this longer frame bow
  • Draw cycle is nice
  • Bow balances well
  • Updates to the riser include a new cable guard system, a cage, and an offset riser structure


  • Not the fastest bow at 330 feet per second, but it is easy to get that speed
  • Those wanting target colors will have to pay more


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Editors' review

The Nitrum 34 is another great installment of the aluminum riser from Hoyt. Although past years have seen a trend toward shorter axel-to-axel hunting bows, Hoyt has continued to offer a longer version, and many greatly appreciate that. The longer design still weighs in at just over 4 pounds, and does not feel too big or bulky. With the well-liked Z5 cams making a comeback for 2015, and the riser getting an entirely new design, there is a lot to talk about on the multipurpose Nitrum 34.


As a multipurpose bow, Hoyt made it a point to offer the Nitrum 34 in every color they have available. The dip process on the aluminum series risers has been perfected and really looks nice when finished. Those interested in a more traditional looking hunting bow can select RealTree Max 1, RealTree AP Snow, RealTree Pink, or RealTree Xtra. These patterns can also be included with a black riser or a harvest brown riser, which is brand new for 2015. Hoyt also offers the BoneCollector, American Heritage, and Vicxen options, which include a bit different graphics and a little more flair on the color schemes. Hoyt also chose to include tons of choices for those wanting a foam shooter. The target colors are also done very well, but they have a bit of a shinier finish, so it may be helpful to see what that looks like in person before committing to it. The colors include: Victory Violet, Silver Ice, Orange Torch, Mean Green, Jet Black, Electric Teal, Cobalt Blue, and Championship Red.


Under the riser shelf, where the front mounting stabilizer connects to the bow, Hoyt has designed a riser cage similar to what they have on their target bow models. This cage helps take some torque away and stiffens things up s bit, which both may not be felt by the shooter but should lead to better accuracy. The riser cage is in front of the Stealth Shot rear mounting string stop system. This location also helps with decreasing felt vibration from the arrow being fired down range.Above the sight picture, Hoyt has an offset riser design placed to get a more true center shot. The width of the riser in this location is also increased to add some strength. The riser does have added aluminum to help with this, but the overall weight is still a respectable 4.2 pounds before adding accessories. This may not be the lightest bow available, but again, it never feels too big or bulky.The Nitrum 34 also features the return of the silent shelf. This adds rubber to the area around where the rest attaches straight from the factory to help with any noise the rest or arrow may cause when contacting the riser shelf.


Hoyt grips are great, but they also have four choices straight from the factory with side plates or a one-piece design. Grips are entirely personal preference and having several options to choose from straight from the factory is a nice idea from the engineers at Hoyt.


The limbs on the Nitrum 34 come in maximum poundages of 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, and 80- pounds and can be adjusted by about ten-pounds under that number. For a flagship bow, the Nitrum being offered in 50-pounds of adjustment should be great for business, especially with 65 and 80-pounds being available. The Multilayered laminated split limbs are past parallel and make the bow look rather aggressive both at rest and at full draw. They are held to the riser with the Pro Lock Limb Pockets, which provide and maintain near zero tolerances throughout the entire draw force curve.Hoyt has also decided to stick with the AirShox system for another year to help dampening limb vibration and noise after the shot. They system is basically unchanged from 2014, with the exception of a bit of adjustability. The AirShox system attaches between the split limbs, and the limbs rest on the rubber. When the bow is drawn, the limbs collapse in to each other and they leave the dampener. After the shot, the limbs return to rest and contact the dampeners, which then disperse the vibration. Although not traditional in terms of limb dampeners, they do a great job and can be updated to match the color scheme of the wooden grip and Shock-Rods.

Eccentric System

The Z5 cams are no different than those featured on the Spyder series in 2014, but with everything else getting an upgrade, the familiar feel of the Z5 cam is fine. The Nitrum 34 can be adjusted in half-inch increments from 25-31 inches. The first cam takes modules for 25-26.5, the second from 27-29, and the third from 29-31. Hoyt has gone with the ATA speed calculations, and advertises 330 feet per second. This speed is not blistering fast, but shooters will have no trouble hitting the advertised numbers straight out of the box without the need for a super tuner.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Nitrum 34 has a really great feel even for shooters transitioning from a shorter axel-to-axel bow. The 34 is simply stable, holds well, performs well, and is fun to shoot. With the Z5 cams, speed is not the top priority, although they perform fine at 330 feet per second. The back wall is pretty good on the Z5 cams, and the valley will allow a little room for error if shooters try to cheat forward a bit trying to get a better look at the target. Floating the pin on target is basically effortless with the 34, in part because of the long riser, but also because the string angle just seems to fit very well. After the shot, there is a bit of vibration, but a stabilizer or even some added accessories of course can tame that. As a hunting bow, the Nitrum 34 is not too bulky in most hunting situations, and as a target bow, the specifications really scream forgiveness and shootability. The 34 is worth a test shot not doubt.

Usage Scenarios

Many bows are powerful enough in hunting situations, but few combine that power with the specifications for a competition rig as well. The Nitrum 34 is a bow fully capable of use in any archery situation.

Nitrum 34 vs. Carbon Spyder ZT 34

BowHoyt Nitrum 34Hoyt Carbon Spyder ZT 34
Version 20152015
PictureHoyt Nitrum 34Hoyt Carbon Spyder ZT 34
Brace Height6.75 "6.75 "
AtA Length34 "34 "
Draw Length25 " - 31 "25 " - 31 "
Draw Weight30 lbs - 80 lbs30 lbs - 80 lbs
IBO Speed330 fps330 fps
Weight4.2 lbs3.8 lbs
Let-Off75% 75%
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The biggest difference between these two bows (Nitrum 34 vs. Hoyt Carbon Spyder ZT 34) is the riser design and the impact a purchase will have on the wallet. Hoyt claims both riser styles are the best they have ever designed, so there really is not a wrong answer when choosing between these two models. The Carbon riser has less hand shock and weighs in lighter it those are important features to have; the decision may be an easy one. For others, the final decision may simply come down to price.


The Nitrum 34 is a longer axel-to-axel bow, but even feels a bit sturdier with how long the riser actually is. The zero torque cable guard system and upgrades to the risers stiffness and strength may not be noticeable in terms of how the bow feels, but it should prove to be more accurate. For those at the longer side of the draw length range, the 34 string angle is much nicer when compared to the 30. It is easy to shoot the 34 with how well it holds. The noise after the arrow is released is very minimal, and the bit of felt vibration is easily taken care of with a stabilizer. Other than a boy shooting 330 feet per second, it is very tough to find anything wrong with the Nitrum 34.

User Reviews

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Easily as good as my Hoyt target bow.

Version: 2015 Hoyt Nitrum 34


Pros: Virtually no hand shock. Smooth draw. Good balance.

Cons: The up charge to get mine in brown. Obviously, I didn't mind to much since I ordered it in brown.

Full review:

I got mine in the new Brown finish with carbon limbs and installed a QAD arrow wrest with the carbon look. My set up is the 50-60lb with 27.5 draw. The 34 tuned so easily that it took less than an hour to set up. It does seem to like a little stiffer arrow than I was shooting so there goes some more cash. It shoots as smooth as my 50lb target bow even though the ata is 4 inches shorter. It is also a lot easier to anchor than my Spyder 30. I never will be a short bow fan but had to try one.

The best Hoyt I've owned to date, and I've had a few.

Version: 2015 Hoyt Nitrum 34


Pros: Easy aiming and shoots very well.

Cons: Price tag is painful.

Full review:

It is a great all around bow if you're looking for something that will do it all. Hunting, it isn't the barn burner speed demon that some want. Target, a slightly longer bow may hold easier. 3D, here again it misses the mark a little with speed. But this bow more than makes up for the down sides by being just an easy bow to shoot accurately. It's long enough to anchor easily and short enough to still not be to cumbersome in the woods. So you can save a little money with a cheaper bow but you will get what you pay for there. With this bow you get a very good hunting/target/3D bow all in one package. I'm highly impressed with mine and love the new Brown finish that I got it in.

Smooth in every aspect

Version: 2015 Hoyt Nitrum 34


Pros: Well balances, draws smooth and no hand shock to speak of.

Cons: had to replace the grip, the rubber/silicon one felt too gummy and seemed to increase how much torque I created when shooting.

Full review:

Could not be happier with the performance, easy to hold on target and immediately tightened up my groupings at greater distance. Prefer the 34" ATA, overall the bow has made me more confident that the arrow will find its target, it just has the best feel that I have owned so far.

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