Hoyt REDWRX Carbon RX-1 Ultra Review

Hoyt REDWRX Carbon RX-1 Ultra

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  • Hoyt reviewed everything in order to release the best bow possible
  • 25.5-32-inches of draw length adjustment through three base cam systems
  • Some amazing looking camo options


  • 4.1 pounds before any of the dampeners or accessories are added
  • 330 feet per second is slow when combined with a 6-inch brace height
  • $1599 MSRP is getting very pricey for a bare bow 


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Editors' review

Hoyt has reviewed everything they offer in a hunting bow for 2018 and made some outstanding advancements in what they offer bow hunters in the REDWRX line up. The RX-1 Ultra is the longest axel to axel bow of the three carbon models, and also has the longest measurement of Hoyt flagship bows at 35-inches. The Hyper XT cams are not super fast for a 6-inch brace height, but 330 feet per second is not the slowest bow on the market either. Hoyt is offering a new grip, new cams, new limbs and pockets, offset weight balance, new dampeners, a rear stabilizer mount, and high 80% or 85% let off modules. The new finish options are outstanding as well giving shooters one of the best camo choices for hunting bows on the market. Back in the day, one of the biggest selling points for a carbon riser was the reduced weight the bow had while still maintaining exceptional strength. The Ultra tips the scales at 4.1-pounds before any of the new dampeners are added, which make the bow pretty comparable to aluminum in regards to how heavy it is. The $1599 MSRP is a ton of money for a bare bow, but there are other rigs on the market selling for the same price point. As long as shooters are willing to pay that much money, manufacturers will continue to charge the premium. The Hoyt RX-1 Ultra is the best carbon bow Hoyt offers for those wanting a longer axel-to-axel measurement, but the heavier weights and larger price tag may be off putting for some potential buyers.


The Hoyt finish options for 2018 are outstanding! Shooters have the ability to choose from high end camo options with Kuiu Verde 2.0, the brand new Realtree Edge, Gore Optifade Subalpine, and Under Armour Ridge Reaper Barren. Shooters can also get the blackout riser or the buckskin riser. If that is not enough, shooters have some cool target patterns to go with as well. For 2018, target colors are offered on the limbs only with a flat black riser. The colors include blue, green, orange, purple, red, and white. In addition to these options, there are two additional custom hunting series from Hoyt. The Bone Collector edition is a return from previous years, and features florescent green accent colors and the Bone Collector badging. The colors offered are blackout and the Edge riser with black limbs. New for 2018 is the Cameron Hanes Keep Hammering edition bow. This is a tribute to one of Hoyt's most recognized hunters, and features "BE THE ULTIMATRE PREDATOR," on the limbs. This edition should be very popular in the hunting community. Since Cameron is also and Under Armour athlete, the finish on this bow includes the Ridge Reaper riser with black limbs, or a blackout model.


The riser is somewhat unchanged to the untrained eye, but Hoyt designers did make some upgrades, which give the bow a well thought out tweak from the previous model year. Hoyt has been in the carbon riser game for a long time, and they have an outstanding reputation for doing the carbon riser very well. The hollow carbon layered riser is strong, warm to the touch, and precisely built to the highest of standards. In the past, carbon bows were sold, in part, based on their lightweight nature for those needing to pack long distances to get to their spots. The Ultra moves away from the lightweight design a bit tipping the scales at 4.1-pounds before any dampening accessories are added. This pretty closely aligns with the weight of an aluminum riser bow, or at least closes what was a pretty wide gap between the two riser materials. For a 35-inch axel to axel bow, 4.1-pounds is not necessarily heavy, but it may not be worth justifying the carbon strength to weight ration anymore when making the purchase. The riser is slightly offset, which helps with the overall balance of the bow. This was done by adding some more weight on the bottom of the riser to help the bow balance at the grip point of the riser. Shock pods and a new dampener at the bottom of the riser have been added for 2018 as well to make things as silent as possible in the field. Based on the new Hyper ZT cam design, the cable containment system is simplified to a stationary roller guard as well. The split cable no longer causes torque, which needed to be corrected with a moving cable guard system. The new look is pretty simplistic, but functions just as well as the old system without the complex moving parts. The string stop system has been upgraded as well to include a rear mounting stabilizer hole for shooters wanting to shoot with a back bar to better balance how things feel on target and after the shot.


Hoyt has rethought what their grip looks and feels like for 2018. The angle, shape, and width are all the product of research and development for what feels the best and promotes the most repeatable hand placement for improved accuracy. The X-Act grip is a composite grip, which feels nice, but is different from the wooden one-piece or side plated grip from past model years. Of course the grip is fairly warm to the touch, and the carbon has exceptional warming characteristics.


The limbs for the 2018 RX-1 Ultra are yet again another reengineered component on the new rig for Hoyt. Although they stay with the split limb design, Hoyt has widened the limbs to 3/4 of an inch to give them a little more strength and stability to reduce torque caused by the new Hyper ZT cam system. The Quadflex limbs are available in maximum draw weight of 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, and 80-pounds. This 50-pound range is one of the largest offered on a flagship bow. To see Hoyt offer the 65 and 80-pound limb configuration is fantastic. 80-pounds is typically not a weight the typical shooter wants, but to have the option really shows how much Hoyt wants this bow to fit any potential buyer. The limbs also get a new pocket system Hoyt calls the Bi-Ax pocket system. This system has specific points of contact designed into the pockets for fitting the limbs to the pocket and the pocket to the riser.

Eccentric System

The new cams known as the Hyper ZT system may be the largest update to the 2018 Hoyts. Reviewing the specifications, they look outstanding on paper as well. The new cams feature a choice between 80 or 85% let off, which is Hoyts largest let off on a flagship-hunting model. The speeds are a bit on the slow side, especially considering a 6-inch brace height, but 330 feet per second is still enough for most shooters needs. Despite the outstanding specification, Hoyt has changed how their cams function with the Hyper ZT by splitting the cable system. In the past, the cam system has been a little susceptible to torque, which Hoyt tried to remedy the best they could with a flexible roller guard system. With the new patent-pending split cable system, the engineers have eliminated the need for a moving cable guard because the new cables take care of the issue. This design also allows for better lateral nock travel and keeps everything in the center of the system for the best arrow flight possible.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The RX-1 Ultra takes Hoyt back several years when they released a 35-inch axel to axel bow for those interested in a longer flagship hunting bow. The Ultra may be exactly what some shooters are interested in with a longer, perhaps more stable platform. The Hyper ZT cam system is a dream to draw, and the high let off options of 80% or 85% feels outstanding. The back wall is as solid as previous Hoyt models, and aside from the higher let off, it feels very similar. The valley is very manageable, and the longer axel-to-axel makes the bow feel as sturdy as a target bow. The heavier mass of the RX-1 Ultra is very well balanced, and feels great in hand. The weight is not heavy for an aluminum riser, but for a carbon bow, the weight may be too heavy to be seriously considered with the difference in overall weight being so minimal between the two styles of risers. After the shot, the Ultra feels great. There are no major vibrations, and the bow is extremely quiet. On target, shooters will experience minimal pin float, and the addition of the rear mounting stabilizer is amazing for shooters wanting more options for balancing their rigs. The speed is not overly fast with a maximum at 330 feet per second, but it is reasonably quick, and it is powerful enough to get the job done for the overwhelming majority of target animals.

Hoyt RX-1 Ultra vs. RX-1

BowHoyt REDWRX Carbon RX-1 UltraHoyt REDWRX Carbon RX-1
Version 20182018
PictureHoyt REDWRX Carbon RX-1 UltraHoyt REDWRX Carbon RX-1
Brace Height6 "6 "
AtA Length35 "32 "
Draw Length25.5 " - 32 "24.5 " - 31 "
Draw Weight30 lbs - 80 lbs30 lbs - 80 lbs
IBO Speed330 fps340 fps
Weight4.1 lbs3.9 lbs
Let-Off85% 85%
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These two bows feature the same technology and redesigned features. The Hoyt REDWRX Carbon RX-1 is a shorter version of the Ultra, which may be more appealing or shooters in tight spaces. For those wanting a longer axel-to-axel measurement, the 35-inch Ultra will be the best option. For those wanting a compact hunting bow, shooters will appreciate the 32-inch axel-to-axel measurement the RX-1 has to offer. Hoyt has always offered a compact and a longer option, and that remains true with the RX-1 line up. The deciding factor between these two bows will more than likely be the axel-to-axel measurement. However, the shorter RX-1 is ten feet per second faster as well, so those wanting a faster bow may opt for the 340 feet per second RX-1.

Usage Scenarios

The RX-1 Ultra is a hunting bow with the ability to perhaps cross the line into some 3D shooting. Typically, carbon bows are lightweight, but the Carbon RX-1 Ultra tips the scales at 4.1-pounds prior to adding the dampeners. This means the RX-1 Ultra with its longer 35-inch axel to axel frame will make for a great hunting bow or a nice multi-purpose bow for some shooters that like to dabble in 3D archery in the off season. It is nice this bow can be used as a dual purpose bow given the $1600 price tag.


The Ultra reverts back to when Hoyt produced 35-inch axel-to-axel flagship hunting bows. The upgrades for the 2018 calendar year gives shooters the sense that every single component of the bow is well thought out and properly executed. The draw is outstanding, and the new cam system is without a doubt a step in the right direction in terms of tune ability and arrow flight. The high let-off feels outstanding even if the arrow speed is a bit slow based on 2018 standards. The overall weight of 4.1-pounds bare bow is heavier than previous carbon models, and starts to feel more like an aluminum bow, which some shooters will love and others will hate. The new camo patterns are outstanding, and truly give every buyer an option matching their style and personality. The price of $1599 is extremely expensive, even if it is the best of what Hoyt has to offer for 2018. This price is bordering on outrageous, but they are still going to sell a ton of them based on how well they perform.

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