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Hoyt Ruckus JR

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  • Easily adjustable and easy to shoot
  • Relatively quiet
  • Well priced for a youth bow


  • Will have to buy a new bow within a couple of years
  • Limited growth potential


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Editors' review

The Hoyt Ruckus Jr is the same bow as the Ruckus, but only comes with 10# - 30# limbs. The Tec Riser and the split limb fit the young beginner well and provides a solid platform to learn proper shooting techniques. With 12" of draw" length adjustability and up to 219 fps, this rig will make the little ones feel like they are shooting a "big boy bow."


This bow only comes in a few colors. The standard is black riser with limbs in Black, Realtree Xtra Camo or Realtree AP Pink Camo.


The Ruckus Jr comes with a high-strength Tec Riser milled from a light-weight Magnesium. It is very solid and will withstand just about anything the young shooter can do to it. The riser is fitted with a pair of YZ 50 High Performance Split Limbs. These limbs are a 5-layer laminate that are held in place with a pair of composite limb pockets. This setup provides the look and stability that gives this bow the feel and performance of an adult bow. The limbs provide a max draw weight of 30# and can be adjusted down to as little as 10#.

Other Components

As a youth bow, the Ruckus Jr comes with three arrows, quiver, capture rest, and a 3-pin sight. The purchaser should keep in mind that this is a youth bow and these items are not of very high quality.

Eccentric System

This rig comes with the Ruckus Cam system. These cams, paired with this limb set, will produce up to 219 fps, which is good for a youth bow. This cam system also allows for easy draw length adjustments from 15" - 27" in one inch increments. Simply loosen the inner cam and rotate to shorten or lengthen the draw, then tighten back down. This is done on both cams. Each cam is marked so you can ensure each cam is set the same. This can be done in a matter of minutes and without a bow press.


As a youth bow, this is a very shootable platform. It gives them the look and feel of an adult bow so they can shoot just like mom or dad. The draw is smooth for them, and the shot is accurate and forgiving them. This is important for young shooters to help build confidence.

Silencing Package

The Hoyt Ruckus Jr is a youth bow with a max draw weight of 30#. The bow does have minimal silencing features such as the split limb configuration, composite cable slide, and the vibration dampeners, but that is it. As a youth bow, it is relatively quiet and can be quietened more with additional components if desired.

Compared to Similar Bows

BowHoyt Ruckus JRDiamond Infinite Edge
Version 20152015
PictureHoyt Ruckus JRDiamond Infinite Edge
Brace Height6.625 "7 "
AtA Length28.625 "31 "
Draw Length15 " - 27 "13 " - 30 "
Draw Weight9 lbs - 29 lbs5 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed219 fps310 fps
Weight3.0 lbs3.1 lbs
Let-Off70% 75%
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There are many youth bows on the market today with the Hoyt Ruckus Jr being only one. Almost all youth bows are designed for one thing, young shooters. These bows are to help develop the young shooter and build interest without being cumbersome and a chore to shoot. Hoyt has done a nice job in the development of the Ruckus Jr. This rig offers adjustability to start the shooter off at a young age, and will grow with them for a couple of years before the need to move to a new bow.For a little more money (think of it as an investment), there are other bows that offer more to the shooter. A rig such as the Diamond Infinite Edge, that offer more adjustability in draw weight and length and can truly last a lifetime without having to purchase a new bow later. It is something to think about as it is always a gamble when buying bows for young shooters, as they may or may not stay interested in archery.

Usage Scenarios

This rig is designed for the young beginner. It was developed strictly as a platform for the youth to learn the basics of archery to develop good mechanics and form. It is not a "toy bow" and has plenty of punch for what it is. With a 219 fps, it should be used under careful supervision. The youngster that is shooting this bow is sure to have a blast.


This rig is not new to the Hoyt lineup, but continues to be popular. The bow can be found used or new and prices have ranged from $189 - $550. Do your homework before you purchase this rig. If you purchase it off the internet, some folks will ask more than the value of the bow, since they are trying to recoup money for the new rest and sights they install. Most pro shops sell this bow from $199 - $250, which is a moderate price for a youth bow and will give the young shooter several years of fun.


The Hoyt Ruckus Jr is a good quality entry level youth bow. It offers 12" draw adjustability from 15" - 27" and 10# - 30#. The adjustments are easily accomplished and at 30# and 27," this rig will push out a decent 219 fps. The split limb set-up with the Ruckus Cams provide the shooter with a good platform that gives them the feel of a traditional bow which translates to them being ready when they upgrade to an adult bow.

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