Hoyt Spyder 30 Review

Hoyt Spyder 30

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Hoyt Spyder 30 Review5.052 out of 2 user reviews


  • Short axel to axel of 30-inches and lightweight at only 3.8 pounds
  • 30-80 pound draw weight
  • Lots of finish options
  • IBO speeds are true speeds of what the bow can shoot


  • May not be different enough for those who bought last year's Vector
  • Module and cam specific draw lengths can be tricky to figure out if buying used

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Editors' review

The Hoyt Spyder 30 is designed with hunters in mind. Following the short axel-to-axel, lightweight bow trend, Hoyt has designed the Spyder 30 to meet the needs of shooters demanding these specifications. With tons of Hoyt technologies incorporated, the Spyder has a lot to offer those shooters not on a budget. Despite some technology changes, the Spyder may not be different enough to entice those who bought last year's Vector in to buying this year's Spyder. However, those wanting an axel-to-axel measurement less than the Vector's 32 will love the Spyder's 30-inch measurement. Equipped with the popular RKT cams, Hoyt shooters are sure to love the draw of this hunting rig as well, which is sure to meet advertised speeds of 330 feet per second.


Hoyt has a great finishing process leaving the bows well covered and durable. Despite the many riser cutouts, the finish options are always done well and are blemish free. There are lots of finish options available for the Sypder model including camo patterns and target colors sure to match what shooters are looking for. For shooters wanting the entire bow in the same finish, there are several choices. Realtree Xtra, Realtree Max 1, Realtree Snow, Realtree Pink, and Black Out are probably the most appealing for hunting finishes. However, there is also an option for fusion, red fusion, green, orange, cobalt blue, jet black, pearl white, and pink. For shooters who like to mix camo and black, there is a Bone Collector edition with a camo riser and black limbs and custom graphics, a Vixcen edition, and a half and half version as well. For a hunting bow, there are tons of finish options available to meet the style of every shooter.


The Spyder has a newly designed riser, which features some useful technology shooters are sure to benefit from as well. The TEC LITE riser makes the thickest part of the riser where shooters place their hand. This adds strength where it is needed the most and allows for a more consistent shot. The Inline roller guard system eliminates string torque and noise on the draw as well. Being inline allows the cables to move more naturally reducing friction and stress on the cables while being drawn. The silent shelf adds rubber where the riser meets the drop away arrow rest dampening any noise that may be caused from the two contacting each other. The rear mounting string stop system helps deaden the bow, and the offset front mounting stabilizer helps balance accessory weight side to side as well. This offset works very well in balancing the weight of the sight and rest. Not only can shooters balance the front to back weight, but they can also balance the weight from side to side.


Hoyt offers several options for grips, but all use the Pro-Fit custom grip technology. The 180-rubber grip has come standard on most Hoyt's prior to this year, but the Spyder comes from the factory with the wooden grip installed. All grip options available through Hoyt are very comfortable and force the shooters hand into a repeatable hand placement All grips are interchangeable by removing two Allen screws for those wanting to change to a different style. In terms of thickness, the Pro-fit grip is about in the middle between thick and thin making it comfortable for shooters to adjust to regardless of what their preference is. The grips also feature a few different designs and colors to match shooters preferences as well.


Hoyt takes advantage of a few major technologies including 5LL (five layer limbs), ARC limbs, and Pro-lock limb pockets Hoyt has designed a very long lasting, high performing limb design sure to withstand all the shooting a person can put on them. The spilt parallel limbs take very little stress, which allows them to perform well over and over again without putting stress where solid limb bows get the most stress. The five-layer technology also allows the limbs to be shaped a little different adding strength where it is needed. With 50-pounds of adjustment, the Spyder 30 is available in draw weights of 30-80 pounds with maximum weights in 10-pound increments. The draw weight range is one of the largest available, and is sure to match the poundage any shooter prefers.

Eccentric System

The RKT cam is the powering force behind the 2013 Spyder 30. The cam and a half system produces advertised speeds of 330 feet per second as well without having to fine tune the rigs to achieve the velocity advertised. The cams are designed to work together every time making them easy to tune, and stay in tune without having to constantly tweak the string. The RKT cam is also designed to pull the hardest where your body is most comfortable doing so.

Draw lengths are available for the Spyder 30 from 24.5 to 30-inches in half-inch increments. The RKT cam is slightly adjustable, but there are three cam options that with module adjustments within that specific range. The number 1-cam is adjustable between 24.5-26 inches. The number 2-cam allows for modules between 26-28 inches. The number 3-cams is for draw lengths between 28-30 inches.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The RKT cams do not feel much different on the short axel-to-axel bow. However, some shooters experience slight differences in feel depending on which cam they decide to go with. Those shooting other Hoyt models with the RKT cam will not feel a major difference in the feel of the draw force curve because of the shorter bow design. The draw is smooth without any noticeable humps to get over. The Ergo draw was designed to work with the shooters body putting the bulk of the weight where shooters are able to handle it the best. This is a nice feature, and seems to work well with a smooth draw from the start to finish. The back wall is solid, but the valley is a little short feeling. Many shooters prefer a short valley because it enforces proper form, but it may take some getting used to. For a short axel-to-axel bow, it does hold well on target. Shooters toward the upper end of the draw length range may want something a little longer due to the sting angle though. After the shot, there is some vibration without any accessories. With added accessories, the vibration is dampened, but still noticeable. This will probably not be a deal breaker for anyone, but it is noticeable after the shot. The noise is very minimal after the shot though. Overall, the bow is easy to shoot and feels nice.

Silencing Package

Hoyt comes equipped with brand new Air Shox limb dampeners, unlike anything else being offered from the factory. This system is not fixed to the limbs in any way. When the bow is at rest, the dampeners rest on the limbs. As the bow is drawn, the limbs separate themselves from the dampener. This means the limbs are free to react how they would without dampeners, but shooters get the vibration and noise cancellation they would get from another system, without the added stress to the limbs. The Air Shox system is pretty slick, and still a little too new for any kind of issues to be seen because of their design. There are also removable with a Allen screw if shooters would rather use another dampening system instead. The concept is a neat one, and it does seem to work as designed to eliminate residual noise and vibration.

Usage Scenarios

The Spyder 30 is the most compact bow Hoyt has ever developed, and it was done so with hunters in mind. Some shooters will be fine using it for 3D shoots on the weekends and accuracy will not be an issue. However, serious target shooters will have better options available to them. With 50 pounds of draw weight adjustability, and tons of finish options to choose from, the Spyder is sure to meet a lot of shooters needs.


Hoyt has always produced great shooting bows, and the Sypder is no exception to that. Hunting bows are getting shorter and shorter to meet the demands of a lot of hunters, and this bow does just that. With a lightweight frame of 3.8 pounds, tons of adjustability, and easily tuned, the Spyder is a great option for shooters not on a budget. The smooth drawing RKT cams are also able to hit advertised speeds without being super tuned as well. Although the handshock produced after shooting this bow is not a deal breaker, shooters interested in a short axel to axel hunting bow have lots of options available to them and should give them all a shot before making a final decision.
Hoyt Spyder 30 Review5.052

User Reviews

  • 2 reviews
  • ( out of 2 reviews for all versions)
  1. Smooth, Solid back, great speed in a small bow.

    Version: 2013 Hoyt Spyder 30


    Pros: The bow has a smooth draw cycle, and solid back. It took me 15 minutes of sighting the bow in before I was slapping arrows together.

    Cons: Might have a small vibration that is barely noticeable.

    Full review:
    Ibo speed is 330 but shoots around 295-300 which is great for a realistic speed. Smoothest draw cycle for 2013 bows. Easy to hold at full draw for long periods even at 70 lbs. I like the compact size, great for blinds and tree stands. Perhaps the best part of the bow is that it is short and so very accurate with a 29" draw.

  2. Great bow for a short bow.

    Version: 2014 Hoyt Spyder 30


    Pros: Great shooting like all Hoyt bows.

    Cons: I discovered that trying to anchor a short bow properly is a huge issue. I am going back to a 34-35 ATA bow.

    Full review:
    I am shooting a 50-60 lbs set to 55 lbs. Draw length is 27.5 and am shooting 3-18 ACC arrows using a Carter Fits Me Too release. The bow shoots best when balanced out with a front and side stabilizer. Short and light makes for a little tweeky of a setup but for close quarters it’s fine.

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