Hoyt Spyder 34 Review

Hoyt Spyder 34

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  • 6.75-inch forgiving brace height
  • 30-80 pound draw weight
  • A great option for longer draw shooters who like the Spyder platform
  • Balances very well


  • May be too much like last year's Vector 35 for shooters to upgrade to the Spyder
  • Module and cam specific draw lengths can be tricky to figure out if buying used


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Editors' review

The Spyder 34 is a little shorter axel-to-axel measurement than Hoyt's standard of a 35-inch bow. With that being said, the forgiving 6.75-inch brace height, attainable speed of 340 feet per second, and the smooth drawing RKT cam and a half system, the Hoyt Spyder 34 is a wonderful option for shooters who like the Spyder platform but demand a longer axel-to-axel bow. Designed with hunting in mind, the Spyder 34 will produce more than enough speed, accuracy, and kinetic energy to take down big game animals all in a compact design.


Hoyt finish options leave the riser and limbs coated with a tough feeling finish. It just feels like it will hold up to the normal abuse of being used as a hunting bow. Hoyt's finish not only feels tough, but it performs well also. It looks great on the bow, covers all areas thoroughly, and is completely blemish-free. Hoyt also offers tons of camo and color options sure to meet the needs of any shooter interested in a new Spyder. For camo finishes, Hoyt offers: Realtree Xtra, Realtree Max-1, Realtree Snow, and Realtree Pink. Hoyt also equips the Spyder in a variety of target options as well including: black out, fusion, red fusion, green, orange, cobalt blue, and jet black; with powder coat pearl white, and pink as well. If that is not enough, Hoyt also offers some half and half options with a black out riser and either Realtree Xtra or Realtree Max-1 limbs. The Bone Collector edition bow sports a Realtee Xtra Riser with black limbs and special graphics. There is also a Vicxen model, which offers a Realtree Max-1 Riser, and black limbs with custom graphics. All these options are sure to give everyone a desired finish pattern allowing shooters to have a more customized look.


The TEC LITE riser is designed to be lightweight while providing extra strength where it is needed the most. Around the grip, the Spyder riser is reinforced to further eliminate torque and to add additional strength preventing riser twist. Hoyt also incorporates some other useful technologies on the Sypder riser as well. The silent shelf is incorporated in the riser where drop away rests come in contact with the riser. While most shooters add some type of after market dampening device or moleskin, Hoyt equips their bows from the factory with the silent shelf. The rear mounting string stop system is slightly adjustable and offers a rubber dampener to transfer vibration and to the front mounting stabilizer hole. The front mounting stabilizer hole is offset away from the quiver and sight mounting side to help add more balance. Hoyt also utilizes the Inline Roller Cable Guard, which helps eliminate even more torque at full draw caused from the cables. All of these technologies assist in creating a sturdy riser that eliminates torque and residual vibration leading to improved accuracy and repeatability.


The Pro-Fit custom grip is arguably one of the most comfortable grips available in the archery industry. Hoyt offers several different styles and colors that can come with on an ordered Spyder. From the factory, shooters will have the wooden grip option, which really adds to the look of the bow. The grip fits very well in the shooters hand and is repeatable, which is key to accuracy. Although the Pro-Fit grip is not thin, is does not feel fat either. This makes it an easy transition from any other style grip as well.


Hoyt has featured spilt limb technology for a while, and the Spyder 34 follows the same trend. The parallel split limb technology has proven to be very strong and durable. Using Multilayer lamination, Hoyt limbs are not only strong, but the provide additional strength where the limbs experience the most stress while being drawn. At full draw, the limbs go beyond parallel and looks very extreme. Despite the added stress, the limb design still lives up to Hoyt reliability standards. The Spyder limbs also offer a wider than normal range of draw weight ranging from 30-80 pounds. Limbs still follow the industry standard of 10-pound increments available in maximum draw weights of 40, 50, 60, 70, and 80 pounds.

Eccentric System

The RKT cam and a half system produces the energy and speeds up to 330 feet per second. Shooters will also be relieved that this velocity is attainable out of the box without needing to be super tuned. The RKT cam system was used on last year's Hoyt models as well. Engineers designed the RKT cams with efficiency and Ergonomics in mind. This means, the draw is harder where the shooters body is better equipped to draw more weight. This feature is noticeable in the draw cycle and may account for the reason why shooters enjoy the draw as much as they do.Draw lengths are available for the Spyder 34 from 25.5 to 31-inches in half-inch increments on the Spyder 34 and 31.5-32-inches on the long draw model. RKT cams use modules for slight adjustments, but new cams may be needed for some adjustments. The RKT cam is available in three options plus the long draw option. The number 1-cam features draw length adjustability from 25.5-27 inches. The number 2-cam features draw lengths between 27-29 inches, which can be changed using the modules. The number 3-cams features draw length 29-31 inches. The long draw Spyder cam is available in draw lengths of 31.5 or 32-inches.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The RKT cams feature Ergo Draw, which is designed for shooters to pull the most weight where the body is best equipped to do so. This makes to draw smooth from start to finish, and very comfortable. The cam and a half system also works together to cancel out vibration and to stay in sync with each other without tedious tuning. The transitions are smooth, although somewhat noticeable. The back wall is solid and feels great while pulling in to it and holding on target. The valley is a little on the short side though. There is not much creep in the draw, but this forces shooters to use better mechanics. After spending some time with the bow, the short valley is not noticeable, but may be a bit different for some shooters used to a longer valley. The bow balances very well for a 34-inch rig, and the 4.0-pound weight does not feel heavy at full draw. There is minimal vibration after the shot bare bow, which is cancelled using a front mounting stabilizer and adding a sight. The noise after the shot is hardly noticeable. Overall, the smooth draw and silent release is a great feel and the Sypder's balance is easy to get used to.

Silencing Package

The new Air Shox dampening system is brand new this year, and different from any other dampening device offered. At rest, the dampeners are in contact with the limbs. While the bow is drawn, the limbs separate from the dampeners allowing the limbs to move freely without added stress. After the shot, the limbs move back contacting the dampener and removing vibration and noise caused from releasing the arrow. Although the system works well, shooters are able to remove the system with an Allen wrench to use a different limb dampener if they choose.

Usage Scenarios

This bow is designed to be a hunting rig. It is compact, provides decent speed, and has a nice draw cycle that is rather comfortable. With that being said, the Spyder 34 does have some nice specs for 3D or target shooting. Along with the target color options, the Sypder 34 makes a wonderful multipurpose bow. Serious target shooters or tournament archers may have better options, but those wanting a bow that does it all should give a serious look at the Spyder 34.


Hoyt compacted their popular 35-inch model to 34-inches. Although this may not seem like a large difference, the demand for a shorter bow has been addressed. Those who have adjusted to the shorter valley love the smooth drawing RKT cams. With tons of adjustability and color options available, the Spyder 34 makes a wonderful multipurpose bow designed for hunting but capable of performing well on the range. Shooters in the market for a bow that is versatile should give the Spyder 34 a shot.

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Comfortable and extremely accurate.

Version: 2013 Hoyt Spyder 34


Pros: Easier, smoother draw cycle, good back wall, easy to hold at full draw, very quiet.

Cons: There's really nothing I can say negative about this bow. It's the best shooting n most accurate Hoyt I've owned.

Full review:

This bow was fairly easy to tune and sight in. I installed a trophy ridge "react" sight, vapor trail limb driver pro rest, and axion 8" stabilizer. Great accessories for the money. My bow is set at 60# draw weight and 28" length. This is a lefty bow. I've owned 2 previous Hoyt bows, a pro hawk, and a rampage. Both were good bows but not near as smooth as the spyder 34. I'm relatively new to target shooting and this bow seems to perform flawlessly. I'm extremely happy with my purchase and will own this one for a ling time.


Version: 2013 Hoyt Spyder 34


Pros: Rock solid backwall ,fast and accurate

Cons: Somewhat heavy after putting everything on it

Full review:

Bought new in 2013 had been away from archery since the mid 90's. Wow how bows have changed.I have 30"draw set at 68# 430 grain arrow 286 feet per second.I did shoot other brans at archery shop but just loved the draw the brake over and rock solid bakwall. I want a new carbon hoyt but can't justify paying for a little bit better bow than this one. I shoot a lot of 3D just for fun and score around 280's

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