Hoyt Spyder Turbo Review

Hoyt Spyder Turbo

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  • Great mix of speed and balance
  • Smooth drawing RKT cams with 5.5 inches of adjustability
  • Forgiving 34-inch axel to axel measurement


  • Not a huge change from the Vector Turbo
  • Module cam system is still somewhat draw specific.
  • Not the cheapest priced bow


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Editors' review

The Spyder Turbo takes what shooters love about the 34-inch Spyder and adds even more speed. The shortened brace height when compared to the Spyder 34 is well worth it for many shooters offering a speed up to 340 feet per second. The Turbo is well balanced and holds great on target. Shooters interested in a new hunting bow that goes against the trend of short axel to axel rigs should give the turbo a test shot.


Hoyt bows always look great and are finished very well. The bow is free from flaws or blemishes, and there are tons of color options available to match each shooters personal style. Those wanting a camo pattern for their hunting bow have the option of Realtree Xtra, Realtree Max-1, Realtree Snow, and Realtree Pink. These patterns are available in a half and half combination as well for those wanting a mixture of black and camo. Aside from camo options, Hoyt has several target colors they offer on the Turbo as well. Target colors include, fusion, red fusion, green, orange, cobalt blue, and jet-black. Hoyt also offers the Bone collector and Vixcen patterns as well. With all these finish choices; shooters of all styles and personal preferences will have a choice that truly matches their needs.


The Hoyt riser featured on the Spyder Turbo incorporates several really great technologies to make the best shooting experience possible. The TEC Lite riser has designed riser cutouts placed to maintain strength while cutting down on the overall mass of the bow. It also adds strength where it is needed to most for improved stability and minimal riser flex leading to improved accuracy. The Inline Roller Cable Guard places the rollers inline with each other to reduce torque caused while drawing the bow. Not only is this easier on the strings, but it also helps with tuning the bow and arrow flight. The Perfect Balance Stabilization System offsets the front mounting stabilizer with the other accessories to not only balance the weight out front as well as the weight left to right. This is a great concept and works very well. Another neat addition to the riser of the Spyder Turbo is the Silent Shelf. Hoyt realizes many shooters add a dampening material to the riser shelf, and they add the rubber from the factory. This is a really great addition that helps reduce noise and vibration from drop away rests contacting the shelf.


Hoyt grips have a wonderful feel and places the shooters hand in a repeatable position. The Pro-fit Custom grip comes in a few different styles to give shooters an even more tailored feel. Hoyt is shipping the Turbo with the wooden grip, but the rubber 180 grip is also available for those that want it instead. The grip is a wonderful size that fits very comfortably in the shooters hand. The wooden 180 grips have a variety of color options available to match the look of each rig, while the rubber ones have different emblems available as well. Overall, this grip is great and allows the shooter to be comfortable every time the bow is drawn.


Hoyt bows are equipped with split limb technology. The multilayer laminate limbs offer superior strength and reliability. Hoyt offers a wide range of draw weight options as well. Hoyt follows the industry standard 10-pound increments with maximum weight of 40, 50, 60, 70, and 80-pounds. The XTS Pro ARC limbs are extremely aggressive looking while at full draw and need to be highly reliable to be shot in the condition they perform in. Hoyt made sure to design the limbs with superior strength adding support where it is needed the most.

Eccentric System

The Cam and a half RKT cam powers the Spyder Turbo to achievable IBO speeds up to 340 feet per second. The cams work completely in sync with each other to make tuning an easier process while producing power and speed. The ergo draw design puts the bulk of the weight where the body is best equipped to handle it. Where the body is less capable of heavy draw weight, the draw force curve is more forgiving.The Spyder Turbo offers draw lengths from 24.5 to 30-inches in half-inch increments. The RKT cams are module specific, but the whole range is divided into three cams with modules for the draw lengths. The number 3 cam includes modules for 28-30 inches. The number 2 cam has a draw length from 26-28 inches with modules in half-inch increments. The number 1 cam offers draw lengths of 24.5-26 inches.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The RKT cams ergo draw has a wonderful feel and shoots great. The transitions are hardly noticeable and despite the 340 feet per second, there is no noticeable hump in the draw at all. The back wall feels solid and the bow holds steady on the target. The grip is great, and it fits very well in the shooters hand making it simple to repeat every time the bow is picked up. The valley does feel a little short, and will take some getting used to, especially if shooters are coming form a bow with a larger valley. After some practice, this is no longer noticeable, but there may be a slight adjustment period to get used to. After the shot, the bow has minimal hand shock and is relatively quiet. Shooters are sure to love the feel of the bow and how it feels. The 34-inch axel-to-axel measurement is somewhat uncharacteristic of Hoyt, being an inch shorter than their standard offerings, but it offers everything their typical 35-inch option does. Overall, the Hoyt Spyder Turbo is built on a wonderful platform with tons of useful technologies with increased speed. Those shooters demanding performance and speed will be drawn to the Turbo.

Silencing Package

Hoyt is utilizing a new dampening system called the Air Shox system. This dampener sits on the split limbs at rest, but as the bow is drawn and the limbs move toward each other, the dampener remains stationary. After the arrow is released, the limbs return to contact the dampening system. Although this is a new design, it does seem to work very well. The air shox system is color customizable to match the different pro fit handgrips as well. Shooters not comfortable using this system have the option to remove the Air Shox system and add their own dampener if they wish.

Usage Scenarios

The Spyder platform is designed as a hunting bow. Serious target archers may have better options available to them. With that being said, Hoyt offers this bow in target colors for those wanting a multi purpose rig. The specs of the Turbo seem to be a cross between a target bow and a hunting rig. The great news is those interested in a hunting bow that will do equally well on the range have it available.


Despite being designed as a hunting bow, the Spyder Turbo makes a great multipurpose rig for those wanting a bow that can handle all shooting situations. With an overall weight of 4 pounds and an axel-to-axel measurement of 34-inches, the Turbo is easy to pack in on long walks to the stand. Powered by the smooth drawing RKT cams and achievable speeds of 340 feet per second, the Turbo shoots like a dream and has plenty of technologies to back up its design. Shooters already owning the Vector Turbo from last year may not have much need for an upgrade, but those in the market for a new bow capable of being used in a variety of situations should give the Turbo a shot.

User Reviews

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You won't be disappointed with the Spyder Turbo. Well worth the money.

Version: 2013 Hoyt Spyder Turbo


Pros: Smooth draw cycle. Solid back wall,very accurate, extremely quiet and a very well balanced bow with and without accessories.

Cons: None yet

Full review:

My initial setup is 55 lb draw weight with a 29" Beman ics carbon arow with a 100 gr. head and am shooting 276fps, which is 20 feet faster than my ultra-tec set at 62 lbs. This bow inspires confidence. Its fast, accurate and easy to shoot.I narrowed my choices down to mathews and Hoyt. Hands down I prefered the turbo's size, balance, weight, draw cycle and shootability. There is considerable less time adjusting to shooting this bow. I don't think you'll be disappointed with this rig.

Good solid bow, that increased my confidence and 3D score.

Version: 2013 Hoyt Spyder Turbo


Pros: Good looking, forgiving, fast shooting bow. I was able to accessorize it, and make it a one of a kind bow. The snow camo blends well in the mountains here in Idaho. Balance is good weight is sufficient for stability.

Cons: Good back wall, but not quite solid. I did not like the fat wooden grip, so took it off and wrapped handle with tennis racquet tape. Noisier than I like.

Full review:

I have my bow set up at 62# shooting several different arrows. My 26 3/4" Gold Tip pro hunters at 382 gr are flying 293 fps. I don't know how fast my Gold Tip Kinetics, also 26 3/4" 428 gr. are traveling though. I got complete pass through on my elk this year even though he took off into a dead run just as I released my arrow from 38.5 yards. (Thank the good Lord, I took out both femoral arteries, he did not go far) This bow is a steady shooter, with great speed. The back wall is some what soft, but still solid enough for me. I enjoy the extra length, and it helps me enjoy shooting targets out past 120 yards. I spent 3.5 months shooting every bow I could get my hands on in Boise, and this took 1st for me over the Mathews Creed, Chill, and Bowtech Insanity CPX. This bow almost shoots itself. The Draw cycle is smooth, and at the shot it is steady in the hand with no felt vibration. The noise level is more than I like, but the speed makes up for it.


Version: 2013 Hoyt Spyder Turbo


Pros: Love this bow!! Smooth drawing good speed. I don't have the longest draw length in the world but this bow with my 28.5 inch it shoots my 387 grain gold tips at a smokin 307 fps. Its smooth drawing quiet and fast what more do you want in a bow.

Cons: None

Full review:

I like this bow cause its fast sm ooth draw and quiet. I can shoot basically one pin from 0-30 yrds with it. I have the 65 pound limbs. I lime the fact that I don't have to shoot 80 pounds anymore to get decent speed. I just plain out love this bow and I plan on keeping it for many yrs to come.

Hoyt can't be beat after years of shooting Matthews I've become a Hoyt Lover !

Version: 2013 Hoyt Spyder Turbo


Pros: Very solid back wall, smooth draw , great balance and feel in your hand, great design simple but complex at the same time and built for performance

Cons: Just a little noisy but maybe I'm just being picky since I have 3 other Hoyt bows in my arsenal

Full review:

The Hoyt Spyder Turbo is an awesome hunting or target bow which I use it for both which is why I like it sooo much. The pros of the bow is the power it has to reach those speeds you need when you are trying to tag that buck from 60yds which was a pass through, I was using carbon express maxima 350 reds, with rage 100g hypodermic 2 inch cut broad heads with a sword 5pin sight and 6inch Bee Stinger stabilizer. The bow has a very smooth draw and solid back wall to hold your shot for when it counts. Feels really good in your hand although I did purchase the rubber grip and took off the wooden grip just a little to wide for my hands. I'm for performance not that type of hunter with a pretty bow all deck out in the woods lol. Very easy to maneuver in a tree stand over all I really don't have much negativity about the bow other then it being a little loud but it could just be me being picky still a quiet bow though. It hasn't spook any other deer in the area when I shoot it they come right back by my tree so it must be me. I would recommend this bow and if your wondering why I'm only posting this now in 2017 its because this is the first time I used it since buying it in 2013 and using it all Archery season in 2016. Happy hunting everyone !

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