Hoyt TurboHawk Review

Hoyt TurboHawk

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Hoyt TurboHawk Review4.9515 out of 15 user reviews


  • Very good shooting and popular bow
  • Smooth drawing and very quiet bow with minimal vibration
  • Very lightweight yet durable
  • Modular-adjustable eccentric system
  • No bow press is required for adjusting draw length
  • Great value for money


  • Some archers don't like the stock grip (can be replaced with side plates or wood grip)
  • No hole for rear mount suppressor

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Editors' review

Admittedly, the TurboHawk is one of the best "value for money" bows in 2010. Equipped with the same technologies as the ever popular Alphamax 32, the new TurboHawk is much more affordable. With a very efficient set of technologies and attractive price tag, this bow has become a very popular choice among savvy shooters.


The TurboHawk is equipped with a magnesium riser that is first cast and then machined into shape (as opposed to being fully machined from aluminum). While this manufacturing process is cheaper compared to technologies used for manufacturing top end bows, the result is almost exactly the same. Many archers claim that this platform is very efficient and doesn't feel much different (compared to more advanced risers) in real hunting situations. The TEC riser has a strong structure, looks pretty good, and helps to deliver great shootability characteristics. It is designed to be stiff and strong to deliver better performance and to absorb shock and eliminate unwanted vibration.


The TurboHawk comes with the 180 Pro-Fit grip made of a rubber material. While some archers like this grip and say it functions pretty well, others are not very happy about it. This is, of course, a matter of personal preference. The good thing is, if you don't like the factory grip you can always replace it with side plates or the wood grip.


The new XTS 500 limbs are exactly the same as on the Alphamax 32 and are very lightweight and durable. Made of a five layer laminated material, they are designed to be lightweight to further reduce the bow mass weight. Being very lightweight, the new XTS 500 limbs are extremely durable - Hoyt engineers used proven technologies while designing them. In addition, a number of tests were conducted by the Hoyt design team to prove that the limbs can survive a minimum of 1000 dry fires.

Eccentric system

Being almost identical to the Alphamax 32, the new TurboHawk comes with the same XTR Cam & 1/2 performance system. This modular adjustable cam system comes with the two different cams: XR2 cam and XR3 cam. While the former covers draw lengths from 26 to 28 inches, the latter is used for longer draws from 28 to 30 inches. Botch cams can be adjusted in 1/2 increments via a set of interchangeable modules without using a bow press. Also, this cam system comes with an adjustable draw stop helping to choose the valley you prefer. The let-off on this cam is 75%.

Draw cycle / Shootability

When it comes to shootability, many experts agree the TurboHawk is as good as the more expensive Alphamax 32 due to the same technologies used on both bows. With a smooth draw cycle and little vibration, the TurboHawk is reported to be a great shooting bow by many archers. They say this rig also has a very solid back wall and is easy to hold at full draw. Although a bare TurboHawk has some vibration (there is no absolutely quiet bow anyway), installing a good stabilizer makes it very quiet on the release and further improves shootability. Overall, archers are very impressed with how this rig shoots especially taking into account its lower price.

Very popular bow

While analyzing feedback about this bow, we were overwhelmed with how popular this rig is due to its great shootability characteristics and lower price. A lot of shooters say this bow is one of the best rigs for the money on the market: while it's almost as great as some high-end Hoyt bows, it is also much more affordable. Hundreds of topics on different forums have been created about this bow with a lot of extremely positive feedback on this rig. This is due to the fact the TurboHawk is a great shooting bow at a very affordable price.

Great value for money

Admittedly, the Hoyt TurboHawk is a great bow for the money. Engineered with the same technologies and shooting as well as the legendary Hoyt Alphamax 32, the TurboHawk is less expensive. As a result, this bow became very popular among those archers who are after the best value for money. Almost every single archer who shot both bows agrees that the former is nearly identical to the latter in terms of shootability but is more affordable. So, if you want to save money and get a very good shooting bow that shoots and performs as well as more expensive rigs, the TurboHawk could be a very good choice for you.
Bow Hoyt TurboHawk Hoyt Alphamax 32
Version 2010 2010 (XTR Cam)
Picture Hoyt TurboHawk Hoyt Alphamax 32
Brace Height 7.25 " 7 "
AtA Length 32 " 32 "
Draw Length 26 " - 30 " 26 " - 30 "
Draw Weight 40 lbs - 70 lbs 40 lbs - 80 lbs
IBO Speed 320 fps 321 fps
Weight 3.75 lbs 3.9 lbs
Let-Off 75% 75%
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To conclude, the Hoyt TurboHawk is a very popular and great shooting bow at a very affordable price. With nearly identical technologies and specs, the TurboHawk is almost as good as the ever popular Alphamax 32 and yet it's cheaper. Equipped with high quality components, this is a very lightweight, durable, and high performing bow capable of generating decent IBO speeds. With a modular adjustable eccentric system, the draw length can be easily tuned without using a bow press. This bow would be a great choice for those hunters who are after great value for money: while it's not a high-end rig, its shootability and performance come very close to some higher priced bows.
Hoyt TurboHawk Review4.9515

User Reviews

  • 15 reviews
  • ( out of 15 reviews for all versions)
  1. Great Bow for the money

    Version: 2010 Hoyt TurboHawk


    Pros: I love the way this bow shoots. Very quiet, flat shooting, and low vibration. Price is reasonable too.

    Cons: I don’t care for the grip too much, it gets a little "gummy" in hot weather. And I wish it had a hole for the rear mount stabilizer.

    Full review:
    Feels great in my hand, shoots really flat and fast (IBO 320 fps). I’m shooting 30" draw and 61 lbs with my arrows I’m shooting about 290 fps. The price is very reasonable also. It’s not the cheapest bow on the market but it’ll last you a life time so you will get more than your money’s worth out of it.

  2. Great bow,

    Version: 2010 Hoyt TurboHawk


    Pros: Solid wall,no kick,no vibration, very forgiving, very silent.

    Cons: Really this is Pros. the hardener they use in steel, and aluminum is magnesium. People don’t realize aluminum is a cast then machined. Just the same as magnesium.

    Full review:
    28"draw 60LBS,369 grain 2"blazers,fuse quiver,fuse string stop,sims cable dampener,4 pin apex,4"1/2"stabilizer,WB rest, shooting 290-293. Sept.25,2011 bow season I’ll be using 100 grain NAP Thunder Heads. I wish everyone a get harvest, and good luck.Safe Hunting, and God Bless

  3. Probably the smoothest fastest most forgiving bow on the market for the price.

    Version: 2010 Hoyt TurboHawk


    Pros: The smoothness and stability is amazing. Its also super quiet

    Cons: Nothing to dislike

    Full review:
    Whisker biscuit, try global five pin micro adjustable sights, not sure what brand stabilizer I put on it, 29 inch draw length at 60lbs draw wt shooting beman 400 grain w 3u inch fletchings and 100u grain field tips im pushing close to 290 fps and yes it was chronoed at the bow range an amazing piece of equipment

  4. Absolutely love this bow.

    Version: 2010 Hoyt TurboHawk


    Pros: Light weight, easy to shoot and reliable repeatable performance.

    Cons: It’s not fitted for a string silencer. Although this bow is already much quieter than many bows I’ve shot that have them.

    Full review:
    Im very satisfied with the purchase of this bow. My groups are consistent, the bow feels great and looks good and it’s just a pleasure to shoot. Hoyt Turbo Hawk, whisker buisquet, bone collector stabilizer, tru glow sight and quiver, fuse release,bow hunter arrows.

  5. This is my backup bow and I find I take it on hunts as much as my primary bow

    Version: 2010 Hoyt TurboHawk


    Pros: You get what you pay for and this bow far exceeds that. This bow performs as well as the high end bows.

    Cons: Nothing negative to comment on

  6. Wonder little bow

    Version: 2010 Hoyt TurboHawk


    Pros: The weight, the price, the look, and the accuracy.

    Cons: Maybe a standard wooden grip would have been nice, but as everything it’s up to personal taste.

    Full review:
    Makes for a very good shoot, easy to set up, light and durable. Makes for great hunting. The size makes it easy to use for a tree stand. For the money it just doesn’t get better than the turbo hawk. Well done Hoyt! I was very impressed.

  7. Best Bow for the money! Very light weight and accurate as well. Shoots sooper smoth.

    Version: 2010 Hoyt TurboHawk


    Pros: Light weight , Flat shooting, fast with the right set up

    Cons: NONE

    Full review:
    I have my bow set at 63 pounds with 100 grain tips and i’m shooting 283fps, not bad if you ask me. i’m pushing the 300’s when it’s cranked up to 70 and little to no vibration also.. My pins have a perfect 1/16′ spread from 20-80 yards. i’ve shot out to 100 yards by using my pins as my gauge and it’s still dead on at that distance.. OVERALL EXCELLENT BOW!!

  8. Smooth, light, fast, adjustable, reliable, affordable, Hoyt!

    Version: 2010 Hoyt TurboHawk


    Pros: Bought this for my 13 year old for him to grow. We set at 48# and 27" draw with no loop at the time. He is now 15 and we just set the draw to 28.5"cam change, no press, added a loop and went to 60#.

    Cons: Nothing.

    Full review:
    It will go to 64#(we checked), and 29", so he can continue to grow with it. A
    s I age am looking to downgrade from 29", 70#, so when he outgrows it will work for me.
    Great design and value!
    As with my other Hoyt products, will use for many years to come.
    All specs are real; weight, speeds, adjustability.
    Whitetail, elk, mulie, moose, pronghorn.

  9. good bow for the money

    Version: 2010 Hoyt TurboHawk


    Pros: lightweight

    Cons: didnot like the valley at all. I was told by a bow shop the valley was not adjustable?

    Full review:
    I like the length and weight. I do not like the valley. I like the appearance.I do not like the magnesium riser. I like the price. I shoot 29" draw at 70lbs. wiskerbuisket, trueglow Halograghic sight. I have shot deer and 3-d targets with this set up. If I could get a better feel in the vally I would consider keeping the bow.

  10. Great bow for the average hunter/shooter

    Version: 2010 Hoyt TurboHawk


    Pros: Durability, smooth draw, just an awesome bow for the price

    Cons: Doesn’t take much heat/moisture to make the grip ” gummy” but nothing that can’t be fixed easily

    Full review:
    This bow is great for the average hunter like me. I get about 10-15 sits a year and shoot throughout the off season and this bow fits the bill perfectly. It gets you up near the high end bows but stays at a reasonable price for the quality you are receiving. This bow will be with me in the stand for years to come!

  11. Hoyt for life

    Version: 2010 Hoyt TurboHawk


    Pros: This is a fast smooth, quiet bow that is very consistent. Little vibration.

    Cons: Rear stabilizer hole.

    Full review:
    This is my 5th Hoyt, with each one I wonder how they can get better and yet everyone is. The turbohawk is under priced for the amount of bow you get. The speed is great, and the bow is smooth. The valley is adjustable. Even though there isn’t a rear mount for a string stop, there are enough after market side or front mounting stoppers that work great and look pretty good to. I bought this bow on closeout after testing out the PSE Brute X, Bear Assult and Mauler. The Hoyt gave me more consistent and tighter groups at 35, 40, and 50 yards.
    I now have it set up with a string stopper, Extreme Raptor sight, G5 headloc 6 quiver, Nap Apache drop away rest, g5 3/16" peep sight, 5" Nap Apache stabilizer. I also tried out the Hoyt Rampage XT, both bows next to each other I couldn’t tell the difference other then the Ramapage was $200.00 more and had a rear string stopper. Both are great bows and I wouldn’t pass up either one. The Rampage XT was being sold for $600.00 and compaired to others bows in it’s price range, it was far better. Then again it is a Hoyt.

  12. Absolutly the best bow for the money that I’ve ever purchased in the 30 years I’ve shot a bow.

    Version: 2010 Hoyt TurboHawk


    Pros: This bow is VERY shootable, quiet and plenty fast. I love the speed, brace height and overall feel of the bow. I did replace the rubber grip with a custom laminated wood handle that really looks nice and feels good in the hand.

    Cons: I have a difficult time finding enought time to shoot it! It’s like a potato chip, the more I shoot it the more I want to shoot it!

    Full review:
    This is just an awesome bow, at any price. I like the barebones basics of this bow. It has the speed of a speed bow with the brace height of a target bow. I’ve got a fall away rest on mine and shoot Easton XX78 2314’s out of it at 68 lbs. IMO, this is the best combo for bow and arrow for deer hunting. The bow is so quiet with those heavy arrows. I can’t say enough about the Turbo Hawk. I’ll have mine for a while.

  13. Greatest bow I have ever had the pleasure of owning!

    Version: 2010 Hoyt TurboHawk


    Pros: Love the ease of draw and the stealth. Extremely accurate.

    Cons: It took some time to figure out how to mount rear stabilizer, but eventually accomplished what apparently wasn’t possible for others, whose reviews noted that it was not possible.

    Full review:
    I love the weight and ability to stay silent with deer at less than 15 yards In my first season, first outing with this bow I landed a clean kill on a nice ease at nearly 63 yards from the ground. I have found that a slightly heavier arrow than would be standard with my setup seems to throw more cleanly and true. I would recommend this bow to everybody and anybody!! I’m still amazed at the price for this weapon! I have since purchased 2 additional identical bows for less than $450 combined off of this Internet second hand. One for my 13 year old friend who mirrors my sentiments in respect to it being the greatest bow he ever owned.
    I hope to bring home at least 2 does this season with my TurboHawk, and given any clear shot opportunity within 70 yards, will undoubtedly do so!!!

  14. Smooth and quiet

    Version: 2010 Hoyt TurboHawk


    Pros: Smooth quiet drawback with a ripcord arrow rest, extremely low vibration

    Cons: Zero

    Full review:
    This bow is sweet, it is so smooth and hard hitting. It has almost no vibration with all the bells and whistles. When I first shot this bow I couldn’t believe I wasn’t shooting a 1000$ bow. If you’re thinking about getting this bow do it, you won’t regret it.

  15. Lightweight, silent even without mounted suppressor, fastest bow for your buck.

    Version: 2010 Hoyt TurboHawk


    Pros: 320 fps, lightweight, $350, and I have been accurate up to 80 yards.

    Cons: "If only’s"…

    Full review:
    I’m a beginner to archery. This was my very first bow and when I purchased it I went to the range immediately. My first thoughts were how intimated I was about archery. But after having it inspected and tuned I went for my first shot. From 10 yards I hit inside the yellow. Great first experience with this bow. I shoot 60 lbs left handed with an arrow of 390 grains. The pro shop tested the speed of my arrows going 280 fps.I have been able to hit the target from 80 yards which is more than enough for any hunter. I highly recommend this bow for anyone looking to get into archery or who want to upgrade their existing one.

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