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Steve Sims founded a company named Sims Vibration Dynamics in 1991, a company that initially had nothing to do with the archery industry. Sims initially focused on dampening and isolating vibration for audio turntables. When CD's hit the market Sims Vibration Dynamics was not poised to handle the changes so they needed to work in a different direction. The company started by moving into the tennis and baseball markets then one night while sitting around a campfire a bunch of the executives were complaining about the vibration on their bows... Soon after, Limbsaver was born. While Limbsaver produces a full line of archery equipment today, they did not produce their first compound bow until 2008. read more

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Deadzone DZ-30 not available now 2009 - 2013 -
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Proton not available now 2010 - 2011
Proton LS3 32 not available now 2016
Speedzone SZ-34 not available now 2009 - 2013

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Eccentric System - While most companies optimize their performance systems for a 29" draw length then loose a little performance for shorter or longer draw lengths, Limbsaver has produced the H.E.A.T. Cam. This cam system allows for peak performance at any draw length to ensure maximum speed transfer to your arrow.

Limb Pockets - Limbsaver bows use an extended limb pocket design. This design does not allow contact between the limb and the riser which reduces vibration. Additionally, the extended pocket allows Limbsaver to optimize brace height while using a straight riser.

Risers - Today most hunting bows are designed with a reflex riser, the straight riser design employed by Limbsaver is said to be much easier to aim and hold on target because of its nature to resist torque. Most shooters will find this bow very easy to shoot accurately because of this feature.

Popularity and Customer Feedback

Limbsaver has only been manufacturing bows for a few years now but customers keep saying the same three things: "Quiet, Accurate, and Easy to Shoot". These bows are not priced as high as some of the big name manufactures but preform like they are. They are definitely worth taking a few shots with when you are looking at new bows.

Limbsaver Product Range

Limbsaver does not have the largest product range in the bow market but keep in mind they are just getting into this market. They offer the Proton, Dead Zone, and Speed Zone. The Dead Zone is available in three axle to axle lengths to suite the archer's preference. Each model is designed with high quality standards and the latest technology. In addition, all are great hunting bows and could also be used for 3D.


While Limbsaver has only been producing bows for the last few years, the company has a proven record, in the world of archery accessories, as a quality manufacturer. The new H.E.A.T. Cam System is earning itself a reputation as one of the smoothest and most efficient out there. Also, their bows are also incredibly easy to shoot accurately, thanks to the employment of a straight riser. Almost every archer has used a Limbsaver product at some point, you may have not even known it; so try out their line of bows, they are likely to impress you.