Limbsaver Proton LS3 32 Review

Limbsaver Proton LS3 32

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  • Exceptionally low amount of vibration
  • Reasonably priced bow package at $1000
  • Redesigned grip
  • Unique draw weight adjustment


  • Modules required to change draw length
  • Slightly heavier compound at 4.2lbs

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Limbsaver Co. has been around the block, so to speak, for a long time in the archery equipment manufacturer market. However, not more than ten years ago, a company devoted to taking any and all recoil of out archery and shooting equipment decided to produce a compound bow. Due to having the previous experience necessary, Limbsaver created one of the quietest bow lineups in the market and continue to make innovative compounds; an example of that being the Proton LS3 32. With a forgiving 7" brace height, 8" of draw length adjustment, and a 30 pound weight range, this bow is universal, yet powerful enough for a hunter to shoot a 400gr arrow at an IBO of 332fps. Priced similarly with other company's flagship models, the Proton LS3 32 is one to check out at a local dealer.


The Proton is offered in a wide array of finish patterns to suit many kinds of archers. For bowhunters, camouflage patterns include Realtree APG, Realtree Xtra Green, Realtree Max-1, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity, and Muddy Girl Purple. For those who prefer other colors, this bow is also offered in both a black carbon-finish and flat matte black. Otherwise, all components and anodized pieces are black except for the cable slide and string guides being white Teflon.


Equipped with a lightweight, 15-cutout aluminum riser, Limbsaver does a good job keeping the mass weight of the riser down to balance what is added by both the limbs and cam system. This not only attributes to the overall balance of the bow at rest but reducers shooting arm fatigue for longer shooting sessions. As mentioned before, this setup owns a brace height of 7" and an axle-to-axle measurement of 32", being both forgiving and compact enough for adequate tree stand maneuverability. A straight cable slide rod and string stop are installed as well as standard two piece quiver mounting holes are drilled.


The Proton is equipped with laminated split limbs and a revolutionary Posi-Lock poundage adjustment system to adjust draw weight. With this system, no allen wrench is needed- by turning each wheel one click, the limb will compress (or decompress) approximately two pounds. Similarly, the limbs are available from 50 to 70lbs max in ten pound increments.


Featuring a redesigned slim synthetic grip compared to the previous version's large, blocky wood handle, this bow is easy to hold accurately during the shot sequence. Adequate for both large and small hands, it is natural to find a consistent grip point with this setup.

Eccentric System

Limbsaver went all out this year on their new Sigma Cam, a cam system that was specifically designed to correlate with their Dual track system on the lower end of the compound. With this system, the Proton achieves an IBO speed of 332fps and a draw length of 24-32" (through two cam sizes; adjusted by separate mods). Included features are an optional 75% or 80% letoff and a solid, limb actuated draw stop. Compared to other cam systems, the lower cables are split, transferring forces evenly between both sides of the cam itself- which in turn also relieves many previous issues of cam lean and other possible tuning griefs. Although string wear will be present more so with the addition of two extra cable slides on the string stop rod, the advantages to the dual track system are present.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Proton LS3's Sigma Cam is designed for the bow hunter-featuring a smooth draw from start to finish with no abrupt peaks or falls in the cycle. With the 80% letoff, a very nice valley is created, and once at full draw, it doesn't feel as though you pulled back its entirety of the draw weight. Also being a benefactor, the draw stops create a very solid back wall for no inconsistencies of the anchor point-although some prefer a softer wall depending on the individual's shooting style. Overall, this bow is very pleasing to shoot due to the ease of draw, lack of any such vibration at the shot, and accurate cam system.

Silencing Package

Coming from a company whose name is featured on many other flagship compounds and shooting equipment in general, the silencing package on the Proton is impressive. From separate cable rod and string stop rod silencers to dual SuperQuad split limb silencers, the pieces together create a virtually vibration less shooting machine. In addition, it also features a soft rubber string stop, dual string leeches, and dual cable leeches to reduce string oscillation. Going even further, Limbsaver features an arrow impact riser strip, virtually a line of their NAVCOM rubber on the riser shelf to keep the arrow (when loaded) from making unwanted noise in the woods. No aftermarket dampening equipment is necessary.


Bow Limbsaver Proton LS3 32 PSE Bow Madness 32
Version 2016 2015
Picture Limbsaver Proton LS3 32 PSE Bow Madness 32
Brace Height 7 " 6 "
AtA Length 32 " 32.375 "
Draw Length 25.5 " - 30.5 " 24 " - 30 "
Draw Weight 40 lbs - 70 lbs 40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed 330 fps - 335 fps 332 fps - 340 fps
Weight 4.2 lbs 4.1 lbs
Let-Off 75% 80%
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Compared to another top of the line bow with similar specifications, the PSE Bow Madness 32, the Limbsaver Proton LS3 32 is more comfortable at the shot, likely due to a 1" increase in brace height- however is slower by a small margin. Otherwise, it is .1lbs heavier, .375" less in terms of axle-to-axle, and has a 2" longer draw capability. Statistics aside, the Bow Madness has more of an aggressive draw cycle, with a small hump and deep valley, and paired with a string actuated, softer back wall, attributes to a little more fatigue during a long shooting session. Both compounds are quiet at the shot but the edge goes to the slightly newer Proton. However, you can get a Bow Madness for about half the cost of a Proton, so that is a factor all archers looking for a new setup should consider-both models will proficiently complete the task and shoot both accurately and consistently with proper setup and tuning.

Usage Scenarios

This compound is built for one thing-hunting. With the versatility of the 32" ATA, forgiving brace height, easy to handle draw cycle, and extreme quietness, it has all the features of the ideal hunting setup. Other uses include, but are not limited to 3D archery and target shooting as well due to its unique cam system that keeps cam lean and tuning issues away for ample accuracy and consistency on the range. Although you do have to purchase separate modules for draw length adjustment, no press is required to switch mods out so it is modestly universal, however it is not extremely suitable for a starter bow, as it cannot get short enough or achieve a light enough poundage for younger archers to shoot effectively. Otherwise, this compound would make a great upgrade for those looking for a flagship compound bow setup.


From their bow producing beginnings in 2008 to present, Limbsaver has not only retained its credibility of production vibration reducing materials to benefit the sporting goods industry but produced some great, sometimes overlooked compounds- including this year's Proton LS3 32. It contains some unique features that other companies may start to design off of in the near future, plus the specs are very comparable to other bows in the market of a similar stature. Overall, this bow deserves a definite consideration for those in the market for a new hunting setup; not many compounds contain the features that the Proton does in a $999 bow package.

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