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Limbsaver Proton

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Limbsaver Proton Review5.051 out of 1 user review


  • Competitively priced
  • Very well balanced at full draw
  • Draw length can be adjusted from 25.5-30.5 inches


  • Some shooters may be put off by the design
  • The grip is not the most comfortable

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Editors' review

When it comes to bow hunting and bow hunting accessories, Limbsaver comes to mind for selling great vibration dampening accessories and stabilizers but not for making quality bows. The Proton is a wonderful example of when innovation and performance come together forming a unique looking bow that shoots very well. Despite its somewhat strange design, the Proton is equipped with the highly sought after 32-inch axel-to-axel measurement, a forgiving seven-inch brace height, and IBO speeds reaching 335 feet per second. Along with this, the bow shoots extremely well and is competitively priced.


Limbsaver is finished off with Next Generation G1 Vista Camo. The pattern looks really great and looks great on all areas of the bow. Every area of the bow including the cutouts are flawlessly done and looks to be durable and able to withstand regular use without a problem. Limbsaver bows also have upgrade finish options for those wanting to further customize their rigs. Along with the camo pattern, there are several target colors available as well. The color options are slightly dull in color, but they look great. The colors offered are black, red, purple, blue, green, and pink. Special pricing for the Proton finish options are:1 color with carbon finish overlay, $1502-tone blend with carbon finish overlay, $250Limbsaver also takes special finish requests and quotes each order

Although Limbsaver does offer all these great customization options their website does ask 4-8 weeks for delivery.


With an overall bare bow mass of 3.8 pounds, it is no surprise that the proton riser features lots of unique cutouts. The proton riser is forged 6061 T6 Aluminum, and designed to be stiff and durable while maintaining its balance and remaining lightweight as well. The result is a very unique looks mixed with supreme functionality. The bow utilizes a traditional cable slide system equipped with Limbsaver dampening devices and the rear-mounting string stop system also made of Limbsaver material aides in noise cancellation as well. Directly in line with this string stop system is a mounting hole for those wanting a front mounting stabilizer hole.


Those who have shot a Limbsaver bow in the past may have noticed the grip was not the most comfortable grip and was able to be torqued while at full draw. The Proton has a newly designed hardwood grip to take care of this concern. The new grip has a thin neck design that fits much better in the shooters hand than previous models. Still some shooters note the grip being on the bulky side. Shooting this grip design will all but eliminate torque issues and allow shooters to have a more repeatable grip helping with accuracy especially over longer distances.


The Proton is equipped with laminated split limbs, which Limbsaver feels offers more longevity based on where the limbs receive the most tension when reaching full draw. Instead of the majority of the pressure being at the end of the limbs, the laminated limbs allow the stress to be placed more evenly throughout the bow. The posi-lock limb system, which adds a lot to the look of the Proton bow also serves a major function as well. Instead of the traditional way of adjusting the limb poundage by the limb bolt, Limbsaver uses the posi-lock limb poundage adjustment instead. This changes the fulcrum of the limb ultimately impacting the bows draw weight without influencing other areas of the bows tuning. Using this system, the axel-to-axel measurement, brace height, timing and draw length are not impacted at all like they can be with other bow models. Shooters wanting to change the draw on cold days hunting have the ability to do so without the possibility of ruining the bows timing and therefore its accuracy. This is a unique system not seen by other bow models. Limbs are available in maximum weights of 50, 60, and 70 pounds.

Eccentric System

The Load Leveling H.E.A.T. cam is the power behind the Proton. These cams help power the proton to an acceptable IBO speeds up to 335 feet per second. The H.E.A.T cams also work together to help eliminate all cam lean making the bow easier to tune and more accurate to shoot. The modular cam system is also adjustable from 25.5-30.5 inches with an 80% letoff.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Limbsaver bow is covered with Limbsaver dampening products on the limbs, strings, cable slide, and string stop system making the bow extremely quiet and therefore shock free as well. The draw of the H.E.A.T. cam is really great with the majority of the weight coming on early in the draw cycle. The back wall is fairly solid and with the assistance of 80% letoff, allows shooters to hold on target fairly well. After the arrow is released, there is a little noise, but it is not terrible and can be silenced a little more using a front mounting string stop system. Overall, the bow feels balanced and is easy to get used to.

Silencing Package

Being the Proton is produced by one of the highest renowned bow dampening manufactures in the industry, shooters can expect this bow to be decked out with everything they need for a quiet shot. Along with this, Limbsaver offers dampeners to match the finish options as well making the bow look really sharp in person. The cables and strings have noise dampeners, which work very well at eliminating string vibration. Although they will cut down on speed just a little bit, many feel they are worth the addition. The cable slide also comes from the factory with an installed dampener as well as the rear mounted string stop system. The split limbs are also fitted with vibration dampeners also.

Usage Scenarios

The Limbsaver Proton is a hunter's bow. Although the Proton will do well on the range, serious tournament shooters have plenty of options to meet their specific needs. With hunting in mind, the 32-inch axel-to-axel measurement is becoming an industry goal. Combined with a 7-inch brace height, fast speeds, and a lightweight frame, the Proton proves itself worthy of withstanding any hunting situation thrown at it.


The Limbsaver site notes, "You have to shoot it to believe it," which is very true when it comes to the feel and shootablilty of the Proton. Weighing in at under 4 pounds bare bow, and equipped with every major dampening device made by Limbsaver, the Proton is a hunting machine. Those interested in target colors will also love the variety and customization options the Proton has to offer as well. Although some shooters have not loved the grip, the Proton is worth a practice shot for someone in the market for a forgiving hunting bow capable of 335 feet per second.
Limbsaver Proton Review5.051

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  1. the quietest bow i ever shot.I’ve been shooting bows since 1964.very easy to tune and forgiving.

    Version: 2011 Limbsaver Proton (large cam)


    Pros: looks different. doesn’t follow the trend and has new innovations.

    Cons: don’t have any

    Full review:
    overall its a good solid hunting bow. i thought the grip could be a little fatter but thats just my preference, after shooting it for awhile i’ve become used to the grip and find no problem with it. its comfortable.looks are sharp, has no recoil or vibration shooting arrows in the 6gr per lb range.i havn’t tried anything lighter because i don’t prefer too light of an arrow. to sum it up its a wonderful bow thats fun to shoot.

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