Limbsaver Speedzone SZ-34 Review

Limbsaver Speedzone SZ-34

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Limbsaver Speedzone SZ-34 Review5.051 out of 1 user review


  • Very Smooth draw cycle for a speed bow
  • No bow press required for any adjustments (draw weight or for any tuning)
  • Virtually no hand shock
  • Quiet
  • Fast
  • Accurate


  • Thick wood grip (can be switched with slim side plates)
  • May want to creep slightly at full draw


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Editors' review

The Speedzone is part of Limbsaver's popular Deadzone line-up. What sets this rig apart from the others is, like the name says, its speed. It was designed with raw speed in mind but keeps with Limbsaver tradition in regard to being a quiet and vibration-free bow. This review will look at the features and design Limbsaver put together to create their speed bow.


Fit and Finish on the Speedzone are very high quality. Dipped in Next Generation G1 Camo, this bow looks sharp. Additionally, like all other Limbsaver bows, the finish is tough and will not wear or fade.


Limbsaver is using an almost straight riser for the entire Deadzone line, including the Speedzone. This straight riser has a inherent nature of being more stable and more forgiving while also making it easier to aim and hold on target. Cut-outs in the riser have dual purposes, they remove weight from the riser but also give strength to the 6061 T-6 aluminum riser because of the waffle pattern and modified I-beam structure of each cut-out.

Limbs and Limb Pockets

The most noticeable feature on the Speedzone is the extended limb pockets. These pockets extend beyond the riser allowing the Speedzone to employ the use of longer limbs and still achieve a short brace height with the straight riser design. This combination allows each limb to reach optimal efficiency because it will be bent over a longer arc than most bows. Additionally, the no-contact limb pockets reduce vibration and noise. The Rolling Fulcrum system is also unique to Limbsaver. This system allows for draw weight adjustment and the ability to fully press the bow without the use of a bow press. Thanks to this system archers are now able to make all adjustment, do any tuning, or even change a string in the field by just turning a couple of allen wrenches.


Limbsaver makes two grips for the Speedzone. The first is a wood grip that looks incredible but is slighter thick, however it does have thumb grooves to reduce the chance of torqueing the bow because of the wider grip. Second, they manufacture side plates to give the bow a truly slim grip. Either grip is quite comfortable and easy to install or switch out.

Eccentric System

Limbsaver incorporates a "Hyper-drive Speed Module" into their H.E.A.T. (High Efficiency Active Transfer) Cams. This module is where this rig gets the energy to produce IBO speeds of 350 fps. While most cam systems are set for peak performance at their full draw length and lose a little as the draw length get shorter, the H.E.A.T. Cam system allows for peak performance and energy transfer at every draw length. Two sizes of cams allow the Speedzone to accommodate shoots with draw lengths from 25-30 inches in 1/2 inch increments. A smaller cam handles the shorter draw lengths of 25 - 27.5, and a large cam takes care of the longer draw lengths of 28 - 30 inches. To adjust draw length shooters only require an allen wrench and the appropriate module, in other words, no bow press.

Draw Cycle and Shootability

The draw cycle on the Speedzone is much smoother than expected. However, like any other speed bow, there is a slight hump before reaching the solid back wall. For most shooters this hump will not be a deterrent as it should be somewhat expected when achieving arrow speeds like this. Upon release of the arrow, shooters of most speed bows may anticipate some hand shock, but this bow will, surprisingly, remain dead in the hand. On the down side, there is a slight noise after the shot but a stabilizer will quiet it down in a hurry.

Silencing Package

The Speedzone incorporates Limbsaver's NAVCOM vibration dampening material throughout. This bow comes from the factory with 4 string leeches, Ultramax Limbsavers, a long strip of NAVCOM on the riser shelf and a string decelerator. Combined these features produce an incredibly quiet bow with a soft feel.

Compared to other Limbsaver bows

Looking at the Speedzone side by side with its Deadzone brothers, it is noticeable that Limbsaver has increased the angle of the limbs, giving this rig a relatively short brace height at just 5 7/8 inches. This shorter brace height is partially how Limbsaver was able to rob speed from a bow that is much the same as the rest of their line-up. The other bows using the Deadzone design are; the Limbsaver Deadzone DZ-30, a light and maneuverable bow; the Limbsaver Deadzone DZ-32 designed to be a great all-purpose rig; and the Limbsaver Deadzone DZ-36 which is engineered to be very forgiving for the target and finger shooting archers. While each of these bows have their own specific purpose so does the Speedzone (SZ 34). This bow is engineered to have raw speed, producing a flatter trajectory desired by most hunters and 3D shooters.

Bow Limbsaver Speedzone SZ-34 Limbsaver Deadzone DZ-30 Limbsaver Deadzone DZ-32 Limbsaver Deadzone DZ-36
Version 2013 (large cam) 2013 (large cam) 2013 (large cam) 2013 (large cam)
Picture Limbsaver Speedzone SZ-34 Limbsaver Deadzone DZ-30 Limbsaver Deadzone DZ-32 Limbsaver Deadzone DZ-36
Brace Height 5.875 " 7.25 " 7.125 " 7.875 "
AtA Length 34 " 30 " 32 " 36 "
Draw Length 27.5 " - 30 " 27.5 " - 30 " 28 " - 30.5 " 30 " - 32.5 "
Draw Weight 40 lbs - 70 lbs 40 lbs - 70 lbs 40 lbs - 70 lbs 40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed 345 fps - 350 fps 320 fps - 325 fps 325 fps - 330 fps 320 fps - 325 fps
Weight 3.8 lbs 3.9 lbs 4.5 lbs 3.8 lbs
Let-Off 80% 80% 80% 80%
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Best Usage

The Speedzone is best suited for hunting and/or 3D. Thanks to the speed of this bow, archers can enjoy using just one pin out to about 35 yards, taking a lot of guess work out of judging distance in either situation. Not having to guess or pull out the range finder for most shots will put more meat in the freezer and higher scores on the card.


Priced around $800.00 the Speedzone is a good value. While many other speed bows on the market are priced at $900 - $1000 or more, this rig allows you to achieve the speed you want in a very quiet, forgiving and shootable bow without breaking the bank.


The Limbsaver Speedzone is a quality built speed bow packed with features and technology that draws and shoots as smooth as some single cam bows. While this rig may look a little different than most other bows on the market, some of these differences are where Limbsaver packs new technology such as the No-Contact Pivoting Limb Pockets and the Rolling Fulcrum system. Shooters, beginners or experienced, will find this bow very easy to shoot with its smooth draw and its ease to point and hold on target. On the market today there are a number of speed bows but this is one of the few that has been able to achieve speed combined with quiet and vibration-free shooting.
Limbsaver Speedzone SZ-34 Review5.051

User Reviews

  • 1 review
  • ( out of 1 review for all versions)
  1. smooth, fast and ZERO hand shock. The versatility of using one pin to 35-40 yards is a great help.

    Version: 2011 Limbsaver Speedzone SZ-34 (large cam)


    Pros: SPEED with forgiveness.

    Cons: not a lot of reviews and they no longer manufacture this bow . :(

    Full review:
    this is the fastest bow i have shot that actually produces the numbers the manufacturer advertises. to say this bow is smooth is an understatement. a lot of the speed bows are not forgiving. The speedzone however is smooth..REAL smooth.

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