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Obsession Evolution

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Obsession Evolution Review5.054 out of 4 user reviews


  • Extremely quiet for a speed bow
  • Little to no hand shock
  • Adjustable Letoff
  • Large Valley in Draw Cycle
  • Solid dual limb draw stops


  • Draw Length adjustable only by module, bow press required
  • Weighs in over 4 lbs (4.1)

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Editors' review

Launching this fairly new company into the "speed vs. shootability" race between top bow manufacturers of 2014, Obsession Archery's Evolution is an incredible performer, proven on the range and in the treestand. Winning this year's Outdoor Life Editor's Choice Award with no faults except for its 4.1 lb bare bow weight and it's uniquely designed riser cutouts, this bow is a speed bow, (rated at up to 353 fps) however the two track dual sync cam system creates a smooth, efficient draw cycle and a quiet, vibrationless release. Shooters looking to find a bow that stands out from the rest; take a long look at the Evolution from Obsession Archery.


The Evolution, as well as all of Obsession Archery's current models, offers an incredible amount of factory finish options, including Black, Predator 3D, and Stormy Hardwoods 12 unique finishes, including Stormy Original, Natural, Spring, Bloodtrail, Autumn, Passion, Canary, Royalty, Gunmetal, Prairie, and Patriot. Instead of the conventional hydrographic dipping process, these patterns are transferred to the aluminum by a process called dye sublimation, making it nearly impossible to have flaws in the coating that you might see with other processes. All hardware on this bow is type 3 hardcoat anodized to prevent any sort of rust buildup, plus titanium hardware kits are available at an extra cost. To add to the customization when buying a new bow, you get to choose either black, red, or orange cams, and get a choice of any two colors for the factory America's Best Premium strings. Obsession offers hundreds of finish combinations from the factory.


The Evolution Riser design is slightly different than the rest of the market. Coming in at 32" ATA, with a 6" brace height, it's highly reflexed parallel limb design utilizes truss-system designed bridges in the riser to minimize vibration and keep the bow as nimble as possible. The fully machined angled cable rod drastically reduces cable lean and riser torque, plus the factory installed Teflon cable guide keeps friction to the minimum and doesn't allow wax to build up as plastic cable guides are known to do. The string stop utilizes a non-cracking, soft rubber, and paired with a Limbsaver dampener, is a definite reduction to the bow's little sound output. There is little to no vibration felt after launching an arrow through the Evolution.


The Evolution's pre-stressed split limb design allows for a high performance output, ultimately generating speeds up to 353 fps. From the point of being at rest to at full draw, the limbs are always in a past-parallel configuration, explaining the shock-free nature of the bow. The limb pockets, although designed to keep overall mass down, are very solid in construction. This bow is available in ten pound increments of 50-60, 55-65, and 60-70lbs.


The slim wooden laminate side plates abolish torque on the bow at full draw, and are comfortable to shoot for hours on end. Shooters who are accustomed to a bulky wooden grip will have to adjust with this style of hand placement, but it will be worth the improved accuracy in the end. Compared to other manufacturers using rubber grips to keep your hand from sliding, the evolution grip will utilize the smooth surface to find the center of pressure in your hand during each shot.

Eccentric System

The Evolution's two track dual sync cam system is rated at 353 fps, and is more often than not meeting or exceeding this IBO speed. Created out of durable, high strength anodized aluminum, the cams are robust but have engineered cutouts to reduce weight without losing strength. They are equipped with rubber coated limb stops, timing marks, deep string grooves, and 80% effective letoff. Numbered interchangeable draw length modules are needed along with a past-parallel limb bow press to change the draw length in half inch increments, available from 23.5" to 30". Since the limb stops are positioned to slide to adjust for different draw lengths, it is possible to adjust the letoff down to 65%-with the target shooter in mind.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

This bow's draw cycle has one of the largest valleys seen in a bow on the market today. The cycle starts out stiff and transitions smooth into the generous valley and seemingly locks into the rock solid back wall. If you ever have to let the bow down, you almost have to push the string forward to bring the bow to its resting position. Following a line of solid bows, the Evolution continues the company's reputation of feeling like you are pulling back a lighter draw weight than the bow is actually set at. Once the bow is at full draw, the wide limb design, slim grip, and balanced riser creates a consistent platform to shoot from, spilling accuracy out of each and every shot. The Evolution is over the common 4lb compound bow weight, but with the extra weight comes stability. Overall, this bow is a dream to shoot, both in the field and at the range.

Silencing Package

This bow comes factory installed with Limbsaver Quad Core Limb Dampeners, and Limbsaver silencers on both the string stop and cable guide rod. The Evolution is extremely quiet when shot bare bow, and there is no doubt these accessories contribute to the lack of sound outputted. String silencers are not included, but can be installed inexpensively.


Bow Obsession Evolution
Version 2015
Picture Obsession Evolution
Brace Height "
AtA Length "
Draw Length "
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Compared to last year's Obsession Lethal Force 2, this is a completely new riser design and platform altogether, equipped with new technology like the angled cable rod, slim torque-free grip, and the patented evolution cam with dual draw stops for an extremely solid back wall. A fully machined cable guide rod takes away any fletching clearance issues that were concerns in the past. Obsession Archery also offers the Pheonix for 2014, the only difference being a change to a 7" brace height and an IBO speed reduction down to 343 fps. For a shooter looking for more forgiveness, the Pheonix, at the same price of $859, may be another valid option.

Usage Scenarios

The Evolution was designed as a dual purpose bow, and at 32" ATA, is exactly that. It is long and accurate enough to give target and 3D shooters everything they are looking for in a consistent shooting machine, and is 100% maneuverable in the woods, with virtually no hand shock or noise to boot. Its speed creates forgiveness in judging yardage in hunting scenarios, and it's extremely comfortable valley and solid back wall allow you to hold back until you get the perfect shot.


Obsession Archery may not be the biggest or most recognized company at the moment, but the Evolution they have brought to the table in 2014 is swarming the industry. The incredible amount of customization, high performance, and outstanding finish is nearly unparalleled with other bows in its $859 price range at the moment. To some shooters, the Evolution will be a bit heavy, but to those shooters that pick it up, it will not be an easy bow to put down.
Obsession Evolution Review5.054

User Reviews

  • 4 reviews
  • ( out of 4 reviews for all versions)
  1. Great Bow!

    Version: 2014 Obsession Evolution


    Pros: Great bow right out of the box. The vendor set the bow up as ordered, with the accessories I specified, did all alignments, did a paper test and gave the Kinetic energy numbers.

    Cons: None

    Full review:
    Although the specifications say the IBO is rated at 353 FPS, that is in a perfect scenario, where all shooters want 70 pound draw weight, 30" draw length and 45% humidity. I, on the other hand, have a 26.5" draw length, 60lb draw weight, and rain or snow. My bow has a speed of 298fps, and a kP rating of 69.8. Not as advertised, but still, better than the other bows I’ve owned. The finish is excellent. I can’t imagine buying a better compound bow.

  2. Smooth, fast, quiet, and beautiful. Couldn’t be happier!

    Version: 2014 Obsession Evolution


    Pros: Draw cycle is best I have felt out of a bow shooting over 320fps.
    Finish is superb.
    Deadly accurate.

    Cons: I haven’t been able to find a flaw with my bow yet.

    Full review:
    I have owned the Evo now for over 3 months and put 500+ shots through it without a single complaint. The bow draws smooths, is extremely quiet, and is fast. Overall I would have to rate it 9.5/10. Once tuned, I can’t help but break nocks and cut vanes on my arrows from 0-40 yards everytime I go to the range. I purchased the bow sight unseen without shooting one, and I can say that I have no regrets!

  3. Amazing Bow with great abillties for range shooting and Hunting.

    Version: 2014 Obsession Evolution


    Pros: No vibration at all and is whisper quiet for the speeds this bow can put out. All you need is a rest and a sight that is it. You can always add extra stuff to make this bow even better just like all bows you buy but in all reality you do not need to.

    Cons: If you have shoot multiple different bow brand you will find there is no cons for this bow. People complain about the draw specific setting but honestly this bow is not for beginners or for those that do not shoot on a regular basis.

    Full review:
    Alll I can say is if you are not shooting on a regular basis this is not a bow for you as you will find a way to give negative input on this bow. If you understand Bow hunting/shooting you will see you get what you paid for and more. This bow company is not cheap on their quality which means the price of the bow will not be cheap either. Very impressed with the shootability with this bow and how great it feels in your hand. Cannot say more about this bow except wow! Out performs many other bows I own or have shot in so many categories. Amazing bow and cannot wait to see what the future holds for Obsession.

  4. Speed with accuracy, dead quiet, vibration free and smooth.

    Version: 2015 Obsession Evolution


    Pros: This is my first go at a sub 34" bow. It holds and shoots excellent if you tune properly. At my draw length (30") I would recommend you go with the Phoenix for longer draws as it’s difficult to get the full valley at a 6" bh and 32" ata.

    Cons: Shorter valley at the longest dl is my only complaint.

    Full review:
    You need to shoot this bow to appreciate it fully. Don’t think you’ll find a nicer shooting, more accurate bow than this with blistering speed and dead quiet. This is one bow you need to add to your keep forever bow collection as it’s that good. Tuning Binary bows can require shimming and not every tech is fluent in this so seek out a knowledgeable Binary tech to get this bow set up properly and the accuracy will prove phenomenal.

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