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Obsession Knightmare

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  • Fast
  • Quiet with no noticeable vibration
  • Easy to tune
  • Solid shooting platform


  • Need a press to change modules


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Editors' review

The Obsession Knightmare GT is new for the 2015 lineup. It is designed for the hunter and has a 28 13/16" ATA, 6" brace height, 60#, 65#, and 70# max draw weights. It also delivers a very nice 338 fps. The bow is slightly heavy at 4 pounds, but holds on the shot very nicely. This bow will certainly fit the needs of the bow hunter.


This bow comes in several colors to include Stormy Hardwoods - Blood Trail, Stormy Hardwoods - Gunmetal, Stormy Hardwoods - Natural, Stormy Hardwoods - Original, Stormy Hardwoods - Patriot, Stormy Hardwoods - Prairie, Stormy Hardwoods - Special Ops, Stormy Hardwoods - Royalty, Predator 3D, and Muddy Girl. There are also anodized and matte color options available, just contact Obsession's customer service or the local Obsession dealer to place the order.


The riser for this bow is a little shorter than most, making it a perfect size for the ground blind hunter, as well as hunting from a tree stand. With beyond parallel limbs, this rig comes in at just a hair under 29.5." Some shooters have said this bow is a modular cam version of the Obsession Delta 6. The riser is machined out of aircraft aluminum and is very strong. The mass weight is 4 pounds, which makes it easier to hold on target and absorbs most of the vibration and noise. The split limbs are held in a beyond parallel configuration and preloaded. They come in 60#, 65#, and 70# peak weights. For a short ATA rig with a medium draw length, this one definitely packs a punch.

Eccentric System

This bow comes with the patented Evolution Cam II with PerFX Modular System exclusively from Obsession. The cams are milled from 7075 aircraft aluminum, which is stronger and lighter and offer a lot of speed - 338 fps IBO - while the PerFX Modular System allows draw length adjustability in half inch increments from 25.5" - 29". This cam system is exceptionally smooth, as expected from any Obsession rig. The draw cycle starts moderately and builds to let-off where you will find a solid back wall. There is virtually no hump at transition to let-off. Another feature to this setup is that the draw stop is on the opposite side of the cam from the module.The draw length is adjustable in half inch increments by inserting the corresponding module with the shooters draw length. However, you will need a press to change the modules.


This rig provides the shooter with a super smooth draw cycle, whether at 60#, 65#, or 70# draw weights. It is very crisp and is very easy to hold on target. It is very well balanced and dead in the hand on the shot. At release, this bow does not jump forward or backward. It is also very accurate. One shooter had a setup of 65#, 29" draw, and using a 366 grain arrow and achieved a solid 309 fps.

Other Components

This short ATA rig is solid and quiet out of the box with the Limbsaver silencing equipment. It also has a string stop as part of the bare bow package. It can also be ordered with an accessory package that would include a D-loop, peep, stabilizer, and a 3-pin sight. However, with a rig this nice, and with the price tag, it may be advantageous to purchase components separately to personalize it.

Silencing Package

The Obsession Knightmare GT is a very dead in the hand rig. There is the very slightest of thumps at the shot, but it is inherently quiet. The bow comes with Quad Core Limb Dampeners and Limbsaver silencers on the string stop and the cable guide.

Compared to Similar Bows

BowHoyt Spyder 30
Version 2014
PictureHoyt Spyder 30
Brace Height6.75 "
AtA Length30 "
Draw Length24.5 " - 30 "
Draw Weight30 lbs - 80 lbs
IBO Speed330 fps
Weight3.8 lbs
Where to buy
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The Obsession Knightmare GT is an excellent hunting bow for 2015. To give an idea of how the Knightmare GT rates, compare it to the 2013 Hoyt Spyder 30. Both bows are close in mass, with the Hoyt slightly lighter than the Knightmare GT, meaning both hold well on target. The Hoyt is about an inch longer and also offers a slightly longer draw length than the Obsession.The Obsession has a slightly faster IBO, and both are accurate. Where the Obsession retails at $859, the Hoyt retails at for around $1000. Based on other shooter's comments, the Obsession is a smoother drawing bow, and has less vibration and more stability. One shooter even commented that "the Obsession was hands down the superior bow."

Usage Scenarios

This rig is designed with the hunter in mind. Is has a shorter ATA that makes it perfect for a ground blind, as well as a tree stand. It is quiet and accurate, and fits the needs of the hunter. It also has plenty of speed, and with its accuracy, this rig is sure to be found on the 3D course. Most competition shooters prefer the longer ATA bows, but this one could very well find its way to the competition arena one day.


This bow retails at $859. This is about average for compound bows. If an archer is looking to purchase a bow, Obsession has been the quiet company that has snuck up on the competition. These bows are definitely worth shooting and giving a chance. The do perform as well, if not better than some of the more expensive and more popular brands.


The 2015 Obsession Knightmare GT was designed with the hunter in mind. Although other shooters have said it is a modular cam version of the Obsession Delta 6, this bow has an attitude all of its own. With a 28 13/16" ATA and a 6" brace height, it is perfect for the ground blind or the tree stand. All though it has a slightly shorter max draw length at 29," with the 70# limb set, this rig will send arrows flying at a very respectable 338 fps. With the price point of this rig, the shooter gets the ever-present quality of Obsession bows, accuracy, speed, smoothness, and a quiet shot.

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If you are a regular shooter/hunter you need to shoot this bow.

Version: 2015 Obsession Knightmare


Pros: Nice draw cycle, flat shooting, very manuverable

Cons: Price, ha ha but you DO get what you pay for in this life

Full review:

I was scepticaL about the short ata, but almost immediately got fantastic groups. Dialing it in at home I broke nocks at 30yrds. Draw cycle is nice and 65lbs doesn't feel like it. Mine is a bit " bling" with prairie camo and orange cams. It has replaced a bow from a major company, that's not too shabby!

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