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  • Easy to tune and shoot
  • No noticeable vibration
  • Fast, Quiet, Accurate
  • Easy to tune
  • Solid shooting platform


  • You need a press to change the draw length mods


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Editors' review

Fairly new to the archery community, Obsession introduced the Phoenix in their 2014 lineup, and offered the shooting public a new tool to add to their arsenal. Based on their Evolution model, the Phoenix comes set on a 32" ATA frame with a 7" brace height, and kicks out a very respectable 343 fps at 70# and 30" draw. This bow is quiet, fast, and smooth and will definitely be seen in the field.


This bow comes in several colors to include Stormy Gunmetal, Stormy Hardwoods, flat black, and Predator 3D. It can also be ordered in customized colors for an additional cost. This rig can be further personalized by ordering cams in a different color; black, sunset, orange or red, and the strings can be ordered in white/black, red/black, or orange/black.


The riser for this rig is a machined riser, to cut as much weight as possible without giving up any stability. The limbs are split design and come in a variety of max weights: 40", 50#, 60#, 65#, and 70#. The limbs are held in a beyond parallel configuration that only enhances the shootability of this bow. It comes in at 32" ATA, with a 7" brace height that offers the shooter a solid platform that is forgiving and accurate.


This rig comes with slim side plates that complete a torque-free grip that is very comfortable to the shooter. Competition shooters love this grip as it provides the steadiness they require, but hunters also talk about the sleek design and the feel of the grip.

Other Components

This bow can be purchased as a bare bow package or fully loaded. As a bare bow, you will get dual draw stops, America's Best Premium bowstrings, interchangeable draw mods, and an anti-torque cable guard. The fully loaded package can be ordered with rest, sight, arrows, stabilizer, wrist sling, broadheads, and a case, and can be tuned and ready to hunt on delivery.

Eccentric System

This bow comes with an Evolution Cam system. This is a two-track, dual sync cam system that is possibly the most efficient cam in the business. It offers a very smooth draw and amazing speed without sacrificing the inherent noise and vibration dampening of the bow. The cams also host timing marks and interchangeable draw length modules. Once the shooter reaches break-over, this bow is very easy to hold with an 80 percent let-off. The let-off can also be adjusted by loosening, sliding, and tightening the stop. When adjusted properly, this gives the shooter a very solid back wall.The cam system provides a wide range of adjustability by changing the draw length modules. This system allows draw lengths from 24.5" - 31." The drawback here is that you will need a press to change the mods.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

This rig is very easy to draw and will be found in all types of archery, from target to 3D to hunting. Most that have shot it have said that it draws easier than other bows with the same draw weight. Most that have shot this bow have been very surprised at the ease of draw, dead-in-hand feel, accuracy, and speed. This rig boasts an impressive 343 fps. Many of those that have shot this bow find that this bow hits IBO, and some have even exceeded IBO.This rig was built with a 32" ATA and a 7" brace height matched with a pair of two-track, dual sync limbs and offers the shooter everything they want in a bow.

Silencing Package

The Phoenix comes with Limbsaver Quad Core Limb Dampeners, as well as Limbsaver silencers on the string stops and cable guide. There are no string silencers included, because this bow does not need additional silencing. It is exceptionally quiet out of the box.

Compared to Similar Bows

BowObsession PhoenixElite Energy 32
Version 2016 XL2016
PictureObsession PhoenixElite Energy 32
Brace Height7 "7 "
AtA Length36 "31.75 "
Draw Length28.5 " - 32 "26 " - 30 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 70 lbs30 lbs - 80 lbs
IBO Speed332 fps293 fps - 335 fps
Weight4.1 lbs4.3 lbs
Let-Off80% 80%+
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One bow that is discussed in the same group as the Obsession Phoenix is the Elite Energy 32. Both rigs are very similar and come in 32" ATA with 7" brace height. The Phoenix has a little more draw length adjustability - 24.5" - 31," where the Elite Energy 32 has 26" - 30." Both were introduced in 2014 for their respective companies, and each is an amazing bow. The Elite Energy 32 can be purchased with an 80# set of limbs and has a caged riser design, while the max weight set of limbs for the Obsession is 70#, and it has the traditional riser design.Both rigs are fast; 335 fps for the Elite and 343 for the Obsession. Both are smooth and quiet, but those archers that have shot the Phoenix say there is no comparison to how this bow shoots. The Elite Energy 32 lists for $899, while the Phoenix lists for $849 (both bare bow).

Usage Scenarios

This bow can easily be used for any archery event from simple target shooting up to competition. With the smoothness of the draw cycle, to the forgiveness of the 7" brace height, to the dead-in-hand shot, to the 343 fps, this bow will fit just about anyone. It is a little heavier than average at 4.1 pounds, but that little extra weight is part of the overall feel of this exceptional shooter.


This rig has a cost of $849. Although it is a little more than average for a quality bow, it is not much at all for one of this caliber. The quality and shootability of this bow make it a very good value for the money.


The 2014 Obsession Phoenix is a very good bow for archers at any level. With a variety of max weight limbs, the very smooth draw from the dual-track cam system, and the dead-in-hand feel, it will easily fit the archer's needs. For the beginner, it is an easy platform to shoot. For the hunter, it is accurate and deadly quiet, and fast. And for the competition shooter, it is solid and accurate. This is one rig that truly has everything the shooter will want.

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