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Obsession Sniper GT

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  • Excellent draw cycle
  • Plenty of speed
  • Solid back wall
  • Easily adjustable


  • The 2016 model is a redesign of the 2014; same basic bow with slightly different components


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Editors' review

The 2016 Obsession Sniper GT is an updated version of the previous Sniper GT, offering a very nice shooting experience. Adjustable from 23" - 29.5" and 20# - 80#, this rig is sure to fit almost any shooter out there. With a generous valley and a solid back wall, this bow will sling an arrow downrange at a very respectable 340 fps. The short ATA makes it very maneuverable in a tree stand or ground blind, with some shooters calling it "the perfect hunting bow."


This bow comes in a wide variety of finishes. Although the primary colors are Predator Camo, Stormy Hardwoods, or Black, these bows can be purchased in almost any color from hunting schemes to competition colors.


The riser on this bow is slightly modified from the Original Sniper LT, and is slightly wider giving the shooter a more rigid base to accommodate the wider limb pockets. Overall, the more solid platform does a better job of reducing vibration and providing a more solid shot. The limbs for this rig are a pre-compressed and stress laminate, split-limb design. Paired with the KS Cams, these limbs help create the 340 fps IBO delivered by this rig. The limbs are a little wider than most and handle the pressure put on them through each shot very well. They come in 30#, 40#, 50#, 60#, 65#, 70#, and 80# peak weight sets.The limbs are held in place by a newly updated, wider limb pocket the will provide added accuracy and consistency shot for a better shot. These limb pockets provide exceptional stability to this bow.

Other Components

This bow is built to be quiet out of the box and does not have too many extras on the bare bow package. It comes standard with a sting stop, limb dampeners, and an anti-torque guard slide. Depending on the company this rig is purchased through, there are a variety of packages that can be added, and each will come with a stabilizer for additional silencing capability.

Eccentric System

This bow uses Obsession's patented two-track KS Cam with PerFX system, which not only provides lots of power (340 fps), but also reduces torque during the draw cycle. The draw length is adjustable from 23" - 29.5" in half-inch increments by using a series of draw length modules. These modules are easily changed out simply by removing one and inserting the new ones on each cam. This can be done without the use of a bow press. The limb stops are also adjustable to set the back wall and to fine-tune the draw length. The cams for this rig have a solid back wall and a very generous valley. With 80 percent let-off, it is easy to hold on target, allowing the shooter time to make the best shot.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

Obsession bows are a pleasure to shoot, and the Sniper GT is no different. Although it loads quickly during the draw, this bow has an unbelievably smooth draw cycle. Not only is it easy to draw, the 80 percent let-off means it is easy to hold on target without feeling strained. This bow is easy to tune, and is virtually vibration and noise free. The two-track cam system reduced torque throughout the draw, meaning more consistency and accuracy for the shooter, shot after shot. When shot, it feels perfectly balance and almost dead in the hand, and simply is a pleasure to shoot.

Silencing Package

The Sniper GT was designed with the hunter in mind. It is built to be noise and vibration free out of the box but does have an adjustable string stop, limb dampeners, and a very smooth cable guide that helps with this. Depending on what company this rig is ordered through, there are a number of packages that may be purchased with the bow and each will include a stabilizer. This is a very quiet bow out of the box, but adding a stabilizer will make it almost totally silent.


The bow has a two-piece laminate insert that sits nicely in the hand. It is slender and comparable to competition grips. Thoughts on this grip will come down to personal preference as it has been described anywhere from so-so to "best grip of all the bows I've ever shot." Overall, the grip fits very comfortably in the hand and should fit well for most shooters.

Compared to Similar Bows

BowObsession Sniper GTPSE Premonition HD
Version 20162016
PictureObsession Sniper GTPSE Premonition HD
Brace Height7 " "
AtA Length30 " "
Draw Length23 " - 29.5 " "
Draw Weight20 lbs - 80 lbs lbs
IBO Speed336 fps fps
Weight3.9 lbs lbs
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There are quite a few bows on the market these days with shorter ATA that provide a ton of speed. All have a certain degree of adjustability, and each appeals to different types of shooters. How does the 2016 Obsession Sniper GT compare to the 2016 PSE Premonition HD? Both weigh the same at 3.9 pounds with less than one inch difference in ATA (Sniper has 30" and the Premonition has 30.63"). The Sniper has one half inch more draw length adjustability and a 7" brace height; 3/4" more than the Premonition. The Premonition has five feet per second more speed (if you just need those bragging rights), but both are pretty quick (340 fps for the Sniper and 345 fps for the Premonition). The Sniper will cost quite a bit more though as it retails for $899 for the bare bow package.

Usage Scenarios

This bow is very versatile, but was designed for the hunter. The 30" ATA is perfect for a tree stand or a ground blind where space is a commodity, but it will also work well for target shooting or the 3D course. Weighing only 3.9 pounds, it will also do nicely on those long DIY hunts.


This rig is pretty average with the price point for a compound bow. It can be purchased as a bare bow for $869. There are bows out there that have very similar specs with a lower price tag, but this is a really nice, quality bow and should not be dismissed by anyone.


The Obsession Sniper GT is a redesign of an older platform. The changes include wider limb pockets, a machined cable slide, and slightly bigger cams that provide a smooth draw and give the shooter plenty of speed at 340 fps. The short ATA (30 inches) will be perfect in any tree stand or ground blind and is not cumbersome to move around. With a multitude of peak draw weights to choose from, this rig will fit just about all archers. Obsession has been making a name for themselves with high-quality, quiet, and very efficient bows, and this one does not stray from the norm.

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