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  • New Hybrid DE Cam easier to tune
  • Cost effective with a $699 MSRP
  • Very efficient draw with solid back wall
  • No post-shot vibration
  • Fast with an IBO of 350 fps


  • Modular Draw Length in 1/2" increments
  • Stock strings could be improved
  • Only two finish options


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Editors' review

The 2017 ATA Trade Show not only provided the archery industry with an incredible amount of innovation and new products, but unveiled an all-new compound line from the ever-growing Obsession Bows. While that lineup was diverse in recreating or renewing previous models, the Turmoil stood out from the rest as an entirely new platform with a hybrid cam system, new riser and cable slide design, and the same enjoyable draw cycle that this company is known for. With an impressive 350 fps IBO, a modest 6.5" brace height, and a mass weight of right around 4 pounds, there is no reason not to be obsessed with not only the design, but the specs of this compound.


Although Obsession usually has a knack for providing the consumer with multiple finish options, the Turmoil is only available in either a Realtree Xtra Green Camouflage or Black finishes. Although disappointing, this likely allows for the cost of this bow to be hundreds less than their flagship models at $699 bare bow. Both finish options are applied through a dye sublimation process to eliminate inconsistencies and equate to a very professional looking package when complete. The strings are standard bi-color material with three color options, and although they look great, they show signs of wear quickly. In addition, all hardware is Type 3 Hardcoat anodized to prevent rust buildup over time, an important feature to have for a truly all-weather bow.


The Turmoil, styled strikingly similar to a few previous models, bridges the gap in riser design from high-profile risers with large cutouts to robust, streamlined, thinner risers. With big enough cutouts for a low physical profile at full draw, it also maintains structural stability and stiffness to take the abuse of pushing an arrow at almost crossbow-level speeds. With a measured weight of 4.0 lbs on the dot bare bow (only .1 pounds heavier than spec) and an axle-to-axle length of 33 3/16", it a very well-rounded riser to exceed in both ground and treestand shooting situations, all the while being very stable at full draw. New for 2017 is the Teflon rollerless cable guard, which not only keeps wear to a minimum, but flexes laterally during the draw cycle.


The Turmoil features Gordon composite split limbs available in draw weight ranges maxing out at 40, 50, 60, 65, and 70lbs. With a wide profile and minimal aluminum anodized limb pockets, the limbs create a robust shooting platform for stability and accuracy, especially key at longer ranges. On par with many other speed oriented compounds, the brace height is reduced from the average 7" measurement to a respectable 6.5".


Redesigned for this year, the grip features two pleasant-looking sideplates bolted on to a formed aluminum handle. The riser is fairly thin, but the addition of the plates allows for accurate hand placement for multiple hand sizes and trains the shooter to utilize a torque-free hold for precise shooting. The sideplates offer small amounts of thermal protection and get a little slippery when wet, but they maintain their ease-of-use, even with gloves in colder months.

Eccentric System

Designed around an entirely new cam system to Obsession Bows, the Hybrid DE cam not only allows for easier, yoke-based tuning compared to binary systems but allows for draw length changes through replaceable mods in intervals of 1/2" from 25 to 30.5". Similarly features on all of their other models, Obsession Bows uses dual limb actuated draw stops that give a very hard back wall to end the draw cycle. Rated at up to 350 fps and containing an adjustable 80% letoff, it is a high performance system that not only breaks the boundaries of compound performance but keeps it all under a fairly priced package.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

As mentioned beforehand, this cam system is of a high performance nature, and one might attribute that towards a rough feeling, hard to pull, and jumpy cam system. This is not the case with the Turmoil; the efficient draw cycle increases in weight off the bat, reaches a pleasant valley, peaks near the end, and finally hits home against the draw stops. With at least an inch of give before wanting to rip out of your hands, letting the bow down is doable, but almost more difficult than drawing the bow back. As noticeable in other binary cam options, this cam system gives off the feeling that it is actually set at a lower draw weight, and with an adjustable letoff percentage, an archer can either hold back this bow all day or have it set to provide more back tension to aid in shooting spots.

Silencing Package

This compound is equipped with Limbsaver dampeners in both limbs, as well as on the string stop and cable guide rod. Along with a soft rubber string stop and the fact that the limb orientation is past-parallel as full draw, this bow is extremely dead in the hand after the shot sequence, without a stabilizer. On most bows, it is nice to attach a semi-vibration canceling stabilizer, however an archer can simply focus on attaching a stab that positions weight where necessary when it comes to this quiet compound.


BowObsession TurmoilAthens Solace
Version 2020 RZ2016
PictureObsession TurmoilAthens Solace
Brace Height6.5 "6.5 "
AtA Length33.125 "33.25 "
Draw Length26.5 " - 30 "25 " - 30 "
Draw Weight30 lbs - 80 lbs40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed344 fps335 fps
Weight3.8 lbs4.1 lbs
Let-Off80% 65% - 85%
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Compared to the likewise impressive Athens Solace of 2016, the Turmoil has an upper hand when it comes to more arrow velocity and quietness on the shot, however they are both very similar on paper. They feature 6.5" brace heights, 40-70 lb draw weight and roughly 25-30" draw length ranges, slightly over 33" axle-to-axle lengths, masses of 4 lbs, and adjustable letoffs by moving the limb-actuated draw stops. However, the Solace is nearly $200 more expensive, 15fps slower, and features a lesser grip interface than Obsession Bow's newest offering. For the right price, both are incredible bows for the money and any new archer would not be disappointed in shooting either.

Usage Scenarios

This bow falls in the middle of the compact, 30" A-T-A compounds and the target, 35"+ A-T-A bows, allowing it to excel not only at one specific task. With enough forgiveness and A-T-A length for accurate shooting at longer ranges (and a comfortable draw), a target or 3D archer would not hesitate to grab this as a main setup. On the other end of the spectrum, the hardcore hunter, looking for speed, performance, and the ability to stay at full back for long periods of time would be foolish not to look at this setup either. It is truly a versatile compound.


Obsession Bows has not only met, but exceeded the ever-growing expectations of the competitive archery market with their new-for-2017 Turmoil. With a strong, well designed riser, absolutely no post-shot vibration out of the box, and an impressive high performance cam system, there are very few other compounds on the market that rival it in similar price categories. Although the modular draw length adjustment system doesn't allow easy draw length adaptability on the fly, the strings may need to be replaced in a season or two, and this bow can only be ordered in two finish options, there is lots of reasons not to complain about the few little things that aren't ideal with this compound. For less than $700 bare bow, an archer can get a piece of equipment that will not only last lifetimes, but contain a lifetime warranty along with that as long as the Obsession Bows decal stays on the riser. What else is there to ask?

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