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Parker Ambusher

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  • Affordable
  • Good speed and accuracy
  • Easily adjustable


  • Some vibration/noise
  • Only comes in one color scheme
  • Is an older bow and can only be found online


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Editors' review

The Parker Ambusher is a hunting bow but can easily fit on the 3D course as well. It has a 28" ATA, 27" - 30" draw length range, two max limb weight options of 60# or 70#, 7 1/2" brace height, and a respectable 320 fps. This lightweight bow offers shootability, accuracy, and a lethal package for any hunter at a reasonable price. This rig was part of the 2010 Parker lineup, but can still be found online. It is a mid-level bow, that is smooth to draw, easy to hold, and will perform.


The finish for this rig is a film-dipped NG-1 Vista camouflage.


The things that make this bow maneuverable are the near-parallel limbs and the short riser. These features offer the shooter a compact 28" ATA platform as the riser is CNC machined aluminum and a mere 19" long. The design positions the limb pocket pivot points in front of the grip, increasing the power. Although a compact design, this rig maintains the looks, feel, and strength of a typical riser. The riser on this bow is Parker's Ultra-Lite design capped with patented Micro-Lite vented limb pockets. The limb pockets are non-pivoting. They are constructed of a very strong light-weight material and machined to reduce unnecessary materials to reduce weight. The limb bolts allow for easy draw weight adjustment up to approximately 10# below the peak weight of the limbs. The limbs are straight and are 12.75" long solid-piece Gordon Power Tuff material specifically designed to withstand the stresses of archery. These limbs are CNC machined, and each set is matched based on deflection values after the finishing process. This causes the limbs to act as similar as possible to produce the optimum results at the shot. The limbs can be found in 50# - 60# and 60# - 70# sets.

Other Components

Out of the box, this bow comes with the basics; single-piece Gordon Power Tuff limbs, riser, single cam system. Besides this, the rig comes with a carbon-rod string suppressor, roller guide cable guard, and Stone Mountain Dakota string/cable.

Eccentric System

This bow has a single-cam system that was designed not only for speed, but for easy adjustments as well. The machined cam and idler wheel are perfectly matched and ride on stainless steel axles and sealed pressed bearings for added smoothness. The draw length adjustments range from 27" - 30" but require the shooter to change the modules. The draw length modules come in whole-inch sizes and can be changed without a bow press. The draw length can be fine-tuned by moving the sliding draw stop. Where most companies tell you not to adjust the draw stop at full draw, the Ambusher is one of the few bows where fine-tuning to be done at full draw is encouraged. Once the draw length is set, the 80% let-off makes it easy to hold on target.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The draw for this bow builds gradually from the start of the draw, all the way to let-off. Once the shooter transitions to let-off, the rig is easy to hold and will not feel like it is tearing you apart. This is a very smooth draw. The grip sits very well in the shooters hand making for a solid, comfortable shot. The adjustability of the draw length, and the max limb weights make this a very shootable bow. The draw length is adjusted by swapping out the cam modules, which is easy to do, but not as simple as rotating modules. With a respectable back wall, good let-off, and a design that will produce results time after time, this is a very good bow to have in your arsenal.The bow is not as quiet as other bows as it does have some vibration and noise at the shot. There is also a noticeable kick when shot. This can reduce quite a bit with the addition of a quality stabilizer.

Silencing Package

The Parker Ambusher does not come with many bells and whistles. The rig does come with a string suppressor and roller guard cable guide out of the box. The film-dipped, machined riser and limbs help some with noise reduction, but other than that, there is no noise reduction equipment. This rig requires additional noise reduction gear to be added.


The grip on this rig is a sleek two-piece glass-filled nylon contoured grip designed to create a neutral hand position to reduce torque. It has a beautiful walnut wood grain appearance. This synthetic material has a smooth surface that fits very nicely in the shooters hand. This material also resists cracking much better than wood and will retain its feel and looks longer.


BowParker Ambusher
Version 2011
PictureParker Ambusher
Brace Height7.5 "
AtA Length28 "
Draw Length27 " - 30 "
Draw Weight50 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed320 fps
Weight3.4 lbs
Where to buy
Best prices online
Not available now.
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The Parker Ambusher is very similar to the Martin Prowler. The Martin gives an additional 2" ATA, an additional limb set with a peak weight of 50#, three more inches of draw length adjustability, and more color options. Both have limb pockets situated forward of the grip for extra power and offer a 320 fps IBO rating, and both are smooth and accurate.The Prowler is adjustable in half-inch increments where the Ambusher is adjustable in whole-inch increments. Both are fine-tuned using the draw stop. The Ambusher does allow the shooter to adjust the draw stop at full draw. The Prowler is part of Martins 2014 lineup and runs about $400 for a bare bow, while the Ambusher can only be found online today. The Ambusher is a good hunting bow, and is very good for a beginner.

Usage Scenarios

This bow was designed as a hunting bow, and fits the bill well. With the short 28" ATA, it easily fits in the ground blind or the tree stand. It also has the accuracy and the speed to be an almost perfect fit on the 3D course. The size of this bow will also be a good fit for the minimalists of the hunting world and can be used by the hunter sitting on the ground against a tree trunk. The weight of the bow will also make it easy on the hunter and will not become too cumbersome when in the field.


This rig came out with the 2010 Parker lineup. When it came out, it listed for $599. This was the average price range for a bow of this type. If you can find one online, they can range from $375 - $600 fully loaded.


The Parker Ambusher is an older bow from the 2010 lineup. With a 28" ATA, 7.5" brace height, single-piece limbs, and adjustability offer the shooter a very nice 320 fps shooting platform. This bow is accurate and forgiving, and will fit very nicely in a tree stand, ground blind, or on a 3D course. It also feels good in the hand and is a smooth drawing rig.The Ambusher has two draw weight ranges; 50# - 60# and 60# - 70# in draw lengths of 27" - 30" and fits most shooters. The bow was priced well when it was introduced to the archery community, and has retained its value well. The bow can still be found online ranging from $375 - $600 fully loaded. The bow did have some noise and vibration when new, but a quality stabilizer would eliminate almost all of it. If this bow is purchased today, it most likely will come with a stabilizer and other noise/vibration dampening equipment. If the shooter is just starting out, this bow is priced right and is a good bow to consider.

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Best bow ever made

Version: 2010 Parker Ambusher Z28


Pros: Everything

Cons: None

Full review:

Great bow. I like it better than my elite and surprisingly more than the 50 or so I've owned over the years. Plenty fast and very forgiving but it is light and very small. The best blind and treestand bow I have ever owned. Considering finding another one for a backup. Got the one I have in a random trade with no intention of keeping it but fell in love with it

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