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  • A great value at $299
  • 15-pound limb weight adjustment instead of the 10-pound industry standard
  • A forgiving brace height of 7.75-inches


  • Speeds under 300 feet per second


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Editors' review

The Parker Blazer is the cheapest adult Parker bow available at a price of $299. With a forgiving brace height of 7.75-inches, the Blazer is easy to shoot despite speeds under 300 feet per second. The Blazer is not fancy and looks nothing like the modern bows on the market today. However, the price and the performance from this model make it a great option for those wanting to spend less than $300 on a new hunting bow.


Next G-1 camo is the only pattern available for the Parker Blazer. Although this finish looks nice, it would be great to offer buyers a black out pattern for hunters who do most of their hunting out of a blind. The riser does not have many cutouts, but the finish is done very well without any noticeable blemishes or flaws. The dark Walnut grip and the red limb decals really set the bow off making it look nice. Shooters wanting their accessories to match the camo from the bow may have a hard time finding matching camo accessories.


The vented riser design has minimal cutouts making it look rather heavy. However, after pricing up the bow, shooters will notice how light the 3.85-pound bare bow really feels. Parker has installed a traditional cable slide to use on this rig instead of the roller guard they have opted to use on other models. This is a proven technology that functions well. Parker has included a string suppressor used to deaden the vibration and noise caused from the string after the arrow has been released. This is an option usually not added to budget bows and it really helps with the bows vibration after the shot. Shooters also have the option to mount a stabilizer to the front of the bow as well for some added weight or more vibration dampening for after the shot. Vibration from the string suppressor is transferred away from the shooters hand because the front mounting stabilizer is directly in line with the string stop system.


The two-piece Walnut finish grip has been added to the Blazer giving it a higher end look and feel. Although there are more comfortable grips on the market, the grip does not feel awful. It is somewhat easy to torque, but shooters should have no issue repeating their hand placement with a little practice. The grip is not too thick and not too thin making it an easy adjustment from just about any other grip shooters have used in the past.


Parker uses Parallel limb technology on the Blazer and gives the bow a wider poundage adjustment. More limbs come with a 10-pound adjustment increment, but the Blazer limbs have a 15-pound range instead. Shooters can choose between 45-60 pounds or 55-70 pounds. This adjustment is a nice range and covers the draw weight for lots of archers. The red limb decals look great with the camo pattern as well.

Eccentric System

The new Blazer cam is fully adjustable with a rotating module between 26-31 inches. Draw length adjustment can be done without the use of a bow press making it easy for the do it yourself folks out there. The cams are very circular in looks and are almost solid in construction. With an 80% let off, shooters will feel comfortable holding the bow at full draw in hunting situations. A drawback of the Blazer cam is the velocity it produces. The cams only shoot 295 feet per second, which is a little slow by today's standards.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Blazer cam is a nice drawing cam that has no noticeable transitions or humps in the draw cycle. With an 80% let off and a solid back wall, hunters will be able to hold the bow at full draw while settling the pin for the shot. The valley is very manageable and easy to get used to. The 7.75-inch brace height is super forgiving though, and may be a nice trade off for many shooters willing to give up a little speed for the forgiveness of the longer brace height. After the arrow has been shot, there is some hand shock and vibration caused by the string. Adding a stabilizer helped a lot with the vibration, but the string noise will have to be deadened by installing string silencers. However, keep in mind doing so will slow the arrow down a few more feet per second. Overall, the bow shoots very well for the $299 price tag.

Parker Blazer vs. Parker Wildfire Extreme

Bow Parker Blazer Parker Wildfire
Version 2012 2012 Extreme
Picture Parker Blazer Parker Wildfire
Brace Height 7.75 " 7.75 "
AtA Length 32.5 " 32 "
Draw Length 26 " - 31 " 26 " - 31 "
Draw Weight 45 lbs - 70 lbs 50 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed 295 fps 310 fps
Weight 3.85 lbs 3.65 lbs
Let-Off 75% 80%
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Both bows are really great bows for under $400. Having the same grip, camo pattern, let off, and brace height; shooters deciding between the two models will have to decide if overall mass and speed are important. Both bows have similar draw cycles although the Parker Wildfire Extreme shoots a little quicker than the Blazer. With $100 cheaper price tag, the Blazer may be the winner with everything else being basically the same.

Blazer Outfitter Package

Parker offers the Outfitter Package for those interested in a fully set-up bow. New shooters not interested in choosing between countless accessories can have the process simplified by ordering the factory package instead. The Package includes: the option between a Hostage rest or a Whisker biscuit, a four arrow quick detach quiver, a nock point, an angled peep sight, and a three pin fiber optic sight all for only $100.

Usage Scenarios

Parker designed the bow for the budget-minded shooters looking at a new hunting bow. This bow is accurate enough to shoot on the range, but serious archers can find a better target option. Those new to hunting or not looking to spend a lot of money on a new bow will be drawn to the Blazer the most. For $400, shooters can have a fully set-up bow that is proven to be a forgiving option for hunting rigs.


Parker priced the Blazer at $299, which is a great value for this bow. There is nothing fancy about the Blazer, but it performs well and shoots accurately. Those wanting a rig with new technology and impressive speed will have to keep looking. However, shooters just starting out in archery, or not interested in spending much money can get this bow relatively cheap, especially if they choose the Outfitter Package for the accessories. For the price, the Blazer is a nice option and should be given a test shot.

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