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Parker Buck Hunter

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  • Very low mass weight (3.6lbs)
  • Very small amount of hand shock and vibration at the shot
  • Forgiving 7" Brace Height
  • Rotating draw length adjustment module from 26"31"
  • Adjustable in 10lb increments from 40 to 70lbs
  • Right and Left hand construction


  • Fairly long AxletoAxle a 35.5"
  • Thick rubber grip
  • Somewhat slow (286fps IBO)
  • Decent amount of vibration at the shot


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Editors' review

Designed with the beginner in mind, Parker's Buck Hunter is a lot of bow for such a small price tag. This compound is very lightweight, easy to adjust, and has a smooth dual cam system with cable stops for a changeable back wall. Rated at speeds up to 286 fps, this bow is not deemed very fast in today's world, but as many know, speed helps, but is not a deciding factor in most cases. The fact it is available from 40 to 70 lbs in adjustable increments of ten pounds, plus a large brace height and axle-to-axle measurement make this bow the perfect one to get you into the sport of Archery!


This bow is only available in Trebark's Big Woods Camouflage. It would be nice to have at least one more finish option, but there are very few bows in this category that have this option. There are no finish turning marks noticeable, flaws in the camo film finish, or burs in the machining process; it is a solidly built shooting machine. The factory strings are surprisingly well constructed, lasting upwards of four years if taken care of meticulously. For a low-priced bow targeted for beginners, you will not be disappointed with the overall fit and finish.


This bow is CNC machined out of a solid piece of 6061 aluminum. Compared to other models being produced with three separate pieces, this style is much more dependable and includes less room for error in the manufacturing process. It includes a common straight cable rod with a plastic cable slide, but can be replaced with an angled rod to nearly reduce all horizontal torque created at full draw. Although there are not many cutouts in the riser itself, this bow is still efficiently designed to be around half the weight of higher end models. This bow is available in right or left handed models, perfect for the unsure of his shooting style at the moment.


The Parker Buck Hunter includes a redesigned version of their Power-Tuff composite limbs made by Gordon. Coming in three different styles for coordinating weight ranges of 40-50#, 50-60#, and 60-70#, this bow is adjustable for the average teenager as well as the beginner adult hunter. The Buck Hunter may not be the most compact at 35 1/2" ATA, however that large measurement creates a generous buffer of shootability and forgiveness found normally in expensive target shooting rigs. The rotating module with 6" of draw length adjustability is an invaluable asset, changeable with the simple act of rotating a module on both cams with an allen wrench. As with most other bows on the market, the draw weight can be easily adjusted without a press with a simple turn of the limb bolts equally on each side with an allen wrench. There are no vibration reducers of any sort factory installed, and doing so might decrease the overall vibration output of the limb system.


Parker's low-wrist Kraton grip incorporates an in-line technology to keep your hand from applying unnecessary torque to the bow. Made out of their Synprene rubber, it is very comfortable and warm to the touch compared to metal grips or sideplates. The grip may be a little larger than most, but the overall thickness is on the low end of the spectrum, so it is perfect for beginning archers to get used to.

Eccentric System

Parker's dual cam design that comes with the Buck Hunter is rated to 286 fps IBO, and is comfortable to hold at any draw weight due to its 80% letoff measurement. This bow is known for that being a true IBO speed, however the 60# and 50# lb max versions will not come close to the speed the 70# lb version will. The cam system utilizes a rotational mod system, as well as dual yokes for the ability to fine tune and sync the cams efficiently. They also incorporate a somewhat softer cable stop at each cam and external spacers matched to create a perfect centershot situation.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Parker Buck Hunter's draw cycle is extremely smooth, due to the soft, round shape of the cams and the pre-flexion of the limbs. Peaking about half way to the back wall, it contains an extremely generous valley. A forgiving 7" brace height allows for more accuracy, even though it may deduct from some speed noticeable in bows with shorter brace heights. Similarly, this bow stands out from the rest with a 35.5" axle-to-axle measurement. Long enough to be ideal for target shooters, it utilizes this design for maximum shootability. At full draw, the solid limbs, large valley, dual cable stops, and slim grip create an easy to hold shooting platform. Although it is very minimal, the bow does have a little jump due to its low weight and lack of factory-included string stop, but it is nothing an inexpensive stabilizer won't remediate.

Silencing Package

The only stabilizing or dampening accessory included on this quality bow is the synprene grip. Since there aren't any cutouts engineered into the riser itself, the vibration created has a lot of room to work with, but it can be remedied. The addition of a string stop, string silencers, limb dampeners, or even a cable rod dampener would surely do this bow justice.


BowParker Buck HunterParker Phoenix EZ Draw
Version 2009 XP2006
PictureParker Buck HunterParker Phoenix EZ Draw
Brace Height7.25 "7.75 "
AtA Length32.25 "34 "
Draw Length26 " - 31 "27 " - 32 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 70 lbs40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed286 fps285 fps
Weight3.9 lbs3.9 lbs
Let-Off75% 65% or 80%
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Compared to the Parker Phoenix EZ Draw, the Parker Buck Hunter is faster, lighter, and a more inexpensive shooting machine. Although they are similar, the Phoenix has an IBO of 285, likely due to the fact of its shorter 34" ATA. The Phoenix is heavier and more expensive, at 3.9 lbs bare bow and $619 respectively. The only advantages to the nearly $350 "upgrade" are a 3/4" increase in brace height and inch longer of draw length adjustment. Overall, at $289 new for the bare bow, it is very difficult to find a better bow for the money in Parker's lineup, as well as many other manufacturers'.

Usage Scenarios

The Buck Hunter, being at a somewhat longer axle-to-axle, is designed to give the most forgiveness. Even though many hunting bows are created with similar measurements, this bow is designed more for the backyard archer, target puncher, or 3D enthusiast. Is it doable to successfully hunt with this bow? For sure. But the inconvenience of the longer axle to axle in treestands may compel the hunter to look at another one of Parker's options.


Parker Bows has created a top notch performer for the range, target, or woods. Utilizing a simple, efficient dual cam system and a plethora of draw weight and length options, this is the perfect bow for beginning archers or seasoned professionals alike. It may not be the quietest, but the money saved versus buying a more expensive compound can be utilized towards higher quality accessories to complement any bow. All in all, if you are at all looking for a reasonable bow to try before fully delving into the sport of archery, do yourself a favor and check out the Buck Hunter by Parker Bows.

User Reviews

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works for me

Version: 2007 Parker Buck Hunter XP


Pros: the grip, the price, durability, accuracy

Cons: loud

Full review:

this is the first bow i've ever owned. i bought it off ebay it came with a 3 pin sight, a rubber hose style peep sight, a small damper/stabilizer, and a cheap little 2 prong arrow rest. it was maxed out in weight and draw length. after getting it tuned and fitted to me i was able to group pretty well after 5-10 practice sessions. the grip is great, it doesn't dig into your hand but may also make it more susceptible to wrist torque as i sometimes experience this when i pick it back up after a while. i swapped the rest for a whisker biscuit, and added limb dampers to get rid of some of the buzz (it is quite noisy as stated in the review), d loop and use a scott shark release. i can group 1 inch out to 30 yd, probably about 4 or 5 inches at 40 but i usually only practice out to 30. my draw is 28" and weight is 56#. it is a great bow, i've killed 5 deer with it and don't plan on replacing it any time soon. i've dropped it from a 30 foot high tree stand and only gotten a little scratch on the lower cam. with the limb dampers it has quieted down to about the same as my friends' bows. i still haven't done anything else to it, the string and cables all seem fine with minimal fraying after about 8 or 10 years. all in all a very good beginners bow. i'm very happy with it. i would like to upgrade some day, but can't really justify it right now since it works fine

My first compound

Version: 2007 Parker Buck Hunter XP


Pros: Extremely easy to use superbly accurate for the price.

Cons: Stabilizer blew out and leaked, grip screws became lose and got lost.

Full review:

I never had a compound bow, this was sold to me by a friend and I thought this was a decent bow, as I could group incredibly well. Now that I'm getting more familiar I know there's way better bows out there for target shooting but I'm planing on keeping this one anyway. Shooting it well it's extremely easy, very forgiving, easy to pull, the let off is very nice and very conductive to accurate shooting, so far super reliable for me, other than a leaky stabilizer and lose grip screws, which is a non issue.

Very smooth and accurate.

Version: 2006 Parker Buck Hunter


Pros: Lightweight, easy to hold at full draw.

Cons: Nothing.

Full review:

Use this bow for a back up for my Mathews. Shoots straight. Let my friends use it from downstate when deer hunting. Paid $50 on CL included release and arrows. Very satisfied. Love my Mathews too. Thank you.

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