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Parker Inferno

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  • Affordably priced at $499
  • Forgiving 7.5-inch brace height
  • Bare bow mass of 3.75 pounds


  • A little hand shock


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Editors' review

The Parker Inferno is a budget priced bow with features much outside its price range. Weighing in at only 3.75 pounds with a 7.5-inch brace height, a roller guard, a reverse mount string stop system, and velocity up to 330 feet per second the Inferno has specifications that bows twice it price have. A micro adjust draw stop aides the solid back wall of this smooth shooting hunting bow. Shooters on a budget looking for high end features should give the Inferno an opportunity.


Parker offers one finish pattern for the Inferno and it is the Next G-1 Vista pattern. This really is a great looking pattern that appears to blend in to a variety of surroundings. Shooters will also enjoy the blemish-free finish and how great the Parker logo appears on the bow.


The Inferno riser is machined aluminum with cutouts making it extremely light. There is a rear mounting string stop system that can be adjusted to match the shooters needs. Directly in front on this stabilizer is a front mounting stabilizer hole for those wanting to mount a stabilizer to their bow. The roller guard is also a high-end feature not appearing on most budget bows. This is a really nice feature adding a distinguished look and feel to the bow. A braided sling is also added to the riser and comes standard with all the rigs. There is also thumb carry grove in the riser shelf helping with the comfort of the bow and how it fits in the hand of the user.


Again, the Inferno grip is a high-end touch to the looks and design of the bow. The two-piece walnut buried wood grip looks really great and is decently comfortable as well. Although the grip is a little boxy feeling, it is still rather comfortable and is easily repeatable. After shooting the bow for a while, the grip does become a better fit and starts to feel a little better.


The Inferno limbs come in the camo pattern finish as well giving the bow a uniform look. The red Parker limbs make the camo pattern very appealing and helps the name stand out in a good way. The Extreme Parallel limbs help cancel out vibration and noise as the arrow is released by working in opposite directions of each other. They are held to the bow using what Parker calls the "Micro-lite vented limb pockets." The limb pockets seems to be functional and spread out the stress put on the limbs reaching full draw. The life of the limbs is sure to withstand normal shooting conditions as well as any other limb in the industry. With maximum draw weight available in 60 and 70 pounds, most shooters will be able to find their draw weight range for the Inferno.

Eccentric System

The Parker Inferno cam system offers draw lengths of 26-31-inches and includes all the modules needed to change the draw to match the shooter. The draw stop helping with a very solid back wall is also micro adjustable so shooters can get the best fit for what feels the best for them. With 80% let off and speeds reaching up to 320 feet per second, the Parker single cam is very efficient and high performing.

Draw Cycle / Shootability

The Inferno stands out as a very smooth drawing bow, especially for the purchase price. Single cams are known for relatively smooth draw cycles, and the Inferno does not disappoint. Transitions are hardly noticed as shooters go through the cycle to meet the solid draw stop aided back wall. The bow does allow a little creep while at full draw, but still keeps the shooter honest with continuing to pull into the shot. After the arrow is released, there is some noticeable hand shock although the noise level does not seem to be too bad. The hand shock is a bit less after adding a stabilizer, but it is still noticeable. Surprisingly, the short 30 3/8 axel-to-axel measurement is rather sturdy at full draw allowing the shooter to hold steady on the target throughout the shot. Overall, the bow shoots much better than one would expect from a budget bow.

Usage Scenarios

The 30 3/8 axel-to-axel measurement makes the Inferno very competitive with other short hunting bows on the market. With great maneuverability for a ground blind or treestand and an overall mass of 3.75 pounds for easy carrying during a spot and stalk the Inferno meets the demands of any hunting situation. Combined with a smooth draw, a generous valley, and a solid back wall, Parker has created a great option for budget minded folks looking for a hunting rig.

Package Options

Parker offers the Inferno in a package for those wanting to have a complete set up from the factory. For $599.95, shooters will get the Parker Inferno Outfitter Package equipped with: four-arrow quick-detach quiver, a three-pin fiber optic sight, a Whisker Biscuit or Hostage full containment arrow rest, a peep sight, and a nock.For $799.95, Parker offers the Inferno Firestorm Package. This package includes: six carbon express carbon arrows, Tru-Fire T1 broadheads, six field points, an SKB hard case, a six-inch stabilizer, and everything included in the Outfitter Package as well.Although some shooters will want to accessorize their own bow with after market accessories, being able to choose between the two packages is a welcomed option.


Parker has come a long way in creating a user-friendly smooth drawing compound bow. The smooth drawing cams shooting up to 330 feet per second may be enough to cancel out the hand shcok and bulky grip. The Inferno is offered at a great price and features high-end technology and shootability. With lots of adjustability and the options to fully accessorize the Inferno from the factory, for the same price as most high-end bows, the Parker Inferno should not be overlooked. With the mass of 3.75 pounds and a 30 3/8 axel-to-axel measurement, the Parker Inferno would do a great job as a new hunting bow.

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