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  • Affordable $599 price tag
  • Tons of high-end bow technologies including a roller guard, adjustable back wall, and a tunable string stop system
  • Single cam speeds up to 325 feet per second with a 7-inch brace height


  • Only one finish option
  • Accessories are needed to reduce the handshock


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Editors' review

Parker does not spend much money on advertising their bows and lots of their money goes in to producing a high quality bow at a reasonable price. With high-end features typically reserved for top of the line bows, the Python uses lots of great technology to produce a budget minded hunting bow that performs better than its price tag. Although they may not offer a list of finish options or come with a television commercial the Python is a great bow at an even better price that deserves a test shot.


The Python is available in one finish option. The camo pattern available is known as Premium Camo. This pattern incorporates lots of neutral colors with a splash of green here and there. Although there is nothing fancy about the Python finish, it is flawlessly done covering all hard to reach areas without any noticeable imperfections.


Like other Parker bows, the riser is machined aluminum with cutouts designed to eliminate excess weight while maintaining the strength of the riser and the bow's longevity. The riser features a deluxe tunable string suppressor, which can help give shooters the exact feel they are looking for. Directly in front of the rear mount string stop there is a stabilizer-mounting hole for adding weight or a vibration dampener in front of the shooters hand. The Python riser also features the deluxe roller guard, which adds a nice quality touch to a budget minded bow.


The ergonomic two-piece deep walnut finish grip fits very well in the shooters hand. Other Parker models have a slightly bulky grip that is hard to get a repeatable hand position on. The Python grip is decently comfortable and helps align the shooters hand in the proper position to eliminate torque while maintaining proper form. Aside from the comfort of the grip, the walnut finish helps add to the overall look of the bow. This high-end touch really shows how classy this bow is.


The Python features Extrme Parallel Split Limbs that come finished in the Premium Camo pattern. The limb graphics are really cool looking and really help add to the overall appearance of the bow. Limbs are available in draw weights of 50-60 pounds and 60-70 pounds. The limbs attach to the riser using Parker's exclusive fulcrum pocket system. This gives the limbs an exact point to pivot on making the limbs more uniform in dispersing the stress upon reaching full draw ultimately improving accuracy.

Eccentric System

The Python cam comes in draw lengths of 26-30-inches with the draw length modules being included with the bow. The 80% let off single cam produces acceptable speeds of 325 feet per second. The good thing about Parker speed ratings is they are realistic and achievable. The Python cam also comes with tunable draw stops for a precision back wall. This customization option is very handy is setting the valley of the bow and how it feels while reaching full draw.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Python has a super smooth draw cycle for any bow, not to mention a budget bow. The draw cycle is a great mix of smooth draw and fast speeds. The cycle transitions are hardly noticeable and there is no hump before getting to the draw stop aided back wall. Shooters will feel no creep with the Python cams and the 80% let off makes the bow very easy to hold at full draw to wait for the perfect shot. Although the string stop works very well, the use of a stabilizer is highly recommended. The overwhelming majority of shooters uses a stabilizer anyways, but without on there will be some noticeable hand shock. Using a stabilizer all but eliminates this buzz after the arrow release though. Python shooters do love how quiet the bow is though despite the little bit of buzz in the riser. For a 30-inch axel-to-axel bow it holds very well in target, in part to being a touch on the heavy side at 4.25 pounds.

Usage Scenarios

The Python was made to be a hunting bow. With many manufacturers producing a short hunting bow, Parker has done a nice job staying competitive in this area. Combined with 325 feet per second, a forgiving seven-inch brace height, and draw customization capabilities, the Python has a lot to offer people.

Package Options

For an extra $100 shooters can select to put the Outfitters package on their new rig. The factory installed accessories come pre-installed and tuned from the factory. The Outfitter Package includes: a Whisker Biscuit or Hostage arrow rest, a three-pin fiber optic sight, a 4-arrow quiver, a peep, and a nock.

Parker Python vs. Parker Inferno

BowParker PythonParker Inferno
Version 20132012
PictureParker PythonParker Inferno
Brace Height7 "7.5 "
AtA Length30 "30.375 "
Draw Length26 " - 31 "26 " - 31 "
Draw Weight50 lbs - 70 lbs50 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed325 fps320 fps
Weight4.25 lbs3.75 lbs
Let-Off80% 80%
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The Python and the Inferno are roughly the same axel-to-axel and speed. The heavier weight of the Python could lead to increased stability although the lightweight design of the Inferno may be more desirable to carry around hunting all day. The Parker Inferno has solid limb construction while the Python feature split limbs. Shooters with a preference in this area will be able to choose between the two rather easily based on what they like.


Although shooters may pass up the Python because it is classified as a "budget bow," shooters are given tons of really nice high-end features. It is truly spectacular how great this bow draws and shoots. With desirable hunting specifications, good speed, and the ability to personalize the draw many shooters will be able to get over the lack of finish choices offered on the Python.

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