Ross Crave 33.5 Review

Ross Crave 33.5

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  • Smooth drawing bow capable of an IBO 335 feet per second
  • No vibration after that shot
  • Very stable when holding on target


  • 6.5-inch brace height may be a little short for some


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Editors' review

The Ross Crave 33.5 is an impressive bow at a decent MSRP price of $749.99. The 33.5-inch axel to axel crave holds very well on target and has a dual limb draw stop making the back wall very solid. Combined with a smooth draw and decent IBO speeds up to 335 feet per second, the Ross Crave would make a great multi-purpose bow for a hunter looker for a bow that would perform well at 3d shoots during the summer.


Ross offers two dipped finish options for the Crave 33.5, which both look great and are flawlessly done. The first option is the camo pattern for hunters wanting to blend in to their surroundings. The Realtree camo pattern looks great with the stock Winners Choice string and cables. For those shooters wanting the popular black out look, Ross offers this as an option as well. Again, the all black riser and limbs looks great and has no blemishes at all. Even the inside of the riser cutouts are coated well.


Ross uses an extreme lightweight fully machined aluminum riser of the Ross Crave. The Crave 33.5 offers several dampening mechanisms incorporated in the riser's design that helps eliminate residual vibration causing noise making the bow very quiet. The first dampener is located on the rear mounting string stop system. Also helping with the string stop vibration is a front mounting stabilizer bushing for shooters wanting a front mounting stabilizer. Located in the riser cutouts around the limb pockets, there are two incorporated dampeners Ross refers to as DRT riser dampeners. These dampeners also work together directing the vibration away from the shooters hand. The Crave 33.5 also comes with the Ross extra wide broad head guard on the riser shelf to protect the shooters hand. Perhaps the best riser design seen on the Crave riser is the enhanced sight picture window. Shooters should not have any of the sight housing blocked by the edge of the riser.


The Ross Crave 33.5 comes with a side plated Slimline grip that fits very comfortably in the shooters hand. The grip has a great feel and is very repeatable adding to increased accuracy. The Ross grip feels more like Ross grips of old as compared to the all-plastic one-piece grips they have produced on more recent bows. Regardless of what shooters are currently used to, the Crave grip is an easy transition.


The Ross composite limbs come in a variety of options to match most shooters needs. The limbs are available in ten-pound increments in maximum draw weights of 50, 60, and 70 pounds. The dual locking limb pockets perform well and use a neat technology. The pockets securely lock the limbs in place in two separate locations. Along with this, the limbs pivot slightly to allow for better efficiency along with a more repeatable shot. Each solid construction limb has a vibration dampener to further eliminate the residual vibration resulting in a quieter release as well.

Eccentric System

Like other Ross bows, the Crave offers a modular draw length adjustment to accommodate half-inch increments from 27-31-inches. This offers an inch longer draw length than previous Ross bows, which will give longer draw shooters another option. ABEC 5 sealed bearings smoothly operate the cams rotation, and each cam is equipped with a draw stop post, which rolls around to contact the top and bottom limbs creating a solid back wall. The 80% let off is not adjustable, but they do produce a decnt IBO speed of 335 feet per second.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

At 335 feet per second, shooters will be pleasantly surprised with the draw cycle of the Crave, which is amazingly smooth. The Crave draw is very nice with no humps or noticeable transitions. The cams draw stop post rolls around to contact the top and bottom limb. This makes the back wall extremely solid. With a 33.5-inch axel to axel measurement, the Crave holds very stable on target and combined with the solid back wall, makes the Crave an easy bow to shoot. After the arrow is released, there is a faint thumb sound and no notable hand shock. The bow stays on target very well even after the shot. Accuracy is not an issue with the Crave's favorable draw, quick speeds, and longer frame.

Usage Scenarios

The Ross Crave 33.5 is a perfect multipurpose bow. Designed with hunting in mind, the Crave's draw cycle, speed, and axel to axel measurement is also rather appealing to 3d and target shooters as well. Although serious target archers have better options available to them, those interested in a hunting bow that can withstand the test of weekend archery shoots, the Crave is worth looking into. Shooters also have the option to choose between the Realtree camo pattern of the all black design, both of which will work on the range or in the field.


The Ross Crave offers a lot for a decent MSRP of $749.99. Those shooting the Crave will love the smooth draw cycle and solid back wall. Holding on target is effortless, and the shot is finished with a dull thumb noise and no hand shock at all. Some shooters are leery about shooting a bow with a brace height under 7-inches. However, the 335 feet per second combined with a smooth draw may make a believer out of some of the naysayers. The ability for the Crave 33.5 to be a multipurpose bow may entice shooters to try out the bow. Be careful when test shooting this bow because shooters may like it enough to buy it.

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