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Ross HIT

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  • Great draw cycle
  • Adjustable draw stop to create a custom feel
  • Great specifications for a target bow


  • Could come with the option of adjust the letoff

Editors' review

With a 36.5-inch axel-to-axel measurement and a 26.5-inch riser, the HIT holds very well on target and is as shock free as any bow after the shot. With an effortless draw cycle, 80% let off, and an adjustable draw stop post the accuracy of this target rig is outstanding. Those interested in a true target bow may find the features combined with the $799 price tag may be what some shooters are looking for.


The HIT is finished off through a dipping process that is done very well. The bow comes with the options other Ross bows come with in the Realtree camo pattern and the stealth black option. However, the HIT Competition offers two more target options with target orange and target blue. Just like other Ross finish options, the HIT and the HIT Competition colors look really great on the bow. Shooters will not find any issues with the finish, and it completely covers all sections of the riser and limbs.


The HIT riser is produced using the same lightweight aluminum material the other Ross models are made from. The 26.5 inch riser allows shooters to hold very steady on the target and it helps cancel out any vibration that is left after the arrow has been released. The HIT uses the old standard cable guard slide system that comes with a Limbsaver dampener to also help with controlling the vibration of the bow. The rear mounting string stop system works really well transferring vibration out to the front mounting stabilizer target shooters are sure to be using. With everything being directly in line, eliminating noise-causing vibration is almost completely effective. The riser is also equipped with the new DRT riser dampeners, which are located close to the dual locking limb pockets for even more dampening devices on the HIT target rig.


As with other Ross models, the HIT sports the Slim line grip, which is side plated and extremely comfortable. For those shooting with a relaxed grip, the slim line grip works perfectly. The thin neck is great for hand placement and the thicker back fits very nicely in the shooters hand.


Ross uses a composite limb technology for their bows and the HIT and HIT Competition bows stay with this trend as well. The ten-pound limbs are available in maximum weights of 50, 60, and 70 pounds. They are held to the riser by what Ross calls Dual Locking Limb Pockets. These pockets allow the limbs to pivot while reaching full draw, and are secured in two different spots. The HIT pockets are black like those seen on other Ross bows. However, the HIT Competition limb pockets are a silver color and look really great with the orange and blue target color options.

Eccentric System

The two-track dual sync modular cam system flings an IBO arrow of speeds up to an achievable 332 feet per second. With half inch increments between 27-31-inches, the HIT target rig will fit most shooters. The integrated limb stop is adjustable as well so shooters can fine-tune the valley and the overall feel of the bow to a certain degree. The 80% let off is not adjustable, but for a target bow, the 80% let off offers a really nice feel at full draw allowing shooters to float the pin without having to fight the cam system.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The HIT bow is a nice shooting target rig. With great specifications including a 36.5-inch axel to axel measurement, a 7-inch brace height, and 332 feet per second the HIT does not disappoint. The draw cycle is a little stiff, but smooth. The draw cycle builds up relatively quickly toward the front of the draw cycle, and the transitions are barely felt. The back wall is somewhat adjustable by moving the draw stop posts that contact the top and bottom limb. However, the factory settings feel great and works together to create a very solid feel. Along with an 80% let off, the solid back wall, and long riser make this bow easy to hold on target. Serious 3d shooters and target archers will find the draw cycle and lack of noise and hand shock after the shot a really great option.

Usage Scenarios

The HIT and HIT Competition are bows designed for target archers. However, hunters who prefer a longer bow may find the HIT to fit their personal shooting style. The long riser, and decent brace height looks really great on paper for a target rig, and after shooting the bow, shooters will not be disappointed in how it feels or how it performs.


The Ross HIT and the HIT Competition are great options for shooters interested in a target bow. Although other models may offer for tuning options for the average tinkerer, the HIT has an adjustable back wall that can change the feel of the draw somewhat. With great looking specs on paper, the bow performs very well also. A forgiving 7-inch brace height, 332 feet per second, and a shock free release make the HIT a very desirable target bow for shooters looking in the $799 price range.

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