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Ross Just Like Dads

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  • Comes bare bow or completely set up
  • Lots of adjustability for growth with younger shooters
  • 80% let off


  • Package offers lower end accessories

Editors' review

When looking for a bow for younger archers it is crucial that the rig has a wide range of adjustability to meet the needs of a growing shooter. Ross' Just Like Dad's has 10-inches of draw length adjustment and 30 pounds of draw weight adjustment. The 27-inch axel-to-axel measurement is comfortable for the shorter draw length shooters and long enough to still be comfortable for shooters at the taller end of the draw length adjustment. With decent speeds for a kids bow, the Just Like Dad's offers everything that it should along with accessories for those interested. Bare bow price is #379.99 and the package price is $419.99.


Just Like Dad's is finished the same way the rest of the Ross bows are and is offered in two different options. Stealth black is a popular choice, but those interested in a camo bow have the option of the Realtree camo pattern. The finish is applied during a dipping process and it looks really great when finished.


The extreme lightweight fully machined aluminum riser helps keep the overall weight of the bow down, with the entire rig weighing in at just less than 3 pounds. Equipped with a traditional cable guard slide, and a rear mounted string suppressor, the Just Like Dad's bow has some really great features. The riser length is 26.5-inches, which is almost the entire length making the young shooters bow very stable and forgiving.


The Slimline grip featured on the Ross adult bowline up also comes standard on the youth bow as well. It is a great design for younger archers that should help them establish good grip technique that will transfer over to better shooting when they get older.


The Ross composite limb material used on their adult bows is also used to create the limbs for the youth model. They also come equipped with Limbsaver limb dampeners as well. They also come with a 30-pound range of adjustment from 20-50-pounds. This range allows for the bow to adapt to growing shooters. Those able to pull more weight will have lots of options available to them, but very few compounds have a draw weight range under 40 pounds. This amount of adjustability all from the same limb is a great advantage of the Just Like Dad's.

Eccentric System

The cam is a modular cam offering 10-inches of draw length adjustability. Again, the key to a great youth bow is the ability to adapt and change as the shooter grows. The Just Like Dad's bow does this with draw length available from 18-28-inches. With an 80% let-off, the rig is easy enough to hold at full draw especially when the draw weight fits the shooter as well. The draw is smooth, and very easy for younger shooters to control from start to finish as well. The cams also produce some great speed for a youth bow at 282 feet per second.

Package Option

For those interested in getting a complete package, Ross offers some nice starting accessories for another $40. The package includes a whisker stlye rest, a quiver, and a multi-pin sight. The accessories are not the best quality, but they are great options to get the younger archer all set up. Those getting the bow for shooters with a little more background in archery may want to accessorize the bow on their own. However, those getting the bow for a newbie will find the accessories get the job done.


Ross did a great job creating a youth bow with the Just Like Dad's model. The ability to change with growing shooters is the biggest advantage of the bow. With 30-pounds of draw weight adjustability and 10 inches of draw length range, the Just Like Dad's is sure to last a long time. Combined with a manageable cam system, and a 27-inch axel-to-axel measurement that is a comfortable size for all ranges of the available draw lengths, the Just Like Dad's is a bow anyone looking to get younger shooters started should take a serious look at.

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