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  • Bare bow weighs in at a mere 3.16 pounds
  • Forgiving brace height of 7.5-inches
  • Smooth drawing cams capable of IBO speeds of 320 feet per second


  • 30.5-inch axel to axel measurement may be a little short for longer draw shooters


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Editors' review

Ross is listening to the demands of what shooters are requesting. In response to an overwhelming amount of shooters looking for shorter lighter bows, the Ross Extreme Devastation (XD) does just that. Combined with a 7.5-inch brace height, a smooth draw cycle, a solid back wall and achievable IBO speeds of 320 feet per second, the XD is a bow many shooters have demanded and Ross has produced.


The XD finish is a result of dipping process that does a wonderful job getting all the hard to reach cutouts and details of the riser. Shooters who like matching camo accessories will love the Realtree Camo pattern that is available on many high-end accessories on the market today. Those who prefer the black out look will love the stealth black finish. Regardless of what shooters are looking for in a finish option, the XD will not have any visible defects and will look very sharp right out of the box.


The XD riser is made of lightweight aluminum, and is fully machined to help minimize the overall weight of the bow. The riser does an awesome job of eliminating weight with the overall mass of the bow weighing in at 3.16 pounds bare bow. Another neat thing about the riser is that it measures at a relatively long length of 22.25-inches compared to the axel-to-axel measurement of only 30.5-inches. Custom Limbsaver dampeners are located close to the limb pockets helping to eliminate the aftershock caused from the release of the arrow. These dampeners fit directly in the riser's cutouts. Mounting to the rear of the riser is a string suppressor that stops the forward movement of the string after the arrow is released. The soft rubber dampener does a great job not only eliminating residual vibration, but also transferring the remaining vibration toward the front mounting stabilizer should shooters decide to use one. Rounding out the riser features on the XD is the broad head guard that protects the shooters hand from sharp blades.


The Slim line grip continues to be the grip of choice on Ross bows, and the XD is no exception. Unlike the plastic grips of some older model Ross bows, the two-piece side plate grip for the XD is a much better fit and feel for most shooters. The grip has a thin neck but flattens out and gets a little wider in the back, which fits very well in the hand of all shooters. The best part about the slim line grip is that it is repeatable. This means shooters will have a more consistent grip, which will hopefully allow for a more consistent shot.


The XD composite limbs are the same as the rest of the Ross lineup. Each set of limbs is adjustable in ten-pound increments with maximum draw weights of 50, 60, and 70 pounds. The limbs also come with stock Limbsaver limb dampeners to help eliminate even more vibration after the arrow has been released. The block lettering of the Ross logo found on both limbs looks great on both finish options as well.

Eccentric System

The Ross XD single cam system produces some really great IBO speeds of 320 feet per second along with an 80% letoff. The best part about the speed is that it is completely achievable, and not exaggerated. This means, shooters will not be disappointed with their set up and attempting to produce decent velocity. The modular draw length adjustment is available in half-inch increments between 25-30-inches. With an 80% letoff, and an adjustable integrated limb stop, the XD has the ability to adjust the feel of the draw for shooters who like to tinker with their rigs a little bit.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

Shooters are going to love the achievable 320 feet per second from a bow with a brace height of 7.5-inches. The draw on this bow is the smoothest offered in the current Ross lineup. With an adjustable draw stop that contacts the limb, and an 80% let off, the bow is extremely easy to hold at full draw in any given situation. There are no major humps in the draw cycle, and the peak weight comes very early in the draw cycle. The transitions are very smooth, and the bow is shock free after the release of the arrow. There is a little kick after the shot, but the bow feels really great after the shot. It is also a very silent bow after the release of the arrow. With all the combined dampening devices located on the bow, this is to be expected. Accuracy-wise, the XD is very forgiving with a 7.5-inch brace height. Overall, the bow is a dream to shoot, and should match the needs of many shooters.

Usage Scenarios

The Extreme Devastation bow is designed with hunting in mind. Although the bow shoots accurately, and is very forgiving with the 7.5-inch brace height and IBO speeds of 320 feet per second, there are better options available for serious target and 3d shooters. The XD is ultra light and would be a dream to pack a long ways on hunting trips. The desirable short axel-to-axel measurement makes for an easily maneuverable bow in a ground blind or in a treestand.

Ross XD vs. Ross Crave 31.5

BowRoss XDRoss Crave 31.5
Version 2012 (Xtreme Devastation)2012 DRT
PictureRoss XDRoss Crave 31.5
Brace Height7.5 "6.5 "
AtA Length30.5 "31.5 "
Draw Length25 " - 30 "26 " - 30 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 70 lbs40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed320 fps335 fps
Weight3.16 lbs3.8 lbs
Let-Off80% 80%
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Both of these bows have some appeal for shooters interested in a shorter axel-to-axel bow. The XD is about a half a pound lighter, and about 15 feet per second slower. However, it has an inch longer brace height and a little smoother draw being a single cam. The decision comes down to shooter preference, but shooters on a budget may be drawn to the price tag of the XD being $225 cheaper than the Ross Crave 31.5


Ross truly listened to what shooters have been asking for over the last couple of years, and that is a shorter, lighter bow that produces decent speeds. The XD is exactly that. Although there is a major push for this bow, there are some shooters that desire a longer axel to axel measurement and a little more weight. For shooters like that, the XD is not for them. However, for the bow hunter interested in achievable IBO speeds of 320 feet per second, combined with a longer brace height of 7.5-incehs all in a lightweight package, the XD is a wonderful option worth a test shot.

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Smooth, accurate----great bow hunter !!

Version: 2012 Ross XD


Pros: Light weight, smooth draw and extremely consistent.

Cons: NOTHING !!!

Full review:

Smooth draw, consistently accurate----I do not practise a great deal ----however because of the solid wall, adjustability I practise @ 40-50 yards. I can shoot farther with a greater confidence. Setup----Cobra 3 pin optic, QuickTune 360 rest, Scott release, gold tip carbon arrow, 60 lbs.

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