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Strother Moxie

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  • Smooth drawing Badger cams produce IBO speeds up to 330 feet per second
  • 37.5- inch axel-to-axel measurement for target shooting stability
  • Generous brace height of 7 3/8-inches
  • Very balanced at full draw


  • A little hand shock
  • Relatively new bow company


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Editors' review

The Strother Moxie is a really great target-shooting bow with some amazing specifications. With fast speeds up to 330 feet per second, a generous 7 3/8 brace height, and a smooth draw cycle, the Moxie proves to be a great option for the serious target archer or those who enjoy a longer axel-to-axel bow. Buyers should not be nervous about the Strother brand as they have proven technologies and great craftsmanship in all areas.


The Moxie finish is completed through a standard dipping process, and the end result looks really great. The finish is free from blemishes and has a really catchy appearance. Strother offers three different options for their shooters. The first option is Black Death, which has a black riser accompanied with black limbs. For shooters wanting a camo pattern, Strother offers Realtree AP, and Predator 3D Deception. There are not many manufacturers offering Predator camo patterns on bows, so shooters looking for a unique camo pattern, this may be an option to look into.


With a 37.5-inch axel-to-axel measurement, the riser makes up most of this measurement allowing shooters to hold very steady on target. The cutouts are nothing fancy, but serve the purpose of eliminating extra weight while maintaining the strength of the riser. The riser also has a rear mounting string stop system sent from the factory to help cancel out vibration and noise caused after the arrow has been released. This string stop system is directly in line with the front mounting stabilizer hole as well. This also helps with continuing to move the vibration away from the shooters hand and to a stabilizer.

Strother archery also uses their unique Super-Glide Cable Slide system. Instead of using a moving cable guard or a roller guard that causes torque on the cables, Strother's Super-Glide remains stationary throughout the draw cycle. Instead, the simplistic design cuts down on moving parts and eliminates cable torque. Although it is a little goofy when you first look at it, it is very functional and performs very well.


The Moxie grip is a part of the riser. It consists of wooden side plates mounted on either side of the handle. The grip is also slightly curved to match the shape of the shooters hand and fit comfortably in the proper shooting position. Perhaps the best thing about the grip is its size, which is comfortably in the middle of thick grips and thin grips. Regardless of what shooters are used to, there is sure to be an easy transition to the Strother Moxie grip. Overall, the grip feels great and the way it positions the shooters hand is sure to be much more repeatable offering shooters a more consistent shot.


Precision Limb Technology utilizes strength and consistent tolerances through lots of testing. The fiberglass composite limbs are then coated with materials that Strother says will strengthen the limbs even more. This strong, long lasting limb is a great option to have making the shot more repeatable shot after shot. Shooters have the option to choose from maximum draw weights of 40, 50, 60, 70, and 80 pounds, and can adjust 10 pounds lower than the maximum. The split limb construction is simplistic in design and looks, but is sure to last a very long time under normal shooting conditions.

Eccentric System

The Strother Badger cam system is the most efficient cam system Strother has ever produced. The cam mounts all parts of the string and work together in a way that eliminates most tuning issues. The cams are DUAL SYNC cams, which are timed together and move in relation to each other. Along with this, the entire string is mounted solely to the cam, which uses two tracks instead or one. When using two tracks, the main load is closer to the cam axel. This helps minimize cam lean and more stress being put on one limb over the other. With the string completely mounting to the cam, timing issues, especially ones caused by string stretch are virtually eliminated. The Badger cam also comes in a variety of draw lengths ranging from 28-32.5-inches in half-inch increments. Although modules change the draw length, a press is required to change the module.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Badger cam draw cycle on the Moxie is great. The weight seems to stack up pretty quickly and draws very smoothly all the way to a dual string stop solid back wall. Shooters will not feel any draw transitions or humps in the draw cycle either. This smooth draw is also partnered with 80% let-off making the bow very easy to hold on target. The long axel-to-axel measurement makes this a very sturdy bow, especially at full draw. The balance is great a full draw as well. After the shot, there is a little bit of hand shock without the use of a stabilizer. If a stabilizer is installed, the vibration is virtually eliminated. The bow sits very firmly after the shot without wanting to lunge forward or side to side, which is really great. Overall, the bow draws really well, anchors at a solid wall, and holds very well on the target.

Strother Moxie vs. Strother SX Rush

Bow Strother Moxie Strother SX-Rush
Version 2012 2012
Picture Strother Moxie Strother SX-Rush
Brace Height 7.375 " 6.5 "
AtA Length 37.5 " 34 "
Draw Length 28 " - 32.5 " 26 " - 30.5 "
Draw Weight 40 lbs - 80 lbs 40 lbs - 80 lbs
IBO Speed 330 fps 342 fps
Weight 4.3 lbs 4.5 lbs
Let-Off 80 80%
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Both bows use the same Badger cam to get really great speeds combined with a smooth draw. They can also be used for target archery or bow hunting as well, but the shooter will have to decide which one is more important. The serious target shooter and occasional hunter will probably prefer the Moxie. Whereas, shooters interested in a hunting bow that can be used to shoot foam as well, may be more drawn to the Strother SX-Rush. Before making the final decision, it would be wise to shoot both rigs side by side and weigh the benefits and the shoot ability of each.

Usage Scenarios

The Moxie is a really great target-shooting bow with some good-looking specifications. For the serious target shooter, this bow will be a great option. The 37.5-inch axel-to-axel measurement may be a bit long for some in the tree, but for shooters more comfortable with a longer bow, the Moxie could be used there as well. With respectable speeds and a smooth draw, shooters will benefit a great deal from what Strother has to offer in the Moxie.


For those skeptical about buying a bow from a company that is fairly new to the industry, forget about it with the Strother Moxie. This bow feels and shoots as well in hand as it looks of paper. With lots of useful technology, and simplistic designs, every part of the Moxie is highly efficient and long lasting. For shooters interested in a target bow, this one has lots of adjustability, great speed, holds well on target and does not jump after the shot. Those in the market for a target rig should give the Strother Moxie a shot.
Strother Moxie Review5.051

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  1. You get what you pay for, this is excellent

    Version: 2012 Strother Moxie


    Pros: Really smooth and flat shooting, not overly heavy or long, and quiet. Best hunting I’ve ever bought. Can recommend highly

    Cons: There’s nothing I don’t like about this bow. Seriously.

    Full review:
    I’ve been into bow hunting now for about 37 years and in that time I’ve owned everything from a recurve to a longbow to a cam-compound. This one leaves them ALL in it’s wake. I’m a big bloke (191cm (6′3") and 93kg (205lb)) with a draw length of 31.5" and I hunt instinctively (ie: no sight, no release meechanism) therefore I needed something with a longer than usual A2A, and I found the perfect one. They might market it as a target bow, but it’s far and away the best hunting bow I’ve ever had the pleasure to own and use.

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