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  • Smooth draw
  • Dead in the hand
  • Good Speed


  • Limited color options


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Editors' review

The 2013 Strother Rush XT is a great bow that doesn't seem to get the attention that it deserves. It has an attractive new riser design and it also offers a new camo option of Realtree AP Black. Strother is the only bow manufacturer that offers this color. Strother is a relatively new bow manufacturer that has done an excellent job in its quality bow production. Strother has produced a great, smooth drawing, speedy bow with the Rush XT that is fun and comfortable to shoot. It is also light and well balanced which improves its likeability for hunters.


There are only two color options available that include Predator Cam-3D Deception and the all new Realtree AP Black. It has been durable and seems to also be semi-glossy in texture. It doesn't have enough gloss to create a glare, but it is not dull and flat in texture either. The finish has not had any flaking or chipping complaints. Although there are only two choices for color with the Rush XT they both look awesome on the bow.


The Rush XT has a completely new riser for 2013 and it has a more modern look to it. Its' edges are more rounded and it combines with the limbs to create a 33 3/8" axel to axel measurement which is 5/8" shorter than last years SX Rush. It also is .25 lbs lighter than the SX Rush weighing 4.25 lbs. It has a string suppresser and a stainless steel stabilizer bushing connected to the riser.The somewhat longer riser with 6 3/8" brace height on this bow has shorter limbs. There is a unique limb pocket system on the Rush XT that enables center flex with the limbs. The all new ZT Loc-N-Cradle Limb System have a near zero tolerance limb lock. The cradle portion of the ZT Loc provides greater support to the limbs. This bow has a smooth shot and it is dead in the hand with no suppression. It is on the lengthy side for a hunting bow, but it produces a speedy shot and has virtually no torque. The shot is also smooth with no hand vibe.


The grip is nice and comfortable. It is consistent with the rest of the Strother line up. The wooden side plates feel great and have a simple concept. The squared edges of the riser at this point make it easier to get a steady hold on the grip. People with shorter fingers may prefer more rounded edges to get their hands around easier. It is well balanced in the hand and doesn't create any torque.

String Suppressers

The Rush XT has a string suppresser that is integrated into the riser and on the bottom half of it. It seems to work well with the bow whispering like it does at the shot. It dampens vibration that is present, but not terrible by any means. This suppresser looks well on the bow and not out of place.

Eccentric System

Strother has introduced the all new Badger Cam II for 2013. This dual cam system is the motor of the Rush XT. They provide exceptional performance with speed, efficiency, and energy. They produce a smooth draw that packs a little more of a punch than the original Badger Cam. The draw length on these cams is easily adjustable from 27" to 30" in .5" increments. The let off is 80% and it is available in 50, 60, 70, and 80lb. max draw weights. The IBO speed is advertised to be 345 fps. It may not be quite that fast, but it still has good speed. It seems the IBO may be a little high however.

Draw Cycle/Shoot Ability

The draw on the Rush XT is really smooth. The beginning of it starts out a little stiff, but it doesn't seem to get any harder through a hump before you're at full draw. There is not a big drop down into the valley feeling when at the back of the draw. To let the draw back down it will not jerk you forward suddenly either. It doesn't have the longest of valleys, however, it still seems to feel comfortable. The limb stops and string stops make for a nice solid back wall on this bow. This bow has great balance and is quite silent without a stabilizer, but some may prefer one. The Super Glide Cable Slide does a great job at keeping the draw cycle smooth by reducing friction along with being simple and separating the cables.

Silencing Package

This bow is nice and quiet thanks to the included string stop and also a large part due to the new ZT Loc-N-Cradle Limb System. This string suppresser stops and silences the string like it was meant to. Strother added nothing to the string for added silencing or to slow it down. Comparisons[VS]Strother-Rush-XT,Strother-Wrath-SHOThe Rush XT is the fast bow Strother makes and is neck and neck with the Wrath SHO in overall performance. The Rush XT is 3 3/16" longer axel to axel and about 10 fps faster IBO. It also has a 1" longer brace height than the Wrath SHO. The Rush XT is only .25 lbs. heavier. Both of these bows have there place with the Wrath SHO have a more compact design and a more forgiving brace height it is also slower. Some prefer the longer brace height and more compact design for hunting and others prefer more speed. It all depends on the individual and what they feel comfortable with. Both of these bows have the same MSRP of $850 which seems about right.

Perfect Usage

This is a great bow for many occasions including top shooters, 3D competition, and hunting. With its speed and comfort along with smoothness it would work great for any of the above uses. For some it may be too long for an ideal hunting bow, but it would be just right for hunters.


The Rush XT is an impressive bow to say the least. The dual Badger Cam II delivers a great feel with lots of energy behind it. The shorter brace height is still forgiving and shouldn't be shied away from. There is virtually no suppression at the shot creating that amazing "dead in th hand" feeling. The cool looking ZT Loc-N-Cradle Limb System doesn't only look good, but also quiet the shot. This combined with the new riser make for a nice looking new bow from Strother. It should be perfect for many different size and strengths coming available in 50lb. to 80lb. draw weights. Anyone in the market for a new bow should definitely put this one on there list to test shoot.

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Deer slayer.

Version: 2013 Strother Rush XT


Pros: Very fast, arrow splitting accurate, devastating power.

Cons: A bit long for ground hunting.

Full review:

I won this bow in a raffle last year, with a ticket I got when I bought my bear legion Legion. The Strothers is appreciably faster, as it should at twice the price. I've killed three deer with it and the arrow punched clean through all of them. Combined with the shwacker Broadhead this is a excellent tree stand hunting bow.

2014 Strother Rush XT is one bad bow !

Version: 2013 Strother Rush XT


Pros: Silky smooth, quiet, fast, excellent fit & finish.

Cons: No dealer in my immediate area.

Full review:

I just received my new 2014 Strother Rush XT yesterday ( 6/16/15 ), set it up and shot it today and can't tell you how impressed I am with this bow, initially. It has a silky smooth draw, very solid back wall, is whisper quiet, & no noticeable vibration. Its fast, its accurate, & forgiving. It looks great in the Predator 3D Deception camo. This is my 2nd Strother Archery bow. I purchased a SR-71 in 2011 and I absolutely love it. Its lightning fast, deadly accurate, and I have had 0 problems with it. I have shot Hoyt, & Mathews bows for years and I have no complaints about either bow, they are excellent bows. I still own a Hoyt Maxxis 31, Vipertech, a Mathews Drenalin, & a Reezen 6.5, and I am telling you straight up, Strother's bows are every bit as good.

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