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Strother SX-Rush

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Strother SX-Rush Review5.051 out of 1 user review


  • Badger cam is much smoother than previous Strother cams
  • Fast IBO speeds up to 342 feet per second
  • Wide range of draw length and draw weight adjustability


  • The company is relatively new to the industry
  • 4.5 bare bow weight may be a little heavy for some shooters


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Editors' review

Although Strother Archery is relatively new to archery industry, they are producing some really great bows. Based in Sandusky Michigan, the Strother SX Rush powered by the Badger Cam, is a fine sample of great engineering and wonderful shootability. With speeds up to 342 feet per second, an axel-to-axel measurement of 34 inches, and a 6.5-inch brace height the SX Rush is a really great option for those in the market for a new bow.


The Strother finish is a result of the industry standard dipping process. This process has been perfected and makes the SX Rush look really great without blemishes or imperfections of any kind. For this year's model there are three factory finish options. Shooters have the option of an all black finish known by Strother as "Black Death." For shooters who want a camo finish, there are two options available. The first option is Realtree AP. This is a popular camo pattern with plenty of accessories finished the same way for shooters who want matching accessories. Strother also has a unique option for Predator 3D Deception camo as well. Shooters wanting a camo pattern that does not look like other models, have a really great looking option here. Predator Camo proves to be a sought after pattern for clothing, but has not been a factory option for a bow until now. All three options are flawlessly done and look really great.


The SX Rush riser has a very unique look, but helps add to its attractiveness. With strategically placed cutouts for superior strength and stability, the riser helps minimize torque for a more repeatable shot. Like most bows, the riser features a rear mounting string stop system. Along with this comes a front mounting stabilizer hole, which is directly in line with the rear mounting one. This will help transfer vibration caused after the arrow has been released rather quickly.

Strother archery also features the "Super-Glide" cable slide technology, which is unlike any other system in the archery industry. Instead of the cables being contained in a typical cable slide or roller guard, the cables move freely within the "Super-Glide" system. This helps eliminate torque caused from the cables on the slide and ultimately on the riser. The "Super-Glide" is placed in a spot that allows the cables to stay out of the sight window as well.


The SX Rush grip is a torqueless grip with wooden side plates on each side. The grip is very comfortable, but has the potential to be rather chilly in some hunting conditions for those who prefer to hold their bow. Since the grip is part of the riser, it consists of the same material. The grip itself is rather comfortable and falls right in the middle in terms of size. It is not the largest grip available, and there are smaller options in the grip department also. Regardless of what shooters are used to, it will be an easy switch to the torqueless Strother grip. The slightly curved grip fits very comfortably in the shooters hand and requires proper hand placement, which will help improve accuracy.


Strother Archery uses split limbs for the SX Rush. Although the limbs look simple, they backed by Precision Limb Technology (PL Technology). The limbs are coated with materials Strother claims will structurally strengthen the limbs. Along with this, Strother claims the limbs hold their dimension and deflection tolerances better than any in the archery world. The limbs are highly customizable for all shooters offering ten pound adjustment increments. Maximum poundage limbs are available in 40, 50, 60, 70, and 80 pounds. Offering 40 pound and 80-pound limbs is an option sure to give most shooters what they are looking for

Eccentric System

The Strother Badger cam powers the SX Rush. Strother claims this is the most efficient cam system in the industry. With an 80% let-off, and module adjustment draw lengths in half-inch increments from 26-30.5 inches, the SX Rush will fit the majority of shooters. The Badger cam also has an added draw stop on the top and bottom cam to help make a solid back wall. These stops are adjustable as well. The Badger cams help produce IBO speeds of up to 342 feet per second.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The SX Rush draw cycle is an improvement from last year's SX-1. The speed from the SX 1 is still noticeable, but the hump has been eliminated with the Badger cams. The draw cycle of the Rush is smooth from start to finish. The transitions are so smooth; they are only noticed if the shooter is focused in on feeling them. While settling in to the draw stop aided solid back wall, shooters will not recognize the characteristic speed bow hump. There is a little creep with the bow at full draw, but it is very manageable and helps keep proper form. After the shot, the bow moves very little. Shooters will notice a little roll forward, but nothing side to side. It is quiet after the shot as well. With only a rear facing string stop system, this bow is surprisingly quite and shock free. There is virtually no noise with this bow. Hand shock is so minimal that shooters will have to really focus in to feel it as well. Overall, the SX Rush is a really great shooter with a smooth draw, fast speeds, and a silent release.

Strother SX Rush vs. Strother SX 1

Bow Strother SX-Rush
Version 2012
Picture Strother SX-Rush
Brace Height 6.5 "
AtA Length 34 "
Draw Length 26 " - 30.5 "
Draw Weight 40 lbs - 80 lbs
IBO Speed 342 fps
Weight 4.5 lbs
Let-Off 80%
Where to buy
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The SX Rush is the SX 1 replacement for 2012. The SX 1 is a wonderful shooting bow and proved to be very popular in the Strother shooters community. There were a few tweaks suggested for the SX 1 that shooters suggested, and their prayers seemed to be answered with the Rush. The draw cycle of the Rush is much smoother and does not have the hump SX 1 shooters complained about. The little vibration from the SX 1 has been lessened with the Rush as well. Both bows are great options, but shooters hung up on any of these issues from last year's Strother SX 1 will be happy to hear that Strother listened and created a bow in response to shooter feedback.

Usage Scenarios

The Sx Rush is a great option for a hunting bow or a target rig. The 34 inch axel to axel measurement is a little long when compared to some of today's hunting bows, but the stability of the longer riser will be a welcomed addition. Shooters interested in a target bow will love the speed the SX Rush is able to produce. This will help eliminate small errors in distance measuring and help shooters "Extend Your Range." Shooters interested in a longer axel-to-axel bow capable of great speeds should give the SX Rush a try.


The Strother SX Rush is not a "pretty" bow. It does not have all the bells and whistles that typically come on today's high-end bows. Those interested in a flashy bow to show off to their friends may want to look elsewhere. What shooters will notice is a bow that shoots extremely well. With a longer axel to axel measurement and faster speeds, the bow SX Rush will hold very well and the arrow will travel a relatively flat trajectory to reach its mark. Those keeping an open mind when going to purchase a new bow and not looking at brand name will find a really great shooter in the Strother SX Rush. This bow deserves a test shot by anyway in the market for a new multipurpose bow.
Strother SX-Rush Review5.051

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  1. This review is spot on…. I agree on every aspect

    Version: 2012 Strother SX-Rush


    Pros: The most impressionable part of this bow is its uncontrollable speed.

    Cons: The one thing that Strothers can improve on is the weight

    Full review:
    super speed…. That is the only thing that is uncontrollable…. the bow is dead, smooth draw, solid back wall and very silent shot. I hear my drop a way rest more then the bow. This with the new Victory VAP1 arrows is nothing less then devastating toward big game.

    The weight is easily overlooked because it is a little bit longer then most so obviously more material….. I love everything about the bow and for my first Strother am very happy and content, i have the Invasion but i found my self looking for the next great bow, now i have it and i dont have that feeling. I now find myself trying to find a target that will contain my arrows.

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