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Strother Wrath

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  • Smooth drawing Badger cam system with adjustable draw stops
  • IBO speeds up to 330 feet per second
  • 8-inch brace height
  • Wide range of draw length and draw weight adjustability


  • A slight hand vibration
  • Strother archery is a fairly new company in the bow industry

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Editors' review

Strother Archery produces some really great bows despite their short tenure in the archery business. The engineering of the Wrath combines the smooth drawing Badger cam system with an 8-inch brace height to produce really great speeds up to 330 feet per second IBO. With draw length adjustability of 27-31.5-inches in half-inch increments, shooters of all sizes will comfortably find their specs. Draw weights are also available from 40-80 pounds giving even more options for more shooters. Shooters in the market for a great hunting bow should give the Strother Wrath a test shoot.


Strother uses a dipping process for all their bow models, and the Wrath is no different. The camo pattern really looks great and Strother offers three finish options as well. Shooters interested in an all black bow have the Black Death option. For those interested in a camo pattern, there are two choices. Perhaps one of the most popular Strother camo options is Predator 3d Deception. This is a unique pattern that gives the Wrath a really great look. The other camo pattern available is Realtree AP, which also looks really great on the bow as well. Regardless of the shooters finish preference, the Wrath finish is done perfectly and will be blemish free.


The Strother Wrath riser design has a very distinguished look due to the placement of the mass reducing riser cutouts. The riser cutouts are very functional in maintaining strength, and lightening the overall weight. Like most bows today, the Wrath features a rear mounting string suppressor to help eliminate after the shot noise and vibration. This string stop is directly in line with a front mounting stabilizer hole as well. For shooters wanting a front counter weight, they have the option to do so. With it being directly in line with the rear-mounting stabilizer, vibrations will be transferred past the shooters hand further eliminating vibrations felt after the shot.

Strother archery uses their very own cable slide technology known as the Super Glide Cable Slide. This cable slide is very simplistic in design and proves to be very efficient. Instead of a moving cable slide, or a roller guard that puts stress and torque on the cables, the super glide remains stationary. Cables slide in a track in the cable slide, without the cable slide moving. This cuts down on friction and moving parts making it a slick functional design where keeping it simple really seems to pay off.


The Wrath grip is extremely comfortable and places the shooters hand in a neutral position making it easy to produce the same shoot over and over again. The torqueless wooden grip features side plates on each side of the grip that fit comfortably in the shooters have and allows for proper hand placement. The grip is part of the riser and has a slight curved feel that is very simple to get used to as well. The grip is not too thick and not too thin, making it an easy transition from any other type of grip.


Stother uses split limb technology on the Wrath and has tons of options for maximum poundage options. Shooters have the option for maximum weights of 40, 50, 60, 70, and 80 pounds, which can be safely be adjusted down 10-pounds. The fiberglass composite limbs reach a beyond parallel point while at full draw, which really helps in canceling out noise and vibration after the release. Using Precision Limb Technology, the Wrath limbs will hold their dimension tolerances and deflection over a long period of time. They are also coated with a finish Strother says further strengthen the limbs as well. These technologies all mean the limbs will be durable and high performing. Shooters can feel comfortable knowing they are buying a bow that will last a very long time.

Eccentric System

Badger cams power the Strother Wrath bow and offer tons of adjustability. With modules changing the draw length in half-inch increments from 27-31.5-inches, most shooters will find the proper draw length. The modules are relatively inexpensive to purchase, but need to be changed with a bow press. The good news is, shooters buying from a shop will be fitted and set up properly before leaving. Moveable draw stops on the top and bottom cam help aid in a solid back wall at full draw. The Badger cams work together and help correct any issues caused with timing or stretching strings making it very efficient and user-friendly. They also produce IBO speeds on the Wrath up to 330 feet per second, which is smoking fast for an 8-inch brace height.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Wrath is a shooters bow. With speeds up to 330 feet per second and an 8-inch brace height, the Wrath is a really great option for many shooters. The Badger cam draws very smooth and has a solid back wall thanks to an adjustable string stop on both the top and bottom cam. The Wrath draws very nicely, and it does not feel as though the shooter is at max weight for very long. With an 80% let-off, and a solid back wall shooters can remain at full draw for an extended period of time without much stress. The valley is very nice as well and will allow for just a little creep before wanting to take off. After the shot, the bare bow will have a little hand vibration. After installing a stabilizer, this vibration is all but eliminated. With fast speeds, and a forgiving brace height of 8-inches, the Wrath is a great shooting bow that will be easy to get used to.

Strother Wrath vs. Strother SX Rush

Bow Strother Wrath Strother SX-Rush
Version 2014 2012
Picture Strother Wrath Strother SX-Rush
Brace Height " 6.5 "
AtA Length " 34 "
Draw Length " 26 " - 30.5 "
Draw Weight lbs 40 lbs - 80 lbs
IBO Speed fps 342 fps
Weight lbs 4.5 lbs
Let-Off 80%
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The Strother SX-Rush and the Wrath is a classic decision between what shooters preference in a bow is. Both bows are powered by the Badger Cam, but feature different specifications. The Wrath is two inches shorter in axel-to-axel measurement, but has a long 8-inch brace height. Shooters deciding between the two will have to make a decision on speed, brace height, and axel-to-axel measurement. Regardless of the decision, both bows are wonderful shooters.

Usage Scenarios

The Wrath bow is designed to be a hunting bow. With an axel-to-axel measurement of 32-inches, and an 8-inch brace height, bow hunters will love how this bow performs in the field. Although shooters will have success shooting weekend 3d's in preparation for the upcoming bow season, serious target shooters have better options available to them. As a hunting bow, the Wrath has really great specifications, and produces enough energy for any North American big game species.


Strother bows are not flashy bows, but they are high performing and great shooting bows. Understandably, shooters may be a little nervous about trying a newer archery company. However, shooters own it to themselves to test out the Strother Wrath. The badger cams are a really great drawing cam system that features a solid back wall. With an 8-inch brace height and speeds up to 330 feet per second, shooters will love the speed and forgiveness the Wrath has to offer. For those interested in a new hunting bow that can be used on the weekends in 3d shoots, give the Strother Wrath a shot.
Strother Wrath Review4.051

User Reviews

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  1. good fast hard hitting

    Version: 2014 Strother Wrath


    Pros: fast at 60lb with 350 gr arrow speeds of 298fps
    hard hitting
    quit for string stop

    Cons: not a very smooth draw my old mathews fx had a smoother draw
    you have to pull back till 3 in till the let off come in my old 2005 hoyt you pulled back 2in and the let off came in

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