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Version2016 Hoyt Defiant 342015 Hoyt Nitrum 34
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Hoyt Defiant 34Hoyt Nitrum 34
(selected versions)
2016 Hoyt Defiant 342015 Hoyt Nitrum 34
Brace Height7 "6.75 "
AtA Length34 "34 "
Draw Length25 " - 31 "25 " - 31 "
Draw Weight30 lbs - 80 lbs30 lbs - 80 lbs
IBO Speed325 fps330 fps
Weight4.3 lbs4.2 lbs
Let-Off75% 75%
Editor reviews
Hoyt Defiant 34Hoyt Nitrum 34
Summary review written by our editors.

The Defiant 34 returns shooters to the feel of a longer axel-to-axel measurement bow with the convenience of a shorter measurement. It was not long ago the archery industry was full of 37-40-inch bows marketed for treestand hunting. Trends pushing toward shorter axel-to-axel bows have finally joined up with the feeling and stability of a longer model for Hoyt in 2016. Hoyt is not the first company to incorporate more preloaded limbs, but the introduction to this style of bow in their 2016 lineup should be well received. Although the Defiant 34 is pretty slow, and on paper does not look to be much different than its predecessor the Nitrum 34, the feel and shootability of the Defiant 34 is what should draw shooters to giving it a try and ultimately falling in love with it. The $1049 price tag may be a bit steep for some, but considering the Defiant 34 can do everything from shooting paper and foam to a Boone and Crocket, shooters should be able to justify the price tag. Those not concerned with the overall speed of a bow should give the feel of the Defiant 34 a try. Read full review...

The Nitrum 34 is a longer axel-to-axel bow, but even feels a bit sturdier with how long the riser actually is. The zero torque cable guard system and upgrades to the risers stiffness and strength may not be noticeable in terms of how the bow feels, but it should prove to be more accurate. For those at the longer side of the draw length range, the 34 string angle is much nicer when compared to the 30. It is easy to shoot the 34 with how well it holds. The noise after the arrow is released is very minimal, and the bit of felt vibration is easily taken care of with a stabilizer. Other than a boy shooting 330 feet per second, it is very tough to find anything wrong with the Nitrum 34. Read full review...

Hoyt Defiant 34Hoyt Nitrum 34
  • Complete redesign from the 2015 model
  • DFX cam offers cable stops or optional limb stop
  • String angle is comparable to a 37" axel-to-axel bow
  • 4.2-pounds is still pretty light for this longer frame bow
  • Draw cycle is nice
  • Bow balances well
  • Updates to the riser include a new cable guard system, a cage, and an offset riser structure
Hoyt Defiant 34Hoyt Nitrum 34
  • Slow IBO speed of only 325 feet per second
  • $1049 bare bow MSRP is a little pricey for some shooters
  • Not the fastest bow at 330 feet per second, but it is easy to get that speed
  • Those wanting target colors will have to pay more
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Hoyt Defiant 34
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Hoyt Nitrum 34
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  • The best Hoyt I've owned to date, and I've had a few.
    by Jim from Boise ID
  • Easily as good as my Hoyt target bow.
    by Jim from Boise ID
  • Smooth in every aspect
    by Russ Bennett from Grimesland NC
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Hoyt Defiant 34Hoyt Nitrum 34
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