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  from $125


  • Fantastic adjustability ranges
  • Great for younger shooters just getting started
  • Comes fully quipped with everything needed
  • Adjustment marks for easy reference
  • Limbs that will not back out all the way


  • The factory installed two-piece quiver could have been exchanged for a one piece to be removed instead of always attached


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Editors' review

The Diamond Atomic bow is a perfect bow for getting little ones into shooting. This bow has tons of adjustment, and is designed to grow as rapidly as the youngsters shooting it. With draw weight adjustment available between, 6 and 29-pounds, the Atomic will be a great rig for those just starting out. The limb bolts do not back out either, so there is no need to worry about adjusting the limbs too low. The draw length is also very adjustable and is easily changed by rotating the module from 12-24-inches using quick reference marks for precise movements. Weighing in at 1.9 pounds, and measuring 24-inches axel to axel, the Atomic bow is a perfect starter. Some may have a hard time with the $200 investment, but the bow is high quality and grows with the youngster long enough to know if they are going to be serious about the sport before making an even larger investment.


As a starter bow, the Atomic is available in a Black and Blue Graphite Limb option for boys, and a Black and Pink Graphite option for girls. Both look great and are in no way designed to look like a children's bow. The Atomic is the real deal and is finished to look just like the adult versions.

Factory Installed Package

For $199, the Atomic also comes fully rigged with everything needed to shoot. The Atomic features a 3-pin sight, a full capture rest, a two-piece three-arrow quiver, and three carbon arrows. Perhaps a one-piece quiver would have been a better fit for a youth bow since a two-piece must remain attached at all times. The only thing missing with the package is the release and a target. This really is a great value, and gives parents an affordable option to test out if the little ones will enjoy the sport.


Again, the riser is designed to look just like the adult version. Diamond has done a fantastic job machining the bow to look as real as possible. The riser does have a place for a front mounting stabilizer, and also mounts a two-piece quiver.


The Blackout's composite grip is nothing special. It tapers a bit to aid with proper hand placement, and will more than likely be warmer than the riser during long cold sits in the fall, but it does not really stand out as being great. Shooters are able to place their hand properly on the grip for improved accuracy, but something about the grip does not feel overly comfortable.


The limbs are solid in construction and feature simple graphics. They are adjustable from 2-29-pounds, and feature an anti-backout system to prevent injury from the limb bolts being too loose. This adjustment range is perfect for getting kids starting and growing with them a while to make sure archery is a passion they want to continue with.

Eccentric System

The cam system has 12-inches of draw length adjustment measuring from 12-24-inches with a rotating module and no press required. There is also an option for the Atomic to be set for no let-off if desired. The dual cam technology is easy to draw and hold at full draw helping boost confidents in the young shooters. The cam also has adjustment marks for easy reference.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The great thing about the Atomic is its ability to change easily to fit a variety of shooters. The cam is smooth drawing and holds well. For a learner's bow, the Atomic does everything really well and gives kids a great sense for what it's like to shoot a real compound bow. The adjustability is phenomenal and will fit younger shooter's needs just getting started.

Usage Scenarios

The Atomic is a starter's bow, and a great one at that. Kids able to pull over 30-pounds have quite a few more options available to them. However, those just starting out have fewer options to choose from. Youngsters wanting a bow just like their parents, really have a great option in the Atomic.


For a starter bow, the Atomic is a hard one to beat. Archery is a wonderful sport, and part of the experience is passing the tradition on to others. Who better to share the sport with than children? The Atomic is designed to look like an adult bow, and does that very well, while keeping great shootability characteristics. The Atomic is extremely adjustable and will be able to grow with shooters as they become bigger and stronger. The accessories are great ones, although some ma prefer a removable quiver instead of the included two-piece. For $199, the pure joy and excitement of passing on the wonderful tradition of archery to a brand new shooter will be worth every penny of the purchase price.

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