G5 Prime One STX 36 Review

G5 Prime One STX 36

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  • Excellent draw cycle
  • Plenty of speed
  • Solid back wall


  • Requires a bow press to make draw length adjustments

Editors' review

The 2016 G5 Prime One STX is one of the smoothest and most accurate competition bows on the market today. The shooter has the option of a 36" or a 39" ATA rig, with the only difference in the two is the length of the riser. With a draw length adjustable from 24.5" - 31" and draw weights that can run from 30# - 70#, this rig will sling an arrow downrange at up to 323 fps. The shooter also has the option of setting a limb stop for a strong, solid feel, or a cable stop for a softer feel at full draw. With the exceptionally smooth draw, incredible accuracy, and the dead-in-the-hand feel, this is a "must shoot."


This bow comes in four primary competition colors: Black, Gamma Green, Red Hot, and Ice Blue. The Black usually sells for $100 less.


The shoot-through riser on this bow is made from 7000 series forged aluminum and is CNC machined to very exacting specs for two exceptional platforms; 36" ATA and 39" ATA. This process produces one of the lightest and strongest, torque-free platforms to design a bow around on the market today. This rig is very well balanced, creating a very accurate platform to shoot. The limbs for this rig are new extra-wide laminated limbs that help create a more solid, stable shooting platform with lots of accuracy and shootability. The added width of the limbs enhances the strength of the solid limbs, making them more reliable. The limbs come in peak weights of 40#, 50#, 60#, and 70#. The draw weight can be adjusted by loosening the limb pocket locking screws and adjusting the limb bolts; then re-securing the locking screws. Each rotation of the limb bolt will equate to 2 - 3 pounds of draw weight. These limbs are secured with a redesigned limb pocket with tighter tolerances to eliminate any limb movement, resulting in a more accurate, more consistent shot every time.

Other Components

This bow is designed for the competition shooter and does not come standard with a lot of "bells and whistles." It does, however come with the Flexis AR cable guide, a carbon string stop, 452 BCY strings, and limb dampeners. This bow does not come with too many add-ons since it is for the serious competitive shooter who is usually very particular about how his equipment is set up.

Eccentric System

This bow utilizes the Parallel Cam System (PCS). This cam system offers a wide range of adjustability through the use of three base-cam sizes and nine draw modules. The different cam sizes are factored into the draw length: the "A" cam for 27" - 31;" "B" cam for 26" - 30;" and "C" cam for 24.5" - 28.5." This system also allows the shooter to choose between a shorter valley, a more aggressive feel, or something a little more forgiving. Each cam has its own string yolk that is not interchangeable with the other cams. Using this type of cam system also guarantees the shooter will have a back wall they are comfortable with, and the draw cycle they prefer. It will also hit the 323 fps IBO with ease.This rig is adjustable from 24.5" - 31" in half-inch increments, and the draw uses a set of nine modules. Because there are three cam sets based on the draw lengths, not all modules will fit with all cams. You will also require a bow press in order to change the modules. This cam setup also has two draw stops available; a limb stop and a cable stop. The shooter determines which to use. The limb stop offers a more solid feel at the end of the draw cycle, while the cable stop gives the shooter a softer feel.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

This bow is very smooth throughout the draw cycle with no unexpected bumps and jerks. As a competition bow, there is very little vibration at the moment of the shot, and the bow is very well balanced. Many archers that have shot the G5 Prime One STX have been quite surprised at the overall feel of this rig. From the moment shooters pick up this bow, they are surprised at how well the grip fits the hand, the ease of the draw, and the feel and accuracy of the shot.

Silencing Package

Built for the serious competitive shooter, the G5 Prime One STX does not have any added silencing components beyond the string stop, cable guide, and the limb dampeners. Any inherent silencing qualities come from the manufacturing process.


The bow uses Prime's Ghost Grip side plates. These side plates are thinner and more comfortable for most shooters, but can be removed and replaced with Prime's Ultra Fit Grip. The Ultra Fit is a high-performance rubber molded grip that provides the shooter with extra comfort and more consistency for each shot.

Compared to Similar Bows

BowG5 Prime One STX 36
Version 2016
PictureG5 Prime One STX 36
Brace Height7 "
AtA Length36 "
Draw Length23.5 " - 30 "
Draw Weight30 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed325 fps
Weight4.4 lbs
Where to buy
Best prices online
Not available now.
Please check later.

Competition bows are a specialized bow, and all are designed to be very accurate. Those that have shot the Prime One STX have talked about how smooth and accurate it is, but by specifications, how does it compare to other similar bows? The G5 Prime STX is very similar in specs to the Hoyt Podium X Elite 40 Spiral Pro. Both of these rigs have longer ATA with the Prime having a 39" ATA and the Hoyt with 40." The Prime has a 7" brace height, while the Hoyt has a 7.5" brace height. The Hoyt offers the shooter a little more draw length adjustability ranging from 25" - 32.5." The Hoyt is slightly heavier overall, but both will punch a target at almost the exact same speed (the Prime is one fps faster. Does that really make a difference?). The Hoyt also has an added feature that allows the shooter to change the grip and change the grip angle to help neutralize torque and set up the best shot possible. The Hoyt is about $100 more than the Prime. When looking around for a competition bow, there are quite a few to look through. Pick the one that fits you best.

Usage Scenarios

This bow is designed for competition shooting. When not at an event, it will be found on the 3D course or target range gearing up for the next event.


This rig is relatively average on price point for a competition style compound bow. It can be purchased as in black for $1,400, or in one of the competition colors for $1,500 with no accessories. For the serious competition shooters, this bow is smooth and very accurate and will have you on the podium.


The G5 Prime One STX is one of Prime's competition class bows that is a redesign of the original Prime One. It comes in two ATAs, 36" and 39," and has a wide range of adjustability in draw length and draw weight. The shoot-through riser design is a very strong platform that helps eliminate torque and enhances accuracy. This bow has stronger limb pockets, stiffer limbs, and the new PCS cams provide the necessary power to make it a contender. With an IBO of 323 fps, and a moderate price range, don't be surprised when you see this rig in the hands of a winner.

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