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  • The One is proof Prime listens to what shooters are asking for
  • A forgiving long axel to axel target bow
  • Lifetime replacement of strings and cables
  • Cams offer tons of options and adjustment


  • Price is a bit expensive for some (MSRP $1499)

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Prime has been creating some outstanding hunting bow the past couple years, and have actually done very well in the 3D and target world with those hunting rigs. The One is the first Prime bow model designed specifically for target shooters. With a strong riser, an axel-to-axel measurement of 39.25-inches, and a cam that is adjustable in virtually every way, serious target archers are going to love the One. Those in the target bow market understand bows are not given away, and the One is no exception with an MSRP of $1499. However, the technology and adjustment offered are top of the line for what many shooters have demanded from a target bow for a long time.


Prime bows are finished amazingly well. The One is limited to only target colors with choices being: Ice Blue, Ice Red, Bronze, and Black out. The target colors really look great and are sure to catch the eye of other competitors. With extra wide limbs, and an axel-to-axel measurement of over 39-inches, there is a lot of finish on the Prime offering. All of the CNC 7000 series aluminum is covered and looks sharp. Prime's finish has always been known for being tough and rugged, and the One options are no exception.


The One riser is massive, and actually measures out to be just short of the overall axel-to-axel measurement. However, this added stability does not help much if the riser is not strong and rigged. Prime CNC machines the One riser out of 7000 series aluminum, they claim is two times stronger than the 6061 aluminum many other companies use. What does that mean? It means the One riser is less likely to twist and flex when the added stress the cables place on the riser is applied to the riser. Less twisting and torque translates into a smoother, more repeatable, more accurate shot.

The I-Glide flex cable slide is another engineering technology utilized by Prime to eliminate riser torque caused by the cable stress. The spring steel used in the cable slide is much stiffer and more consistent when drawing the bow, which ultimately means more reliable. Although the parallel cam technology used by Prime helps eliminate cam lean like no other cam, the steel spring assists in allowing the cables to flex inward, while still moving away from the arrow for easy vane and arrow clearance.

The adjustable string stop system is a nice feature to help with deadening the vibration caused from releasing an arrow. Target shooters really love a smooth shot, and the string stop system helps a great deal with this type of feel. Directly in line with the string suppressor is a front mounting stabilizer bushing. Target archers will want to add weight here, and the alignment with the suppressor helps transfer vibrations away from the shooters hand.


The grip seen on the Prime One is completely different than the grip seen on the Prime hunting bows and for good reason. The One grip is integrated into the riser, and does not feature an added grip or side plates like other Prime bows. This gives shooters a small grip platform, which most target shooters prefer. However, it also allows shooters to ad tape to give them the feel they desire, while allowing them to add bulk if they wish. It is almost impossible to take away bulk from a stock grip, but there are many ways to add it. Prime choosing to stay skinny and allow shooters to make adjustments is a really neat idea target shooters will enjoy.


Prime bows are solid limb construction bows, and the One features the C-1 Laminated construction extra wide limbs. The extra wide limbs create a solid and stable base for the cams to gather energy from. The added strength and stability is something shooters will willingly accept because there will be less issues with the limbs with the added strength. Shooters have the option to choose from 50, 60, and 70-pound maximum weight limbs, which are adjustable in ten-pound increments. The outsides of the limbs feature the Prime logo, and the inside of the limbs have the factory installed Bowjax limb dampening system to help eliminate even more noise.

Eccentric System

This is one of the most important things archers look at when choosing a new target bow. The cam system must be a fit for what shooters want or the bow will not perform as expected. The Prime One uses the PCT Cam system as the power supply. It is available in 27.5-31.5-inches and are offered in half-inch increments. The cams are draw length specific, but shooters purchasing such an expensive target bow should leave the pro shop outfitted with a perfect fit. The PCT cam shoots an IBO speed of 310 feet per second as well.Prime utilizes a parallel track cam system, which virtually eliminates any type of cam lean at rest, and throughout the draw cycle. The track system is not used by any other company, and meets at a string yolk, where the traditional string meets. Along with this technology, Prime also adds another bonus allowing shooters to choose how they want the back wall to feel. Many cam systems allow shooters to choose how the valley of the bow feels and ultimately the let off. The PCT cams come equipped with a cable draw stop and a limb draw stop, and lets shooters choose which one will fit their needs better.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Prime One is a beast of a bow. Measuring at over 39-inches axel to axel, a 7.5-inch brace height, and tipping the scales at 4.6-pounds, the One is built around being sturdy and forgiving. Although the shot and feel of the draw cycle can be adjusted for the needs of each shooter, the bow feels really great in hand. The cable draw stop system has a little spongier of a feel when compared to the limb stops, but some target shooters prefer that with a thumb trigger or back tension release. It is a really great idea for Prime to offer both, and let shooters decide which is best. The One holds well on target, draws buttery smooth, and is easy to shoot. There is not a whole lot of room to relax at full draw though. Target shooters will be used to constantly pulling through the shot, but those not used to this will have to learn quickly, because the One will force shooters to shoot this way. There is a bit of vibration after the shot, but after adding target accessories, this will not longer be an issue either.

Usage Scenarios

The One is a target bow, and a pretty good one at that. Shooters interested in improving their scores on paper of shooting foam, should be drawn toward the specifications and adjustability offered with the Prime One. For hunting, there are many other options available. This bow should appeal to serious target archers looking to gain an edge on the competition.

Prime Shield Service Program

The Shield Service Program is assurance that Prime is going to stand behind their customers. Before being sent to dealers for the shelves, Prime bows go through the 100-cycle program. Every Prime bow is cycled 100 times to make sure everything is working well and the strings have been stretched before customers get their hands on them. Within 6 months of making a Prime bow purchase, the customer is given a free tune up with an authorized Prime dealer to make sure things are still operating perfectly the way the engineers designed it. If warranty parts are needed, Prime will priority mail the parts. Finally, Prime has a lifetime replacement of string and cables to the original owner. Every two years, Prime shooters are eligible for new factory strings and cables. All this is in addition to the limited lifetime warranty for any manufacture defects.


Prime bows have been designed with hunting in mind. However, shooters have been performing well on the range and in competitions with the hunting rigs. The Prime One is an example of a company listening to what shooters are demanding. Although the MSRP of $1499 may be steep for many shooters, the bow offers tons of adjustability and almost the perfect specifications for a target bow. Being marketed toward serious shooters, the One just may live up to its name for many who give it a test shot.

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