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  • Very smooth draw cycle
  • Very accurate
  • Easily adjustable


  • Some vibration when shot


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Editors' review

The G5 Quest Amp was a flagship bow for the 2015 season and is still on the market today. It joined the Quest lineup with a 32" ATA, 7" brace height, a draw weight range from 40# - 70#, and a fast 340 fps. It was designed for hunters and definitely has the muscle to take down any game animal around. It is a bout average weight at 3.9 pounds total mass, and will not be too much to handle on those long treks to your favorite hunting spot. It has a smooth draw and is easy to transition through break-over. The 80 percent let-off ensures it's easy to hold on shot.


This bow come the patented Durafuse finish in RealTree Xtra or Jet Black. The finish on the Amp is usually flawless, with no problems noticed by owners on the riser. However, some have found slight flaws on the lower limb near the cam from possible rubbing.


The Amp is built on the new Stabilite 6061 aluminum I-beam riser. This platform provides plenty of strength and can hold up to almost any banging around one might experience during a hunt. Although the bow is built for hunting, it does have a slight vibration when shot.The 13.5" composite limbs on this rig also add a new dimension for adjustability. The limb bolts are extra-long, giving the Amp an adjustment range of 40# - 70# without the need to replace the limbs. Because of the longer bolts, the pocket end of the limb is slotted to allow for the angle change of the limb through the wide range of adjustments. The limb pockets are made of a strong plastic-type synthetic compound. These pockets secure the limbs in place well enough, but they do allow for some play. This most likely is an effect of the adjustment range characteristic.

Other Components

This bow does not come with many bells and whistles out of the box, but can be purchased in a package. The package includes sight, rest, stabilizer, quiver, wrist sling, and peep sight.

Eccentric System

The G5 Quest Amp uses a R.A.D (Rotating Adjustable Draw) hybrid cam system. This cam system produces an overall smooth draw, then ends with a very solid back wall. The transition is minimal into a very nice valley. The back wall is attributed to the use of limb stops instead the traditional cable stop used by most hybrid system. The draw length range for this bow is 25.5" - 31" and is easily adjustable in half-inch increments using a rotating module. To make the draw length adjustment, simply remove the two screws securing the rotating module, move the module into the proper position, then install the screws. With only a hex wrench and five minutes, this can be completed. These adjustments can also be done without a bow press.This cam system also produces speeds of up to 340 fps. Although this is based on 30" draw length and 70# draw weight, the speed at any weight is respectable. A test bow, set at 29" length and 60# weight, using a 300 grain arrow, produced a consistent 318 fps.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The draw on this bow is smooth initially, and transitions smoothly, but it builds quickly and peaks out early in the draw cycle. Once it reaches transition, it rolls into a nice valley with a solid back wall. There is a very negligible bump to transition through, and is almost unnoticeable. It is not the easiest bow to let down in the event the shooter finds themselves in position to do so.The Amp does have a tendency to kick back into the shooting hand when shot, as well as having a slight clockwise rotation at the top. Although there is a slight vibration when shot, the noise generated is about average with other bows with comparable speeds.

Silencing Package

Out of the box as a bare bow, this rig does not come with much in the way of silencing equipment. Although it has some design characteristics to help with the overall silencing, it does come with an adjustable string stop, LimbSavers dampeners, and a roller cable slide. This bow can also be purchased as a package that includes a stabilizer. Although not severe, there is some vibration when shot, but only experienced shooters will really notice it.


The grip is a black synthetic one-piece over-mold grip. It is slimmer than most grips, but not so slim that it digs into the hand or is uncomfortable. It also reduces torque and slippage in damp conditions. The grip appears to be mounted onto the bow with an adhesive of some sorts. The mold fits nicely into the machined recess in the riser and looks nice too. Based on shooter comments, opinions vary on the grip, but none have stated they outright do not like it.

Compared to Similar Bows

BowG5 Quest AMP
Version 2016
PictureG5 Quest AMP
Brace Height7 "
AtA Length32 "
Draw Length26.5 " - 31 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed340 fps
Weight3.9 lbs
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The G5 Quest Amp is comparable to the PSE Stinger X. Specs are very similar for each. The PSE is 1/2" longer on ATA at 32.5" and 1/8" longer at brace height at 7.125." The PSE offers five pounds more draw weight range, and an additional four inches draw length adjustment. The PSE only has a 316 fps speed rating, which is pretty meager compared to the 340 fps from the Amp. Each of these bows can be purchased in a variety of packages and within a reasonable price range for those packages. The Stinger can be found ranging from $399 for the basic bow (which includes sight, rest, stabilizer, and peep), up to $499 for a ready-to-hunt package. The Amp starts at $549 for the bare bow, up to a field ready package at $629. The Amp is a very good bow, but should definitely be shot first. Most love this rig, but some can't overlook the slight vibrations.

Usage Scenarios

This bow is designed to be a hunting bow. It is versatile and fits most archery situations. It is solid, and with a 32" ATA, it is the perfect size for a tree stand or ground blind. It also works well for target and 3D shooting.


This rig was put on the market right in the middle of the price point range for a bow with these specs. For a bare bow, the Amp was put in stores with a price of $549, with an option to purchase a Ready-to-Hunt package for about $100 more. Most bows sold for this price do not generate the speed of the Amp, yet even at this price, it will send an arrow downrange at 340 fps.


The G5 Quest Amp is a solid hunting rig that is smooth drawing and delivers plenty of speed. This 32" ATA, 7" brace height, 70#, 340 fps machine will send an arrow through your prey before it knows what happened. It is average for the overall weight, and it does have a little vibration when shot, but this rig is a killer. Vibration can be reduced to almost nil with a few add-ons, and the speed and accuracy will do the rest. The only thing left is for you to put the pin on target.

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First class bow

Version: 2016 G5 Quest AMP


Pros: Fast, smooth, package deal is a good buy.

Cons: Grip a little this foe open hand shooters but not bad either.

Full review:

Probably the fast bow I've shot. I personally liked the sight and the rest and plan on making no changes. Bow is used for casual target shooting and has brought me home a pocket full of one's. The only thing wrong with this bow is it didn't cost 1200.00. Bucks.

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