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G5 Quest Bliss

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  • One of the few bows designed specifically for female archers
  • 15-pound draw weight range
  • MSRP of $399


  • The bow feels a bit top heavy


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Editors' review

The Quest Bliss made by G5 is a bow specifically designed for female shooters. With limited options for bows designed specifically for females, the Bliss has a lot to offer many others do not including a smaller grip, wider range of limb adjustment, and a really great price. Some shooters may find the Bliss a bit top heavy, but the addition of a stabilizer to counter act the additional weight would correct any complaints shooters may have. For $399, it is tough to find anything wrong with the Bliss from a technical stand point and it feels great in hand as well.


The Bliss is available in a standard finish option or two custom GFade finish options. The Durafuse finish offered by G5 offers extreme burability and really great details in the camo patterns offered. G5 finishes are spectacular looking and add a high-end finish to the bow. The Bliss will be free of any blemishes and very pleasing to look at overall. The standard finish option available is Realtree AP. This pattern is decently popular in the hunting world, which means those interested in a matching look with their bow and accessories will have plenty of options to choose from. The GFade finish options are GFade Realtree AP and GFade Realtree AP Pink. The GFade series camo patterns sport camo limbs and a partial camo riser before blending into an all black riser. The top and bottom of the riser where the limbs attach are covered in the camo pattern before fading into an all black riser in the middle. This style is something only offered stock by G5 outdoors, and it helps add a unique look to the Bliss overall.


A forged machined 6061-aluminum riser supports the Bliss. The CNC machined aluminum riser is a step toward making the bow perform the best it can with a rigid riser that helps eliminate torque and twist, which will impact accuracy and performance. The strength of the 6000 series aluminum offers a really great platform for the rest of the bow to perform from. The designed cut outs do a really nice of cutting down on the overall weight, and look similar to other models offered in the G5 Quest lineup. With an overall axel-to-axel length, of 31-inches, it would be nice for the overall bow mass to be less than the 4-pound mark it is now. However, the added weight will help many hold on target much better.Mounting to the back of the rig is an adjustable string stop system. This string suppressor helps reduce noise and vibration from the string along with deadening the hand shock felt by the shooter. The Bliss also has a front mounting stabilizer mounting hole, which can be used to help offset the top heavy feeling many shooters experience from the Bliss.


The machined riser slims down quite a bit around the grip area to account for the female shooters smaller hand size. Grips on bows not designed for women often feature a grip many female shooters find uncomfortable strictly on size alone. The thinner side plated grip design is comfortable and fairly repeatable shot after shot, which will help add consistency and feel leading towards better accuracy down range as well.


The limbs on the Bliss feature another great option allowing the draw weights to be in 15-pound increments instead of the industry standard of ten-pound increments. This added five-pounds may not seem like much, but it helps shooters choose the best poundage for them without being uncomfortable or needing to shoot poundage that is too heavy. Bliss limbs are available in ranges of 30-45-pounds, and 45-60-pounds, which is sure to cover most female shooters. The CNC machined pivoting limb pockets are another great feature and testament to the craftsmanship that went into the design of the Bliss. The limb pockets are finished differently depending on the camo pattern chosen, which means they will blend in nicely and simply performing without taking away from the overall looks of the bow.

Eccentric System

The Fluid SD single cam is the power behind the Bliss. At 60-pounds with a 27-inch draw length, the Fluid cam shoots IBO speeds up to 290 feet per second, which is very impressive combined with a 7-inch brace height. The single cam is module based with half-inch increments available from 23-27-inches. The modules are nice because it allows shooters to inexpensively change draw lengths without having to purchase new cams. The single cam design of the Fluid SD system is also nice from a tuning and performance standpoint as well. The top cam is simply an idler wheel, which cannot be out of sync with the drive cam. Theoretically, once the cams are set, it should stay that way without having to be tuned on a regular basis.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Bliss has a really wonderful draw cycle from start to finish. Single cam bows characteristically have a smoother draw cycle, and the Fluid SD cams are no exception. The bow feels a little top heavy at rest, but when drawn, it holds on target very well without the top-heavy feeling. The back wall is fairly solid, but some shooters note a bit of a jumpy valley. Having the proper draw length and shooting form will help with this, but some would prefer a more generous valley. After shooting the bow for a while, this is really unnoticeable. The hold is very nice on target. Although some shooters would prefer a mass weight less than 4-pounds, the extra ounces really help the shooter hold well on the target without the pin floating all over the place. After the shot, the Bliss is pretty much noise free. Nothing stands out as being too loud and the vibration and hand shock is very minimal as well. Overall, the bow is easy to shoot and has features that work well with each other creating a smooth shooting accurate rig.

Usage Scenarios

The G5 Quest Bliss has a hunting bow platform. The specifications point directly towards a bow that would perform well in any hunting situation. However, with so few options available to female shooters, the Bliss could very well be used as a multipurpose bow for 3D shoots as well. The forgiving brace height, decent speeds, and smooth draw make this bow a really great option in a variety of shooting conditions despite its design as a hunting bow.

Package Options

The Bliss is available in a ready to shoot package option as well. Shooters, who want an affordable package to get started, can accessorize with a package option straight from the factory. The package includes G5 accessories, which are well built and perform well. A G5 1/4-inch Meta Peep, Head-Loc Quiver, a tool less sight with light, a Halo rest, wrist sling, and stabilizer.


There are very few bows offered in the archery world specifically designed for female shooters, and those marketed toward them are often youth/women models. Female archers will love the fact that the Bliss is designed for females in mind from the axel-to-axel measurement, brace height, slim grip, and draw cycle. Everything about the Bliss screams shootable, and with a $399 price tag, it is hard to find anything wrong with the G5 Quest Bliss. Females interested in getting involved in archery or just wanting an upgrade should look at the Bliss.

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