G5 Quest Drive Review

G5 Quest Drive

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  • IBO speeds up to 330 feet per second with a 7-inch brace height
  • Sold bare bow or offered with a factory package for only $100
  • MSRP of $699


  • 4.3 pounds may be a little heavy fore some shooters


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Editors' review

Quest bows are part of the line up for G5 outdoors making some affordable great shooting bows available in non-pro shop stores across the country. With all parts made in Michigan, the quality and workmanship of the Drive is really fantastic. Described in one word, the Drive is smooth from start to finish and ends with no hand shock and almost no noise after the shot. Available as a package deal for only $100 decked out with G5 outdoor products, the Drive is a great bow for any shooter including those just getting into archery or those just wanting to upgrade for a reasonable price. The Quest Drive is a phenomenal shooting bow and is sure to win over a lot of shooters on the market for a new rig under $700.


The fit and finish on the Quest products is really great. Not only does it have a really nice look, but also upon further review, shooters will notice how high quality the finish looks. Quest offers the Drive in four Durafinish patterns, which are sure to match shooters styles very well. Those interested in a more traditional look can choose between jet black and Realtree AP camo. Shooters interested in a slightly different design can opt for the custom GFade finish options. These patterns have camo limbs, which carry through the limb pockets and onto the riser before fading into a jet black riser. This gives the bow a unique look, but is also very well done. Camo patterns available in custom GFade finish options are Realtree AP and Mossy Oak Treestand. No matter which pattern shooters choose, they all look great and will last a long time under normal shooting conditions.


G5 and Quest focus a lot of attention on the strength and stability of the riser. As one of the largest components of the bow, the riser must be stiff enough to withstand the torque of being shot, while being light enough to move around in the treestand or ground blind. The forged machined 6061 aluminum riser performs very well for maintaining strength and stability while being as lightweight and maneuverable as possible. The CNC machined riser cut outs have a neat look, but also compares to the design of other Quest products. The back of the riser features the Quest string stop system, which is fully adjustable to dampen sound and vibration caused from releasing the arrow. The riser also features the I-Glide flex roller guard system. This patent pending technology reduces cam lean by up to 25% by minimizing side load on the cams caused by the cables being drawn. The smooth draw cycle is in part because of the I-Glide system. There is also a front mounting stabilizer-mounting hole on the Drive as well.


The Drives side plated grip fits really well in the shooters hand. It is a bit on the large side, but it is not so large that it impacts performance. The plastic side grips do not take away from the look of the bow and actually blends in nicely to the riser. Although it will hopefully never be used, there is a bit of a broad head shelf to protect the shooters hand from the sharp blades of a broad head as well. The grip really does not stand out for any reason and allows shooters to properly execute a repeatable shot.


The Drive limbs are available in peak draw weights of 50, 60, and 70-pounds and are adjustable in ten pound increments. The 30 pound weight adjustment is not terrible, but offering a 40 pound maximum limb would make this bow appealing to a larger group of shooters. The limbs come from the factory with Bowjax limb dampeners as well. These dampeners work great and fit well on the solid limb construction featured on the Drive bow. The Quest logo on the limbs is very simple looking, but adds a sharp touch to the design of the bow.The limb pockets are also top-notch quality as well. The CNC machined limb pockets pivot giving the limbs a solid shooting platform throughout the entire draw cycle.

Eccentric System

The all-new Flux cam system is the engine for the Drive rig. It does a phenomenal job storing energy without a lot of energy being put to work from the shooter. The cam is adjustable with modules from 26-31-inches. A neat feature about the modules for the Drive is that they offer an inch of draw length adjustment as compared to most only offering half-inch increments. Although shooters should be properly fitted after leaving the pro shop, the option for adjustment is greatly appreciated. The Drive is IBO rated for 330 feet per second, which is an amazing number for how well the twin track cam actually draws. The twin track cam system also addresses the cam lean issue the I-Glide roller guard system works to help with as well.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Flux cam is designed for speed and smoothness and it wins over many shooters for that reason. The cam draws very smooth, and transitions really well from the valley to the back wall. The back wall is extremely solid and helps a lot with shooters holding at full draw for an extended period. The valley is fairly generous as well, as the Drive will allow a little creep without wanting the string to fling forward. A smooth drawing bow means it is easier to come to full draw in hunting situations without being noticed. The longer axel-to-axel measurement of 33.25-inches and the 7-inch brace height make this bow very stable on target and forgiving as well. Although 4.3 pounds sounds heavy on paper, it does not feel too heavy in the shooters hand. There is a huge push in the archery industry to make everything lighter, but for those wanting a little bit of weight to their rig, the Drive is going to be a great option. After the shot, there is a slight roll back and then the bow becomes still. Noise and vibration after the shot are very minimal and the feel is fantastic. Shooters of all experience levels will appreciate the shootability to Drive offers.

Usage Scenarios

The G5 Quest Drive is a hunting bow. Hunting rigs continue to get shorter and lighter, but Quest has gone against this trend somewhat, and for shooters who have given the Drive an honest shot, they have not been disappointed. The Drive's longer axel to axel measurement does make it a decent option for 3D shoots on the weekend, but experienced 3D and competition shooters may have other options available to fit their needs a little better.

Package Options

G5 has produced bow-hunting accessories since before producing archery equipment. The Quest Drive package is available for an additional $100 and includes some really great accessories, especially for the price. The Quest Drive DTH package includes: a G5 micro tool less lighted sight, a Halo rest, stabilizer, Head-Loc quiver, wrist sling, and 1/4 inch Meta Peep.


The Quest Drive features a twin track cam system, a longer axel-to-axel measurement, a forgiving brace height, and IBO speeds up to 330 feet per second. When put together, the Drive is a smooth shooting hunting bow with a potential for being a multipurpose rig. Although 4.3-pounds for a bare bow seems a little heavy when compared to other offerings on the market today, the sturdiness the bow offers in the hand at the shot is very easy to get used to, even if the overall weight looks a little heavy on paper. The $699 price tag for bare bow is a decent price, and for an added $100, the accessories included make a really great package for shooters wanting a ready to shoot bow right away. Overall, the Drive is worth a shot, but the ultimate decision will need to come down to what feels best for the shooter.

User Reviews

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Great first hunting bow

Version: 2013 G5 Quest Drive


Pros: My first real hunting bow that I've taken out. Great speed, very reliable and feels great in the hands.

Cons: As a pretty new bowhunter with limited experience, I haven't had anything I didn't like.

Full review:

Picked this bow up at my local pro shop used for $359 with accessories, very pleased. Chose between this bow and a Mathews same year, same price. The velocity is definately a plus. It has a very nice feel when shooting and it's been very consistent.My overall rating is 9.5/10

Still awesome after 3 years.

Version: 2013 G5 Quest Drive


Pros: Durable, holds well, with cat whiskers, 60x custom strings the my peep has not moved since i replaced the factory string 18 months ago. Still an amazingly smooth bow with very decent speed even compared to today's newer models.

Cons: Only complaint has been the limb bolts have always been stiff to adjust, seemed very dry and tight. have added lithium grease which helped a little.

Full review:

To bad Quest went away from this style of bow as it what the best they every made, There offerings since have not been equal to the Quest Drive. The Quest Amp may be newer and a little faster but it is not made as well or as smooth. So it still holding its own, have had 4 other bows come and go since owing the Drive including a Hoyt Faktor.

Great bow. Improved my accuracy and distance immediately

Version: 2013 G5 Quest Drive


Pros: The speed is great and it is easy to tune.

Cons: None

Full review:

Used to shoot a PSE, which I enjoyed shooting, however after purchasing my Drive my accuracy improved greatly and was able to increase my effective range as well. No problem with tight groups out to 70 yards. Bow is fast, forgiving and flat shooting.

Great bow for the money!!

Version: 2013 G5 Quest Drive


Pros: Its a great looking bow overall. Adjusting draw length is easy too. For the money, you can't get a better package. I am very happy with this bow.

Cons: The ONLY thing negative I can say is its just a tad noisy for my liking. But after putting on catwhiskers and string leech its much better. Some may find its a tad heavier.

Full review:

This is not my first bow but for the money its been the best bow. I bought it RTH (with everything). Great looking durable camo finish. The minor blue accents are a nice touch. The bow itself feels good in the hand (grip)even though I have small hands and its very smooth to pull back. Its a tad on the heavy side but it helps with stability in my opinion. and I personally prefer a bow a little heavier.

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