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G5 Quest Heat

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  • Versatile; good for target, 3D, and hunting
  • Available with 50#, 60#, and 70# limbs
  • Draw length adjustable from 26" to 30.5" in half-inch increments
  • Good speed
  • Affordable


  • Although affordable, can potentially cost a lot for required shooting gear such as sight, quiver, stabilizer, etc
  • After about 100 shots, the serving separates at the cam

Editors' review

The G5 Quest Heat was designed for the serious hunter. This bow is fast and accurate, and with very little vibration, the shooter is sure to be pleased with the results when shooting this bow. The bow is quiet out of the box, and begs to be put to the test in any situation. The G5 Quest Heat was built with the typical G5 quality. The Heat will fit most shooters, and looks good to boot. The one real concern with this bow is that the serving tends to separate where the string passes the cam breakpoint. This is not a real problem though, as it is common on bows with aggressive cams. At a list price of $599, this bow is affordable and will not disappoint.


The bow comes dressed in a patented Durafuse finish that is more durable than the typical painted or dipped finishes. This finish is guaranteed to hold up better to those little bumps and rubs when moving into the stand. The bow can be purchased with black or Realtree AP HD, or one of several Gfade designs. The Gfade designs enhance the concealment of the bow in hunting situations. Many find the finish design of this bow to be better than similar bows.


The riser is a forged and machined single piece that is tipped with 100 percent machined aluminum pivoting and locking limb pockets. The single-piece limbs fit perfectly and allows draw weight is adjusted easily with a couple of turns of the limb bolts.

Other Components

This rig is packaged with BowJax Limb silencers and fully adjustable string suppression system. The archer can order an accessory package containing arrow rest, peep sight, three-pin sight, and stabilizer/wrist sling for about $100, but most would probably desire to purchase those items separate to ensure they get the items they prefer to shoot with. The Heat also has a two-piece laminated grip that fits nicely in the average-sized hand and feels good for the shooter. This bow is a good fit for most.

Eccentric System

The G5 Quest Heat has a modular HPS single-cam system set paired with an I-Glide cable system providing plenty of power for this bow, and is set at 80 percent let-off. The cam is not very aggressive and does not force the shooter to strain when moving through the transition point to let-off. The cam is also mod-based which allows for easy draw length adjustments.The draw length adjustment is accomplished by changing the module on the cam. The bow comes with a set of five modules that increase the draw length in whole-inch increments from 26" to 30". The draw stop can be used to make finer adjustments in half-inch increments. The modules can be changed by removing two screws, installing the module corresponding to the desired length, and replacing the two screws. This can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The draw weight is primarily determined by the limb set purchased with the bow, but can be adjusted slightly within a ten pound range by using the limb bolts. Regardless of the draw weight of the bow, the G5 Quest Heat has a very smooth draw cycle and very minimal vibration through the shot. As with other bows, the draw cycle gets progressively harder toward let-off, but this is not an issue with this bow, but just the normal increase of the weight being pulled throughout the cycle. Once the shooter gets through the transition point to let-off, the bow can be held for a bit until the shot is released.

Silencing Package

This bow is pretty quiet straight from the box. The single-piece forged and machined riser with perfectly fitted limb pockets, the string suppression system, and the BowJax limb silencers ensure this bow is quiet out of the box. With the addition of string silencers, this bow is sure to be deadly quiet regardless of being shot from a tree stand or a ground blind.


BowG5 Quest HeatPSE Bow Madness
Version 20102011
PictureG5 Quest HeatPSE Bow Madness
Brace Height6.625 "7 "
AtA Length33 "32 "
Draw Length26 " - 30 "25 " - 30 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 70 lbs40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed327 fps - 330 fps323 fps - 331 fps
Weight3.9 lbs3.85 lbs
Let-Off80% 75%
Where to buy
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Comparing the G5 Quest Heat to the PSE Bow Madness, there are many shooters that prefer the Heat. Not saying the PSE doesn't have its fans, but many shooters prefer the forgiveness of the Heat. All specs are virtually identical for each bow, although the Heat is claimed to have just a couple of fps more than the Bow Madness. Each are single-cam bows and the Heat has a slightly shorter brace height. Both come in draw weights from 40# to 70#, and the Bow Madness has about 1/2 inch more draw length adjustability. Both bows retail for around $599.

Usage Scenarios

This rig is a good target and will impress any shooter on the 3D course, but it is designed for the hardcore hunter. With an axle-to-axle of 33," it is a medium sized bow and will work well whether on the 3D course or in a hunting situation. This rig will definitely perform well from the tree stand, but will work equally well in a ground blind.


The G5 Quest Heat retails for $599. A mid-range bow when comparing prices, but a better quality bow than most. The purchaser of this bow can complete the package for around $100 for a basic package, or can spend the extra money to trick it out the way they desire. The G5 Quest Heat can be as much as $200 less than comparable bows, yet most other bows have a more aggressive cam or cam pair and have a much more aggressive draw cycle.


This is a nice looking bow that will surprise the shooter at first. The exceptional speed and accuracy will catch the shooter off guard with the first couple of shots, but then, the shooter can't wait to nock another arrow. The forged, machined riser feels good in the hand, and the bow is well balanced. The pivoting limb pockets and the single-piece split limb are a great fit on the ends of the riser, creating a quality bow that any archer will appreciate and enjoy shooting. With a draw cycle that is not overly aggressive, the shooter will be able to send dozens of arrows down range without the fatigue of other bows. A draw length that is adjustable from 26" to 30.5" and a draw weight between 40# and 70#, makes this bow is a good fit for most archers. The bow is not as light as some bows and can get a little heavy on a long haul, but this will depend totally on hunter preparation. This middle-sized bow is quiet and fast. With this combination, those shooting this bow are sure to dine well after hunting season.

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