G5 Quest QS33 Review

G5 Quest QS33

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G5 Quest QS33 Review4.957 out of 7 user reviews


  • Accurate shooter
  • Smooth draw
  • Adjustable draw length with just an allen wrench (no bow press required)
  • Forgiving 7.5" brace height
  • Well made
  • Great value for money


  • Draw length adjustable only in 1" increments


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Editors' review

In 2008 G5 started producing its own line of bows under the name Quest Bowhunting. One of the first was the QS33. Combining the 33" axle to axle length with the very forgiving 7 1/2" brace height, makes the QS33 into a very accurate shooting bow with one of the smoother draw cycles you will ever shoot. Quest has produced a solid, well built, hunting bow that packs features you would expect to see in a bows that cost much more.


The QS33's riser is forged from 6016-T6 aluminum. CNC-machining to the riser gives it shape and produces the cutouts in the riser that are designed to maintain strength and integrity but also make the overall bow very lightweight at 3.9lbs

Limbs-to-Riser Connection

Limbs of the QS33 are connected to the riser with pivoting and locking limb pockets forged from 6016-T6 aluminum and then CNC machined. To adjust draw weight the limb pockets must first be loosened at the pivot point. This allows the entire limb pocket to maintain its contact with the limb no matter what the draw weight is set at.


The Quest QS33 uses two side plates made of wood laminate for its grip. Engineers have carved a groove for the shooters thumb in each grip to give perfect, consistent hand placement for every draw. However, if you move your hand at all you will get some hand induced torque. Most shooters will find this grip to be quite comfortable.

Eccentric System

The QS33 meets advertised IBO speeds of 310-314 fps. While this may not be the fastest, these speeds are nothing to be laughed at for a single cam bow from 2008-2009. Hunting weight arrows can be expected to be around 290 +/- fps depending on draw length and weight of the arrow.

The QS Single Cam system should be largely credited for the very smooth draw cycle the QS33 boasts. While draw length is adjustable only in 1" increments, the use of only an allen wrench makes it easy to switch out the module to obtain the correct draw length. These cams also allow the QS33 to have 80% let-off which helps a hunter to be able to hold at full draw for long periods of time.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

Shooters have come to expect that a single cam bow has a very smooth draw cycle. The QS33 definitely falls into this category. In addition the bow has a solid back wall and will not creep on you. There is a slight "thump" sound on release but is otherwise incredibly quiet.

Silencing Package

The QS33 is a very quiet bow with almost no noticeable hand vibration. The use of a stabilizer will help eliminate any noticeable vibration. In addition, this bow comes with an Alpine string suppressor, Alpine string dampeners, shock dampener on the cable guard rod and limb vibration dampeners.

Great Bow for Hunting

The QS33 is a great hunting bow. While it may not have the speed to produce the flat trajectory wanted by 3D shooters to forgive yardage error, shooting a hunting weight arrow around 290 fps is plenty of speed to take down game animals.

Value for money

This bow is an incredible value for the money. Originally priced around $499, it has been available for less than $300 depending on purchase location. The QS33 includes many features that are only found on top of the line bows which cost much more.


The Quest QS33 may be one of the best all-around packages for the money we will ever see in the archery market. The only real draw back this bow has is the draw length can only be adjusted in 1" increments. With one of the smoothest draw cycles out there and at a price everyone can afford, this bow could be the right fit for the beginner or the experienced archer and get the job done right.
G5 Quest QS33 Review4.957

User Reviews

  • 7 reviews
  • ( out of 7 reviews for all versions)
  1. all around great bow

    Version: 2009 G5 QS33


    Pros: its light weight, very forgiving , and very quiet,

    Cons: i realy dont have any complaints

    Full review:
    i realy dont have any complaints as far as the bow even tho the draw length can only be set in 1 inch sets i have a 28 draw link so this did not affect me, as far as shooting the bow it has plenty of speed to reach out there, i have taken down white tails and turkeys at 65 yards using this bow with 340 carbon arrows and 100 grain brawd heads, i used a drop away arrow rest that helps pick up a little speed and shoot 27 inch arrows withc helps as well as far as the price ….its great i paid 250 for the bare bow and another 750 between arrows, a case , and setting the bow up… i would definatly recoment this bow for any one who is wanting to get into bow hunting but doesnt have 1200 pluss dollars to spend on a bare non set up bow

  2. Exceptional bow, very quiet and very forgiving. All round great product.

    Version: 2009 G5 QS33


    Pros: Very quiet, ease of draw, has the power to take down large game such as elk, moose, and etc. Works great with a wide range of arrows.

    Cons: However, the 1 inch increments are a bit of a pain. Its a complex process.

    Full review:
    Ive been bow hunting for the past 9 years and this is by far the most impressive bow Ive been across. My previous bow was a Hoyt Alphamax and it just couldnt compare. The Hoyt was just a little bit louder and was a struggle to pull back compared to the Quest. Every deer I have killed by my quest didnt move an inch to cause a bad shot. The doe I killed last year was almost completely oblivious to the noise the Quest made, which wasnt a lot. If your looking to buy this bow compared to another, whether it be a hoyt, parker, or whatever, make sure its a Quest.

  3. Solid performer, with enough value for the cost.

    Version: 2009 G5 QS33


    Pros: I paid $237 total for the ready to hunt package. Similar current model year rigs were $499 and up.

    Cons: My string and cables have needed to be replaced after 11 months. I also removed the screen printed logos from the limbs, as they white and tan combination was to flashy for the woods.

    Full review:
    I shoot a Lumen Arrow/ Rage two blade 100 grain combo at 415 grains. My fps is in the high 280’s at 70#. This rig provides enough kinetic energy for dangerous game. You can spend over $1000 on a bow only and only top out in the 290’s. The value that g5 is building in to these bows is fantastic. Put your inner speed freak away, give up less than ten feet per second, and save over $500. Sounds like a huge win/win to me.

  4. Great Bow for the Money You will be hard pressed to find a better hunting bow.

    Version: 2009 G5 QS33


    Pros: The bow is very easy to tune and extremely quiet. There is little to no shock from the bow while shooting.

    Cons: The only complaint I have is that it can only be adjusted over a 10 pound range. I bought the 70 pound version thinking I could go down to my normal shooting weight of 56 pounds.

    Full review:
    The fit and finish of the bow is excellent and the customer service is among the best in the industry. When I bought my bow from the dealer it was missing the 29 inch draw module one call to quest had another fed-x to me the next day at no charge. The speed of the bow at 61 pounds with my 415 grain arrows is 286 FPS plenty fast for any shooting situation. The bow was extremely easy to tune and the accuracy is the best of any bow I have shot to date. This bow will outperform other bows costing 2 and 3 times as much.

  5. Awesome bow!!!!!!

    Version: 2009 G5 QS33


    Pros: I bought it 5 shots had it sighted at 20 yards and have killed 7 bucks with it now and 2 Doe haven’t lost a deer and they simply don’t here the bow its so quiet love this bow.

    Cons: It’s a little heavy compared to my hoyt that’s my only complaint

    Full review:
    Awesome price shooter and it flat out kills deer. Accurate reliable but a little heavy. I hunt thick woods and so the weight has been a issue I walk a mile back and my ARM is flat out tired from carrying. But that said when I put my sight on a rib cage its game over. I haven’t missed a deer yet and most have only ran 50 yards. It’s a great price down right good bow. I have a hard time reviewing bows now a days because they all seem good due to our technology. But this bow stands out over my hour for shootability.

  6. Exceptional accurate performance, very quiet, great value for money.

    Version: 2009 G5 QS33


    Pros: Extremely quite, easy to tune, set 20 and 30 yard pins in less then 10 shots. Has a very smooth and easy draw circle set at 8Olb.

    Cons: The fact that you can only adjust draw length in 1" increments.

    Full review:
    I shoot Easton Carbon Powerflight 300 arrows with a Rage two blade 100 grain broadhead with a combined weight of 460 grain at 298 fps set at 80 lb getting 90.7 foot pounds. Bow set at 30" draw length. As it is, it will take down anything from a Steenbok up to a Cape Buffalo just as long as you use the correct arrow weight for the animal that you would like to shoot and take down with (1) one arrow.
    Lastly you would be looking far and wide to get another single cam bow in this price class to outperform the Quest QS 33. Money well worth spending. I would gladly recommend this bow to every one.

  7. Smooth

    Version: 2009 G5 QS33


    Pros: Extremely accurate and really powerful

    Cons: Slight rust on a few bolts after a few years in the field

    Full review:
    The draw weight can be adjusted to half inch increments by switching the module. Mine is set to 29.5. I can shoot this bow all day. Very forgiving. Took down several deer with fill penetrate on at 20-30 yards. Love this bow

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