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G5 Quest Rev

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  • A bow focused solely on the needs of hunters
  • Forgiving 7.5-inch brace height and IBO speeds up to 320 feet per second
  • No frills or nonsense technology


  • May be too closely priced to higher end models for some shooters

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Quest continues to focus their models on what archery hunters demand from a hunting bow. The REV sports a 32-inch axel to axel measurement, a 7.5-inch brace height, speeds up to 320 feet per second, and an ultra smooth draw cycle that requires little attention after the initial tuning. With a bare bow price of $659, some shooters may feel this is too closely priced with higher end models and would rather spend the extra money on a company that has been around for a longer period of time. However, shooters giving the REV an honest try may find the craftsmanship and technology of the REV an extremely great value for how great shooting this bow is.


Quest bows offer shooters several choices for the finish options available, and they are all very well done. The finish feels durable and really does add a great look to the bow overall. They are offered in solid Realtree camo patterns, or the GFade option for an additional $30. The GFade has a black riser that fades into the chosen Realtree camo pattern just past the limb pockets and continues with camo all the way through the limbs. Although this design is offered as an aftermarket dip for many bows, the REV has this as a factory option for the finish. This is a really cool looking pattern and still gives the bow a hunting look overall. It is not so flashy it will hinder a shooter in the woods, but is a nice attention grabber not seen very often straight from the factory.


A forged T6061 riser is the base of the REV shooting platform and is strong enough to withstand the amount of pressure and torque placed on the riser as the bow is drawn and shot. As the cables are put into motion, there is an enormous amount of torque placed on the riser, as the energy is stored before being transferred to the arrow. The 6000 series aluminum riser is strong enough to withstand this torque and not sacrifice performance along the way. The overall mass of the bow tips the scales at just under 4-pounds, so engineers did a nice job at trimming the extra weight to get below what seems to be the magical number at a 4-pound bare bow. The adjustable rear mounting string stop system performs well and helps eliminate the noise and vibration it is designed to handle. It really does not stand out as being a cutting edge design, but it performs well without added bells and whistles. The front mounting stabilizer bushing is not located directly in line with the string stop system, but is mounted slightly above the rear mounted string stop system. It still allows shooters to add some extra weight to counter balance the addition of accessories such as a sight or quiver. The Alpine Mach 5 cable slide does not feature a roller, but is made from Teflon and works silently and efficiently.


The two-piece wooden grip is not a skinny grip, but it is not considered a bulky grip either. It really seems to be a middle of the road type offering, which makes it an easy transition for shooters no matter what they have been used to in the past. The thick neck does fit well in the shooters hand and aides with proper hand placement. Although the grip contacts quite a bit of the shooters hand, it is tough to torque the bow even when trying to do so. The wooden grip does add a feeling of high class to the REV bow, and should be a little warmer than just shooting off the aluminum riser. Overall, the grip will not be the reason shooters decide to purchase the bow, and should not be a deterrent either. There is also an added broad head shelf incorporated into the riser grip area to protect the shooters hand from accidental contact with broad heads. Hopefully shooters will not have to find out how well it functions.


The REV has a solid parallel limb construction, and come equipped from the factory with a Bowjax limb dampening system. Draw weights are adjustable in ten-pound increments and are available in maximum poundage of 50, 60, and 70. Although the 30-pound range should be more that enough to accommodate most shooters, it would be nice to have another set of limbs capable of a 40 -pound maximum weight. The limbs graphics match the rest of the bow and are not flashy at all. The bow is designed with hunting in mind, and the graphics do a great job of simply blending in. The parallel limb design helps eliminate vibration as well. When the limbs pull in exact opposite directions at the same time, the geometry of the parallel limbs allows the bow to cancel out vibration and noise. The pivoting limb pockets are also CNC machined aluminum, which really speaks to the craftsmanship of the REV overall. The limb pockets are finished will and blend in with the bow in a way that does not interrupt the design or looks at all.

Eccentric System

The Sync cam technology is responsible for flinging arrows down range at a consistent IBO speed of 320 feet per second. Shooters have an option to adjust the let off a bit, but it is capable of reaching 80 % let off when the draw stop post is positioned correctly. Draw length is adjusted by modules, and are available in half inch increments between 27-30.5-inches. The twin track cam system maintains a really great draw cycle for the quick speeds produced. This cam is a great one for shooters because it is almost completely prone to string stretch and other issues causing the timing to be off. The cams work with each other to help them stay in tune longer without the need for constant upkeep.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Sync cam draws very smoothly and provides more than enough speed and kinetic energy to handle most big game animals with relative ease. The cycle is a bit stiff, but transitions are smooth, and the back wall is very solid. With the ability to adjust the draw stops, shooters have a little control over what the valley and let off feel like. When set at 80%, shooters will feel like they need to push the sting forward in order to let down. The valley is very generous allowing a good deal of creeping before the string want to take off. For a hunting bow that is great, because shooters will not have to constantly fight the string from wanting to go forward. However, this could impact accuracy without forcing shooters to pull against the solid wall. After the shot, the bow is quiet enough, and has only a minimal amount of felt hand shock, which a stabilizer would help eliminate as well. While holding on target, the 32-inch axel to axel measurement, and the solid back wall make the bow very stable and it feels balanced as well. The 7.5 inch brace height is also a welcomed addition adding to superb forgiveness to an already long list of shootability characteristics the REV offers.

Usage Scenarios

The G5 Quest REV is designed as a killing machine. There are no frills, or nonsense components added to the REV for the sake of having them. Every component of the REV has a useful function and performs it flawlessly. The REV is accurate enough for the weekend 3D warrior, but competitive shooters may be drawn in a different direction for a more competitive bow. As a hunting bow, the REV really has nothing bad about it.


The Quest REV really has nothing bad about it other than the price. The $629 price tag is a bit steep to be considered a budget bow, and is not too far off from premium bows from other companies that have been around much longer. Although the price is a fairly competitive one, shooters strictly looking at the dollar amount may not give the REV the chance it deserves. For shooters that let the bow choose them, the REV is sure to win over a lot of hearts. The REV has really great specifications and is designed head to toe to simply work. With a huge focus on making the REV a hunting bow, it is hard to argue with anything Quest offers on the REV.

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