G5 Quest Rogue Review

G5 Quest Rogue

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G5 Quest Rogue Review4.9512 out of 12 user reviews


  • Smooth
  • Good bang for your buck
  • Reliable
  • Easy to adjust draw length without bow press or module change


  • Basic looking
  • Slide type cable guard

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Editors' review

The 2012 G5 Quest Rogue is one of the best values around. It is well built with a great draw and good speed. G5 is making solid reliable bows and it is showing in their entire line up. The Rogue is accurate and compact which many hunters are looking for. This bow is smooth, quick, and well built with great fit and finish.


There are only two color options available for the Rogue. The double dipped Durafuse finish is available in Realtree AP or GFade Realtree AP. The GFade has a dark and sinister look that is black in the middle of the riser and blends into the camo at each end. It is a unique look that will catch the eye of many. It seems to be a very durable finish and there have been no reports of it chipping or cracking.


The Rogue measures 31" axel to axel. It weighs in at 4.2 lbs., but the bow is fairly short and compact. The stretched and gently flexed riser has remarkable stability and is composed of forged 6061 aluminum. There is a string stop integrated into the bottom half of the riser. It comes equipped with a stabilizer bushing.

The limbs have a parallel design that create a very forgiving and smooth shot especially for it being it being on the short side. They are connected with pivoting limb pockets that are 100% machined. The combination of the riser and limbs on this bow produce a 7.5" brace height.


The grip on the G5 Quest Rogue is simple and blends well. It has minimal torque with a solid and balanced feel. The side panel design on the grip is black in color and made of an anti-slip material. Although it is scent free it will not do a good job with hand warming on cold hunting days.

String Suppressers

The one string suppresser on this bow does its' job well. This string stop is integrated, adjustable, and it deadens the string. The extra heavy duty bumper at the end of the suppresser cushions the shot and will be long lasting. There is no buzzing or jerking after the shot. Noise and vibration is practically absent on this bow.

Eccentric System

The Fluid Cam on the Rogue is silky smooth and produces an easy draw. It has a rotating module for adjusting the draw length without a bow press. The single cam design is adjustable from 26 to 30.5" in .5" increments. It has 80% let off and comes in 50, 60, or 70 lb. draw weights. The fluent feeling Fluid cam on this bow lives up to its' name. It has a lot of energy to back it up. The IBO speed is 312 fps which is pretty good for a single cam bow. This seems to be pretty true to the actual speed of the Rogue.

Draw Cycle/Shoot Ability

The draw on this bow is extremely comfortable and smooth. The back wall is rock hard with a good feeling valley. The Fluid Cam features an adjustable draw stop peg so you can set the let-off and the valley to your own personal preference. The standard setting seemed adequate. This is not a loud bow, but a stabilizer would quiet it more along with improve its' balance. The string suppresser does a great job of eliminating vibration and there is very little hand shock. The slide type cable guard system is a basic feature on this bow and does not compare to other roller guard systems that are on the market today.

Silencing Package

The noise level of this bow is quite low especially for it being considered to be on the economy line. The heavily padded string stop really silences any sound and vibration. There are no other silencers on the Rogue added or slowing down the string. They aren't needed.


Bow G5 Quest Rogue G5 Quest Torrent
Version 2012 2013
Picture G5 Quest Rogue G5 Quest Torrent
Brace Height 7.5 " 7 "
AtA Length 31 " 31 "
Draw Length 26 " - 30.5 " 25.5 " - 30 "
Draw Weight 40 lbs - 70 lbs 40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed 312 fps 322 fps
Weight 4.2 lbs 4.2 lbs
Let-Off 60% - 80% 80%
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The G5 Quest Rogue is fourth in Quest's line of 5 bows. Although it is not at the top of their line it will still do everything the majority of hunters are asking for. Its' riser is nearly the same as Quest's entire line up. The G5 Quest Torrent is the next bow above the Rogue and it has a .5" shorter brace height with a 10 fps faster IBO. These two bows have the same ATA, weigh the same, have the same Fluid cam, and share all of the same materials. The Torrent is $100 more on its' MSRP.

Perfect Usage

This bow is excellent for hunting especially for the archer on a little more of a budget. It packs enough of a punch for any big game animal and is reliable enough to satisfy a serious hunter. Recreational 3D shooters would also be happy with this bow. The Rogue would be great for a large range of archers with its range and ease of adjustment. From entry level archers to experienced hunters spending within their means this bow has its niche.


Value is what this bow is all about. It is an extremely solid bow with lots of quality. Whoever buys this bow will be getting a lot of bang for their buck. Quest even offers the Rogue in a complete package that includes a Cobra 5 pin sight with a built in light, a Cobra Cage rest, a G5 wrist sling, a G5 headlock 6 arrow quiver, a Sims 4.5" S Coil stabilizer, and a G5 Metapeep peep sight.


This is a basic practical bow that possesses everything needed to hunt with. It has an awesome draw with the Fluid Cam that has smoothness and solid comfort at the back. The Rogue has good speed with great fit and finish. The shot is quiet with out any buzz or rattle and the generous brace height also helps with comfort at the shot. It will accommodate a wide range of shooters in size with its adjustability and experience with its quality. With an MSRP of $429.99 to $459.99 it may be one of the best values available in the archery business.
G5 Quest Rogue Review4.9512

User Reviews

  • 12 reviews
  • ( out of 12 reviews for all versions)
  1. Why pay 100’s more when you can have it all with quality. Absolutely the best bang for your buck.

    Version: 2012 G5 Quest Rogue


    Pros: The cam, it’s adjustability, the draw cycle, a fantastic back wall with 80% let off, silky smooth follow thru, dependable accuracy due to its 7.5 inch brace height, the outstanding finish, ….. Easy to shoot well.

    Cons: The cable slide is not a roller guide. Thinking about changing that item.

    Full review:
    Thank you quest for bringing out a line of bows that may stop this crazy upward spiral of prices for bow hunting equipment. I love Mathews and have shot a black max for many years. Quest looks very impressive I believe.

  2. No real complaints, great fit and very happy with the choice I made.

    Version: 2012 G5 Quest Rogue


    Pros: Weight, draw and release, very smooth

    Cons: Maybe the stock sight, the diameter of the pins are a little big, easy fix.

    Full review:
    New to archery, I had a used bow for the first few months and decided to bite the bullet and get something new fit just for me. The salesman set up 3 different bows with my specs, in the end I went with the Rogue for the feel in my hand, the comfort of the draw and (again, I’m new at this) the feel I had on release. On a side note this was the least expensive of the three I tried, I couldn’t be happier and my shot group is tight out to 40 yds so far with no adjustments.

  3. smooth draw no hand shock very ouiet bow.

    Version: 2012 G5 Quest Rogue


    Pros: the smooth draw cycle,good draw stop,ouiet shooting bow with a great vally.Also for the price you cannot find a bow of this quality anywhere else.Simple put this is a great bow at a super price.Thank you Quest Bow company.

    Cons: The only thing noticed is the bow is somewhat heavy but I myself like a heavy bow because it shoots quieter.

    Full review:
    I love how the bow shoots.I love the camo pattern. I love the price.I like the weight of the bow because I like a heavy bow.t will shoot with any bow on the market as for as a good shooting bow.I also like the adjustable draw length without a bow press.Anyone wanting to get a first bow cannot go wrong buying this Quest bow. I really have no dislikes of this bow.

  4. A perfect hunting bow for your budget.

    Version: 2012 G5 Quest Rogue


    Pros: I like the size and weight of the bow. I like the Fluid Cam design to ensure the perfect fit right at home without the need for a bow press.

    Cons: I found the bow came from the factory with the limb bolts secured in place by some sort of Lock-Tite adhesive. When I began my bow tuning I bent two hex wrenches while trying to set the tiller.

    Full review:
    If you’re researching for a quality bow at a truly affordable price I believe the G5 Quest Rogue is your best option on the market. It’s size and weight contribute to consistant shots and tight grouping. It’s very quiet and at 312fps your intended game animal will not alert to the release in time to jump from impact. I’ve had 3 different bows during the last 12 years but my Rogue has been the best of all. I truly enjoy shooting my new Rogue.

  5. Great bow across the board in my opinion.

    Version: 2012 G5 Quest Rogue


    Pros: Smooth draw, quiet operation, easy to balance, came with everything I needed other than arrows.

    Cons: I personally am bot a huge fan of the size of the G5 peep that came on it, bit have been encouraged by several shops and shooters to keep it in place. But I’ve gotten used to it and adjusted my sight picture to accommodate.

    Full review:
    I bought this as my first bow, my friend gave me an old Bear white tail II as my first bow and I liked it, but wanted something newer and more compact. I was very pleased with the price and have not found anything bad said about the bow, other than by a few people that swear by mathews, Hoyt, or PSE. But to each his own. The same friend that gave me the bear has shot a Hoyt for as long as I can remember and now has a Mathews and everytime we shoot he can’t go without shooting my G5. I think its a great bow for anyone whether first bow or addition to your collection.

  6. Probably the most solid and smartly designed hunting bow on the market. At any price-point.

    Version: 2012 G5 Quest Rogue


    Pros: Perfect balance. No felt vibration at the shot & dean in the hand. Excellent speed for a single cam bow with a forgiving 7.5" brace-height.

    Cons: Needs the I-glide cable guard.

    Full review:
    I bought this bow prior to last season, and 2 seasons into it could not be more pleased. I’ve been bowhunting for 40years now and have shot most of the bows out there. But 20 minutes on a proshop range with this bow and I bought it.

  7. A front runner even compared to bows twice the price.

    Version: 2012 G5 Quest Rogue


    Pros: Very stable through the whole shot process from draw cycle to release.

    Cons: Cable slide, string and cables come close to being in your line of sight.

    Full review:
    An amazing bow, regardless of the price. Solid wall, smooth draw cycle and easily tuneable. Lacking in speed but understandable because of the brace height. Very durable…perfect for the rugged hunter that wants simplicity.

  8. Best bow I’ve ever owned!

    Version: 2012 G5 Quest Rogue


    Pros: Good balance, smooth draw, next to no noise.

    Cons: Nothing I abosutely love it!

    Full review:
    Great value. Why buy a hoytt or a pse when you can get a bow with the same capibilites for a lot less. Super maneuverable. It’s size makes it easier to use in a small treestand. Very accurate. I can almost Robin Hood a arrow with mine. I’ve had tight enough groups I was afraid I did.

  9. Super bow for the Money!

    Version: 2012 G5 Quest Rogue


    Pros: Very smooth draw, easily adjustable, very fast and very stable.

    Cons: Pin sight kinda look flimsy, but works great. I may upgrade later.

    Full review:
    I have been shooting used, older compound bows for three years, and decided to get serious and purchase a brand new bow of my own. I tried a other compound bows, but I loved the feel and draw of the Quest Rouge. The Rouge has a very solid feel; you can tell G5 engineers put all their know-how into the Rouge. My first impressions when I drew back and released the arrow down range and only the solid thump of the arrow hitting the target, I knew I had a winner! No vibrations, quiet, and hard hitting bow! I would pit this bow up against any high-end bow that’s on the market today!
    love my rogue! Highly recommended for someone on a budget, but want way more bang for the buck!

  10. Good draw cycle , valley,smooth

    Version: 2012 G5 Quest Rogue


    Pros: ease of adjustments,shootabilty, quality for price,quest good job thanks

    Cons: sight little small for good eye relief

    Full review:
    bow shootability isawsome. Good vally, good back wall. Speed for braceheight very good,now purchased fully equipped , with 3 adjustments ,put 4 arrows in a 2 inch spot at 30 yards, impressive for any bow.

  11. I purchased this bow after some reasearch, I was shooting a Parker Buckhunter wanted to upgrade

    Version: 2012 G5 Quest Rogue


    Pros: What I liked was . I eventually purchased the IQ bowsight with retina lock, and the QAD Ultra Rest hdx. My groups improved dramatically, The bow is quiet, I have big hands it fits well. It’s May 2015 and I’ve had the bow almost 3 years.

    Cons: I had issues with the cable clearance, I emailed the folks at G-5 sent me a modified cable slide. One of the screws on the lower cam, worked it’s way out and the bow made this awful screeching noise. Loctite fixed that.

    Full review:
    Over all I am very pleased with the purchase of this bow, the price I found it at was a steal, it’s numbers are very comparable to more expensive bows. It’s kind of like a diamond in the rough, except it isn’t rough at all. When I tell people who ask what I shoot G-5 Quest Rogue, they kind of look at me like huh; doesn’t matter, I’ve never been a gotta have what everyone else has kind of guy.

    I love my Quest Rogue.

    Hope that’s detailed enough!

  12. Shoots great

    Version: 2012 G5 Quest Rogue


    Pros: Smooth, well balanced and quiet

    Cons: Cheap rest that came on the bow

    Full review:
    I love this bow I have had it almost 4 yrs got it for a steal at local sporting goods store!! Paid $324 out the door with tax. I have killed 3 bucks and 5 doe with it, it’s deadly! I have been bow hunting 16 yrs and this is a great bow for the cash even at $429 msrp

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