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  from $225


  • Typical G5 quality
  • Very affordable
  • Easily adjustable
  • GFade Durafuse finish is durable; can also be purchased in pink for the female archer
  • Very nice bow for short-framed shooters


  • Only comes in one standard color scheme and two special order color schemes
  • If purchased for younger archers, will have to be replaces when outgrown
  • Bare bow is exactly that...bare (can purchase accessory package for $100)


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Editors' review

The G5 Quest Torch was introduced in 2011 designed for short-framed shooters. The bow has a machined aluminum riser, non-pivoting limb pockets, single-piece limbs, and dual cams. The bow is adjustable from 30# - 45# and 24" - 28" draw length. Although this design appears so-so, it still delivers the performance one expects from G5. This rig is very easy to adjust to the required draw weight and length, and can be done without the need of a bow press and can be done in a matter of minutes. This bow is sure to excite anyone wishing to shoot it.


This rig comes with the G5 GFade Durafuse finish. The standard color pattern is a solid Realtree AP, but Quest also has GFade Realtree AP and GFade Realtree AP Pink that can be special ordered. These color schemes ensure the bow will blend into any hunting situation. The GFade Durafuse finish provides the bow with more durability than most bows when it comes to the normal bumps and dings that come with all archery events.


This rig comes with a forged 6061 aluminum riser. As with all Quest bows, the Torch the riser provides a solid foundation. The riser is machine forged and offers superior strength and reliability. The riser is tipped with machined aluminum pivoting limb pockets to secure the solid piece limbs perfectly in place. This set-up maintains the 33" axle-to-axle and the 6" brace height that provides approximately 45# draw weight. The draw weight is based on the combination of the limb screw adjustment and the draw length. The draw length is adjusted by moving the module on the cam. The shorter the draw length, the lower the max draw weight will be. The primary weight adjustment is made by turning the limb screws. This will provide up to a 15# adjustment range. It is important to adjust each limb screw equally in order to ensure proper tuning.

Other Components

This bow can be ordered either bare bow or with a package. If the bow is ordered without the package, it comes with a custom cable slide, string suppressor, pivoting and locking limb pockets, and a precision 452X string.If the outfitter package is purchased, it includes a Cobra 5-pin sight, G5 Meta 1/4 peep, Alpine Bear Claw quiver, and a Whisker Biscuit rest. Quest has put together a nice set of accessories for this bow that will be a very good fit for someone getting their first bow.

Eccentric System

The G5 Quest Torch has a QS SD binary cam. This cam system was designed with the smaller-framed shooter in mind. The cam design holds a module for 24" - 28" of draw length allowing for adjustments to be made in 1/2 inch increments. This set-up gives this rig a very smooth and easy draw cycle. The cam also provides the shooter with 80 percent let-off making it very easy for any shooter to hold on target and get of a quality shot.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

This rig comes with 30# - 45# limbs with the QS SD binary cam system and a 452X custom string. The shooter can pull this bow back at any weight in this range with ease, and can hold it with the 80 percent let-off. The design of the cam provides a very smooth draw cycle, beginning easy and building as the bow is pulled. There is no stiff back wall to break through at the transition point. The typical shooter will have no problems shooting this bow.Although this bow weighs 4.2 pounds, it has only a 33" axle-to-axle and a 6" brace height. As a second bow, or even a beginner's bow, it is perfect for whatever a young archer can throw at it. When shooting this bow, there is some vibration, but not enough that will make it unshootable for the younger archers. It is fairly average in size, but don't let that fool you. It will provide the shooter, whether youth, small-framed, woman, or intermediate hunter, a rewarding and enjoyable shooting experience.

Silencing Package

This rig comes with a string suppression system, but that is it. If the shooter is only going to use it for target practice or 3D shooting, this will not be an issue. If the archer wants to take this bow into the ground blind or the tree stand, they should be advised to purchase a stabilizer with vibration dampening qualities, additional string silencers, and some limb dampeners. In a hunting situation, you can never be too quiet.


BowG5 Quest TorchMission Craze
Version 20122014
PictureG5 Quest TorchMission Craze
Brace Height6 "7.5 "
AtA Length33 "28 "
Draw Length24 " - 28 "19 " - 30 "
Draw Weight30 lbs - 45 lbs15 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed292 fps306 fps
Weight4.2 lbs3.6 lbs
Let-Off80% 80%
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The G5 Quest Torch is similar to the Barnett Vortex. The Torch is set on a 33" ATA while the Vortex is set on a 27.5" ATA frame. The Mission Craze offers an extra inch and a quarter more brace height, and is also adjustable to 45# of draw weight. The Vortex offers an extra inch of draw length adjustability, but goes from 21" - 26" instead of the 24" - 28" like the Torch. The Vortex only produces 250fps while the Torch has only 292. The G5 Quest Torch was designed primarily for female archers and younger archers with short draw lengths. The Barnett Vortex was designed primarily for the youth archer, thus provides limited future growth. The Vortex and be purchased for around $175 and the Torch can be purchased in a bare bow package at a price of $299. Both bows are nice bows for youth archer as they each allow those archers to learn proper technique while they continue to grow. The advantage of the Torch is that it includes other archers in its design as it's not only for youth, but other archers with a short draw.

Usage Scenarios

This bow was designed as an intermediate bow for young shooters, women, and those requiring a shorter draw. With a max draw length, it meets that requirement. This bow is touted as being for "the next generation of archers," this bow is perfect for target shooting and 3D ranges. For those that desire to take this bow out for a hunt, fear not. This rig will fit perfectly inside a ground blind at full draw, just as well as it would in a tree stand. It is not so heavy that the shooter will be too tired when they get there either. This bow is a perfect fit for whatever scenario the shooter will face.


The G5 Quest Torch is a very good bow for under $300. This bow provides a slightly intermediate bow for young archers, female archers, and archers with shorter draw lengths. Those who purchase this bow can expect to receive the standard G5 quality. This bow is a good youth bow for those not quite ready for the higher draw weights, but too big for the "true" youth bow. It is also a good bow for women or someone with shorter draw lengths who are just beginning to shoot and not ready to purchase a top end rig.


The G5 Quest Torch is sold primarily as a bow for female archers and archers that require shorter draw lengths. It is also a good bow for young archers that have outgrown their youth bow, but not big enough for the higher draw weight. The rig offers nothing extra when purchasing the bare bow package, but does come with some nice extras with the outfitter package.With a 33" ATA, 6" brace height, and a max draw weight of 45#, this bow is perfect for what it was designed for. Set at max weight and length, this bow offers an IBO of 292 fps, which is respectable for this type of bow. The rig offers a steady and accurate shot for those shooting it.The machined aluminum riser provides a solid platform for the shooter. The rig comes with the GFade Durafuse finish in a standard Realtree AP finish that is durable and will withstand the normal bumps and dings of hunting. Those that have shot this bow have been impressed with the overall shootabilty and the smoothness of the shot.

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