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G5 Quest Torrent

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  • Smooth throughout draw cycle
  • Very accurate
  • Solid feel
  • Very affordable


  • Slight vibration/noise; can be virtually eliminated with a stabilizer
  • Slightly slower than average, but not enough to notice


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Editors' review

The G5 Quest Torrent was introduced as part of the 2012 lineup. The Torrent offers archery enthusiasts a combination of forgiveness, speed, and consistency for any type of shooting. This rig provides the shooter with a 31" ATA, 7" brace height, and a very smooth 322 fps IBO. The rig is relatively light, weighing only 4.2 pounds, and is easily carried through the 3D course or hiking through the back country chasing the trophy elk. The Fluid Cam system not only provides a smooth, quick shot, it also makes draw length adjustments very easy to be done. This bow is a pleasure to shoot year round.


This rig comes with the G5 Durafuse finish. This patented finish is extremely durable and carries the G5 quality that you would expect to find in their bows. The Durafuse finish stands up to those little bumps and dings you expect to find while shooting a bow. With the Realtree AP or the G-fade Realtree AP, this rig will certainly grab the attention of shooters around you.


The riser is a single-piece of forged machined 6061 aluminum. The team at G5 took to heart that accuracy begins with a solid, stable platform. The forged GNC riser for the Torrent seemed a good starting point and is one of the most durable and accurate risers available. The ends of the riser are capped by CNC-machined pivoting aluminum limb pockets. These limb pockets secure a pair of single-piece limbs that come in 50#, 60#, or 70# peak weights. This combination of limbs and riser give the bow a very forgiving 7" brace height and a 31" ATA. The limb bolts can be used to adjust the draw weight up to 10 pounds from the peak weight of the limbs.

Other Components

This rig comes with an assortment of assets for the shooter. Besides the 6061 machined aluminum riser, machined aluminum pivoting limb pockets, the single-piece limbs, Durafuse finish, and the Fluid Cam system, the purchaser can also find the patent-pending I-glide cable guide, string suppressor, speed studs, and Bowjax limb dampeners. The riser also sports a two-piece resin no-slip grip that is comfortable for most shooters.

Eccentric System

This bow comes with the patented Fluid Cam system. The cam system features a rotating module for easy draw length adjustment without the need of a bow press. It also eliminates the need to change modules each time the shooter changes draw length; simply loosen the module, rotate it to the proper position, and tighten back down. The draw length can be adjusted from 25.5" - 30" in half-inch increments. The Fluid Cam system was designed to generate speed without giving up a smooth and consistent draw cycle during every shot. This cam system also is a key component in the 322 fps IBO rating of this bow.

Draw Cycle/Shootability

The Torrent offers a smooth draw cycle from start to finish. It builds slightly throughout the cycle and transitions easily to break-over. It is easy to hold on target making for a good shot. G5 fuses a combination of smoothness, speed, and forgiveness that makes this bow a very good fit for any archery scenario. The forgiving 7" brace height, the 31" ATA, and the Fluid Cam technology of this bow provide a very smooth draw cycle and a very respectable and accurate 322 fps.The draw weight for this rig is dependent on the limb set the bow is ordered with whether 50#, 60#, or 70#. The draw weight can be further adjusted by turning the limb bolts for approximately 10 pounds from peak limb weight. The draw length can also be easily adjusted simply by loosening the screws that secure the module, rotating the module to the proper position, and then tighten it back down. This adjustment can be down with a hex wrench in less than five minutes.

Silencing Package

In a bare bow package, this rig does come with an adjustable string stop, I-Glide cable guide, Bowjax Limb Dampeners, and the patented Durafuse finishing process. All of these features provide some vibration and sound dampening qualities to help make this bow almost vibration free. The bow does have some noise and vibration in a bare bow package. With the addition of a stabilizer, all vibration and noise can be virtually eliminated, making this a very quiet and deadly bow for the hunter.


BowG5 Quest TorrentBowtech Assassin
Version 20132014
PictureG5 Quest TorrentBowtech Assassin
Brace Height7 "7 "
AtA Length31 "30.625 "
Draw Length25.5 " - 30 "26 " - 30 "
Draw Weight40 lbs - 70 lbs40 lbs - 70 lbs
IBO Speed322 fps333 fps
Weight4.2 lbs3.8 lbs
Let-Off80% 65% - 80%
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The G5 Quest Torrent is very similar to the Bowtech Assassin. Physical features are almost identical. The Torrent has almost 1/2" more ATA, both have 7" brace height, and both are right at 4 pounds. The biggest difference that will catch the attention of most shooters is the Assassin offers an additional 11 fps IBO at 333 fps. Without using a chono, you will not notice 11 fps. Each bow also offers the same adjustment range. Both state 26" - 30" draw length, but can actually be set at 25.5" on the lower end as length can be adjusted in 1/2" increments. Each also has a draw weight range of 40# - 70# adjustability. The G5 Quest Torrent retails for $200 less than the Bowtech Assassin which lists for $699.

Usage Scenarios

This rig can easily excel in any archery scenario a shooter can put it through. It can effortlessly move from target shooting to 3D to a tree stand or hunting blind with no problems. The 31" ATA makes it a perfect size for a ground blind and a tree stand without much worry of banging around on limbs, shooting rails, or walls. Whatever the use, the shooter will not be disappointed with this rig. The bow also provides a respectable speed that will satisfy. One shooter stated he shot a 442 grain arrow (almost 100 grains more than IBO requirement) through this rig at a consistent 294 fps.


This bow originally retailed for anywhere from $499 - $599 when it was first introduced for the 2012 lineup. As 2013 is the second year with the Torrent in the G5 Quest line, it can be found for around $400. This bow is a good value as it shoots as well as bows that cost $300 - $400 more; and better than some. If an archer is looking for a high quality rig with a mediocre price tag, this bow will not disappoint. You will be hard pressed to find a bow with this quality, accuracy, and speed for this price.


The G5 Quest Torrent was introduced to the lineup to provide hunters with a light bow that provided the shooter with an affordable, smooth and accurate shooting experience. With the expected G5 quality, this rig has not disappointed anyone. Besides the 31" ATA and the 7" brace height, the patented Fluid Cam system generates 322 fps, and the patented I-Glide cable guide reduces torque and improves smoothness throughout the draw cycle. Draw length can be adjusted from 25.5" - 30," and can be adjusted easily by rotating the module to the desired position. The draw weight can be adjusted in 10 pound increments from the peak weight of the limbs - 50#, 60#, or 70#, and all adjustments can be done without a bow press and with the use of a couple of hex wrenches. This is a very good bow for the price and has the speed, accuracy, and the smoothness of a much more expensive bow. If someone is in the market for a new rig, they certainly would not go wrong with this one.

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Love my bow, my first and only compound bow

Version: 2012 G5 Quest Torrent


Pros: Shoots great. Very solid and smoother than most of my friends and family`s bows.

Cons: Heavy. The cable guide is wearing the strings a bit after 3 or 4 years. Lol

Full review:

I know I am supposed to change strings every couple years, i have not yet, it March 2016. I went to buy a Hoyt in 2012,2013 sometime but the dealer here in town was closed so i went to bass pro. The Quest color scheme caught my eye (blue, black, camo), I hadn't owned a bow so I took my bow crazed brother with me. I tried out 2 Quest the 2 more expensive ones, the first was duel cam. It threw arrows sideways and stuff was falling off it. So I shot the Torrent, everything was awesome, and all my friends have been through several bows... my brother 3 Hoyts. Lol. I am on my second dozen arrows now and getting into 3d shooting with it. Exellent bow.

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